Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Review: The Woman (2011)


I had heard a lot about 2011’s “The Woman” directed by Lucky McKee and starring Pollyanna McIntosh as the title character and Sean Bridgers as her captor. The film has been described as a misogynistic film devaluing women or it was a feminist fantasy piece. Regardless of those opinions what can be said for sure is this is one well-acted badass piece of film-making. It has a little bit of everything as it is paced like a 70’s creepfest, the schlock gore of an 80’s flick but in the final twenty minutes are pure modern day horror storytelling. The movie really is crafted in a deliberate style as the concise running time of 140 minutes only gives about 85 minutes of actual film. It is a clear choice that everything you see onscreen matters. Is it goofy in spots You got that right but then the shock factor of events slaps you with seriousness. Horror buffs probably already know about this film but the casual movie buff needs to give this a view. -Jeremy

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