12 Rounds of Deep Dish Pizza Starring Not John Cena & Not CM Punk


It’s time to rob this train – Not John Cena

I went back to my parent’s place this weekend in Altoona, PA for my two nephews’ birthday joint party. This time around I remembered to bring Not John Cena and Not CM Punk with me because I knew I’d be able to use my dad’s 1952 (or ’53 he’s not entirely sure) Lionel O gauge train set to take some more pictures. My dad’s train set has gone from Christmas special to filling the majority of a 27’x27′ addition that I helped to design. Having a “movie set” helped this project. Since my parents don’t have anyone around anymore and can only dote on the grand kids when they head to Virginia, they’ve turned the train set into a seasonal set that changes for winter and summer. This set of pictures was done on the summer set. I wish I had this movie idea in place before embarking on this set of pictures but I still liked the product that I came out with. Since the view rate is always lower on our Facebook page, these photo journals will make it on to the site proper every time with additional information.

My dad was running the train at a very high clip which is why the train is so blurred. I figured there was nothing like a train robbery that started with some ludicrous way to get onto to said vehicle. Not John Cena looked better to have a jumping motion so he got set as the villain in this photo journal.


I can’t let you rob this train Not John. These deep dish pizzas need to get to Chicago. – Not CM Punk

As you can see, there is green grass. During the winter set, it is covered in snow that my nieces help to do after Thanksgiving. I also did the remainder of the pictures after my dad had shut the trains down. To the left is the Steelers train which has a car for every Super Bowl victory along with an engine and caboose. He has three trains on the main platform. In the background is the trolley platform that has a European shelf which now contains the summer zoo that we bought for him this past Christmas.


Renounce thin crust pizza or I’ll let you fall. – Not CM Punk

I do believe the crane is still working but it doesn’t have the line and hook that it used to have. The wheel on the far end of the car raises and lowers the crane. It was meant to offload the spindles of metal on the car in front of it. The crane car doesn’t rotate to perform this action though. I’m not sure if the spindles of fake metal are around either because I haven’t seen them in quite a while. This picture was another one influenced from countless movies where the evil villain is in peril and the hero saves his life even though the villain has committed a litany of heinous acts.


Now that we’re done shooting 12 Rounds of Deep Dish Pizza, let’s relax with some refreshing beverages. – Not John Cena

I wanted to use a grill that’s in the train room, but didn’t. The prop I did use was a simple box my mom bought at Target. She then added the red contact paper that added the texture to make it look like a cooler. The ice cubes are beads for floral arrangements. She did created the labels on the beverages too. Not CM Punk is holding some Lemon Lime Soda while Not John Cena is carrying a much more readable Burgh Beer. I did put the cooler behind them because it is too large to be scaled correctly. I hope you enjoyed. I am going to continue to take them on trips with me so that if something hits me, another photo journal will happen. -Kevin

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