#PrimeWrestling – Season 6 – Episode 11

The show kicks off with a match between Bobby Shields and Aiden Veil. Joe Dombrowski informs us that Veil’s tag team partner Logan Schulo is on the shelf with a knee injury. Shields gets the upper hand early. Veil catches him with a leg lariat. They exchange arm bars and counters. Dombrowski tells us Matt Cross is gone for a while. Shields starts to work over Veil’s shoulder and stomach, both of which are wrapped. Aaron Maguire calls Vic Travagliante’s fans Vic Heads. Veil comes back with a monkey flip. He nails a pair of clotheslines and an enziguri. Veil nails a standing senton but only gets two. Veil gives Shields a spinning neck breaker for the win.

Analysis: Wow. I didn’t see that one coming. That is a bit of a head scratcher unless Shields isn’t coming back. The match quality was fine. A neck breaker isn’t much of a finisher even if you run before it. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante is directing Justin LaBar on where to mount what looks like Aaron Maguire’s senior high school picture. Vic names Ricky Shane Page the number one contender. Nickie Valentino comes in and asks to be number one contender. Vic shoots him down because he’s not part of the Megalomaniacs. Vic tells him to hit and the gym and get a personality. Vic asks Nickie to find Krimson by the end of the night. Analysis: The start was standard heel GM stuff. The end is ordering around what could be a lackey even though the Megalomaniacs don’t need one. Score: 0.

Nickie Valentino is looking for Krimson with a flash light in the bowels of the building. He found Bryan Castle pooping. Analysis: Woof. Score: -1.

Benjamin Boone comes out with N8 Mattson. Boone bellows about his accomplishment at Pressure Rising. Jay Flash accepts the challenge even though he lost at PR. Boone gives him a free shot. He drop kicks Boone. Flash went for a spring board but got clotheslined. Boone dropped a knee. Flash jaw jacked Boone. Beautiful Disaster Kick followed by a spin kick got him a two count. Boone gave him a spine buster. Boone nails a splash for the win. Analysis: Not a fan of Flash losing again because I think he’s got some potential but I’m guessing they didn’t have a fresh opponent for Boone to squash. Benjamin Boone rebuild part 2 in full effect. Score: +1.

The cameras catch up to Michael Facade who is writing on the bathroom walls. Facade doesn’t care who the commissioner is but he thinks Vic and him don’t see eye to eye. He’s going to keep defending his belt regardless of who’s in charge. Analysis: I like the attitude and he came off more confident than he has in the past. Score: +1.

Krimson finds Nickie Valentino. Nickie asks for the belt. Krimson gives him a Mandible Claw. Krimson said the Megalomaniacs will learn the same lesson everyone else has in Prime Wrestling. He said he’s going to take out Ricky Shane Page next week. Analysis: Solid work from Krimson but I like his set up promos better. Score: +1.

Gory & Kirst come out to wrestle Johnny Gargano. He’s allowed to have a partner but no one had been named. Gargano is going it alone. For some reason, the referee allows both of the heels in the ring. Um, this is a tag match. Gargano nails a suicide dive on the outside twice. Gargano with a trifecta. Kirst got rolled in the ring. Gory grabbed Gargano’s leg so that Kirst could take over. Bobby Beverly comes out to be Gargano’s partner. Gory clotheslines Kirst after Gargano ducked out of the way. Enziguri on Kirst to give Beverly the hot tag. Beverly cleans house. Kirst gets DDTed while Gory is given a neck breaker by Beverly. (It looked awful. It was so set up.) Gory takes over. Kirst worked over Beverly. Bobby ends up giving Kirst a release T-Bone suplex. Gargano gets a hot tag. Gargano got low bridged by Kirst. Beverly double stomps Kirst. Gory gives Beverly a sling shot drop kick to the chest. Beverly catches him with an enziguri. Saieto suplex on Gory. Kirst Stunners Gargano. Kirst nails a tornado DDT but the pin is broken up by Beverly. Gory hits a Lawn Mower on Beverly. Kirst went for the pin but Gargano broke it up. Gory got tossed into the turnbuckles by Beverly. They double super kick Kirst and cover him for the win.

Analysis: I like Beverly stepping up because him or Shields really deserve it. Beverly has looked kind of bad since turning into “The Bev” but they seem to have cut out the common man, man of the land or whatever silliness they were calling him. Beverly looked better and more in shape this match. The match wasn’t smooth as it seemed like guys botched moves too often. All for have good athleticism but it was overshadowed by the four way work that was too much of a staple in this tag team match. Score: 0.

Joe Dombrowski does a sit down interview with Ricky Shane Page, who is without the Megalomaniacs. Page says he was just like everyone else and counts the ways his childhood sucked. Page said that he broke friend’s body parts while back yard wrestling. Page admitted to killing a cat who was in pain. Page sticks his spike into the wall. Dombrowski looks mortified. Analysis: Even calling Page the Baby Face Assassin doesn’t help him seem more intimidating to me. He comes off as a suburban kid playing crazy. Score: -1.

Final Score: 2/8. Final Analysis: Half of the segments were positive but a couple of bad segments dragged the show down. The production didn’t help. I had to jack up the sound during the show then I lost my ear drums when the commercials came on. This is not a regular occurrence on their shows. The lighting was bad. The “World Famous” Agora Ballroom has not been kind to them the first two shows. One more to go. -Kevin

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