#ROH Is The Worst Part VII


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It absolutely drives me batty that Ring of Honor feels the need to push Roderick Strong as being in fantastic shape. When I punched fantastic shape into Google, that image above was the first one. Arnold may have been doing some stuff to his body to enhance it, but he was clearly doing some work to look that way. Over the course of the past year plus of watching ROH, Strong has been consistently defended by whatever announcer happened to behind the desk. Kevin Kelly leads the charge. In this episode, Nigel McGuinness touted his strength and endurance. I’ve changed to doing core and endurance training over the past five years. I have had a much easier time losing my stomach because of it. Which brings us back to Strong. Is he fat? Not even close but the guy has a bit of a gut. If he is in such fantastic shape, why does he have no muscle tone and a baby gut? It’s all to cover up for the fact that Roderick is clearly done being in shape. I Googled pictures of him and he had plenty of muscle tone in the past.

Roderick Strong is in an organization that reveres him or at least it seems that way with all of the announcers slobbering all over him. But they don’t see him suited to do anything. He’s not had his teeth sunk into a good story line in the same period of me watching. Sure, him and Michael Elgin temporarily feuded when the House of Truth broke up but they didn’t put much gusto behind it. I’d make an argument that Truth Martini’s break down got about as much attention. Which leads me to say, maybe I don’t blame Roderick for mailing it in and keeping his mediocre slot. ROH is the worst for turning their own celebrated wrestler into his own personal Ground Hog’s Day. -Kevin

Edit: After talking to my Prime Wrestling partner in crime Dan Kuester on ye olde Twitter, I realized I had forgotten an aspect of this hyping. Dan said “They aren’t going to say “Strong is kinda plain looking!” I don’t expect an announcer to undersell any of their wrestlers. The announcers do it so much though, I feel like they’re compensating for Strong’s lack of physique. If you mentioned it during one of his matches, fine. But they mention it multiple times in matches, this week included. Kevin Kelly & Nigel made comments before the commercial break then Nigel revisited the topic after the break. It’s too much. Knock it off or make Strong actually train. -Kevin

Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Review: The Campaign (2012)

The Campaign

2012’s “The Campaign” starring Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell and directed by Jay Roach may have sounded like fun on paper but the finished product was incredibly boring and surprisingly lacking the funny.  It does its best to skewer modern politics but it lacks the cleverness and playfulness of Ferrell’s other absurdist comedies. The choice to essentially use Galifianakis’ character Seth he co-star of the movie is confounding. It plays like an overlong Saturday Night Live sketch that never hits the mark. The Seth character is a lot of fun and very funny in small doses but in a long movie format it wears thin fast. The film would have been better served with the same awkward oddball character Galifianakis has become famous playing This way the transformation would have seemed more natural and less forced. The movie flows like a drying creek. The gags get increasingly crazy but the story never manages to keep up. The underlying “message” of the movie is so over bearing it reduces the fun.  Oh well, the move is still good for a few laughs but it doesn’t receive a high recommendation. -Jeremy

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