Poor Joe Henning

Poor Joe Hennig now holds the honor of having the two worst ring names in pro wrestling history. Curt Axel is slightly less ridiculous than Michael McGillicutty, but holy crap, just the same.

Is it so wrong to acknowledge and borrow from and steal from the past? Why not have him be all, my father was Mr. Perfect, and perfection runs through my veins. Everything I’ve ever done in life, school, athletics, girls, you know it, and it’s all come easy to me. So the competition in the WWE? I don’t sweat that at all. And give him a nickname that suggests or hints at Perfection? What the fuck is wrong with that?

And Ted DiBiase Jr. Why not have him be all, I can take money out of my dad’s account any time I want. I could buy this whole arena if I felt like it. Spoiled rich kid trying to live up to his dad’s reputation. Give him a fucking bodyguard. What else is Ezekiel doing with his life these days?

Is any of this bad? Is it bad because it’s unoriginal? I would argue that it’s at least better than this awful, awful trend of bad names and one note gimmicks. If a little girl happened upon WWE programming, she would probably think Dolph Ziggler calls himself because he likes dolphins. This has to fucking stop. -Dusty

Zema Ion could use some help since TNA isn’t giving him any.


Zema Ion needs help covering his upcoming medical expenses. During a routine CAT scan doctors discovered a 5 cm tumor located on his colon. The results of the biopsy is still pending but it will need to be removed regardless. Zema’s girlfriend has set up  a Give Forward account so that fans, if they feel inclined, can donate to Zema’s bills that will total approximately $30,000. If you feel so inclined please give generously.

Now that the important details are out of the way, um, one question comes to mind: Why the hell should the fans be forking over any money towards his medical expenses? Shouldn’t his expenses be covered by the matriarch of the TNA family Dixie Carter and Panda Energy? He is an employee after all.

I suppose this could be too idealistic but isn’t Dixie Carter the head of TNA? Isn’t Dixie Carter the President of Total Nonstop Action? Is this the same woman who was quoted in a Bleacher Report Article from March, 2013?

So, I’ve just tried to create a really positive environment, and I care about these people tremendously—they know that—and I think that’s why they try so hard back, and why being successful here means so much to them. They’re not just collecting a paycheck and it shows.

In case that quote was too long to read she says she cares about these people her employees/talent, tremendously. Well then isn’t this a perfect opportunity to stick to her words and willingly and openly cover the costs for Zema’s medical expenses? Wouldn’t this be an absolute validation of her statement? In the interest of fairness maybe this has happened already. Maybe Dixie has reached out and explained they will cover his expenses due to him being part of the TNA family. Yes it is all corporate speak but seriously just stop. How can any reporter or columnist conducting the interview not smirk or snicker when they hear something like that?

This isn’t a call for TNA and more importantly Dixie Carter to step in and make one good gesture. This is a call for TNA, Panda Energy and Dixie Carter to do right by their employees and their business. Go further than is expected and what could be argued against. There will be the argument this is not an in ring injury and therefore TNA is off the hook. This is a valid thought but this isn’t about that. It is about Dixie Carter backing up her words. Backing up her talk of caring about every one of the people. TNA and Dixie have already made perceived mistakes, errors or flat out poor decisions with talent in the past. It is time for her to act like the person she has created in the public face. You care about everyone then step forward and assure and guarantee you will do whatever is needed for Zema to move forward with his heath and not worry about the potential debt afterward.

Don’t place stipulations on your assistance. Do not tie in a new contract with your help. Do not hold it over the talents head after the help has been given and accepted. Give the assistance that is needed and sit back to reap the reward. In doing so it is possible that it could build a stronger worker/employer relationship. It could come back during negotiations that said employee will remember the generosity.

If not, Dixie Carter and anyone associated with TNA or Panda Energy need to shut the fuck up going forward. -Jeremy

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