#SippyTimeBeer Review – Atwater, Breckenridge And Otto’s


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I went back to Pennsylvania back to back weekends to close out April so my weekend writing time was severely limited. My time to drink was not hindered though. Because this week is American Craft Beer week, I will list in chronological order the beers I had and milk this trip for all it’s worth with two different posts.

Atwater BreweryVanilla Java Porter – I went to go see my friends Steve & Mittan revive one of their bands at the fine establishment known as Aldo’s. Steve was drinking one of these Vanilla Java Porters. Since I hadn’t tried one before, I went for it. This beer out of Detroit was good but I thought it was a little thin for a porter, which tend to be closer in thickness to a stout. The vanilla and java tastes weren’t over bearing which is good for me since I don’t like coffee.

Atwater Vanilla Java Porter

Breckenridge BreweryAvalanche Amber Ale – Mittan runs the bar at Aldo’s. He has done a very good job of stocking the bar with a variety of beers. After not being entirely satisfied with the porter, I decided to switch up my beer. Because I’ve had a good track record with Breckenridge, I went with their Avalanche Amber Ale. I was not disappointed. A very tasty beer that I ended the evening with since their band finished playing by the time I finished beer number two.

Breckenridge Avalanche

Otto’s Pub & BreweryBlack Mo Stout – Steve has been touting this beer since my trip back to Altoona in January. From what he told me, they don’t bottle this beer because they don’t have the right widget to properly carbonate the beer. Since we drove by State College to and from our destination, we decided we’d stop in if we had time. We got to do dinner there so I finally got to try it. Black Mo Stout is a very good stout. It’s the closest thing I’ve tasted to Guinness in the US. Which is different from the Left Hand Brewing Nitro Milk Stout because that had a sweet aspect that neither Guinness nor Black Mo have. The food was okay but the beer is worth traveling for.

Ottos Black Mo Stout

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