Stunt Granny Audio #221

From Brian Viveros from

From Brian Viveros from

Jeremy and Kevin are back to talk about…wrestling. How strange is that? It’s not that strange after seeing the roster turn over. Did this turn over start after WrestleMania? Did Kevin notice the changes when he attended Raw back in April? The Shield is an obvious topic. Is it a good thing that they’re getting two entrances now? Should Roman Reigns be in the ring with Randy Orton? The guys do wonder if Randy Orton has ever had a memorable match? Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins definitely had a great match. How much did Rollins benefit from Bryan being on fire? Did it help that the WWE has built a heel faction group the right way? Who have Kevin & Jeremy not missed while they are out? Why have there not been any massive “Future Endeavorings” after WrestleMania? Has Kevin ever watched NXT? The guys get around to ratings talk too. Does that even matter to their product right now?  Kane is old, but is he a new face? How did the Wyatt Family talk wait until the end of the show? Find out the answers to these questions and more when you click the link below.


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