Arrest order for Ric Flair says he owes more people money

According to, a Mecklenburg, N.C., judge has issued an arrest order for Ric Flair, citing lack of payment to his estranged wife, Jacqueline Beems. Flair was ordered to pay Beems $4,000 a month for her car payment, health insurance and legal fees, and now owes more than $32,000 in spousal support. Flair can avoid jail time if he pays the due in full. Better get to scratchin’ those lottery tickets, Naitch!

As a side note, Beems turned herself in after making threatening phone calls to Flair’s current girlfriend, Wendy Kidder, who we wrestling fans know much better as Fifi the Maid. Gee, who woulda thought that pairing 40-something-year-old Flair up with probably 20-something Fifi would turn into this? She’s a maid (and a woman), make her clean up this mess. -Eric


D.O.C. officially parts ways with TNA #SUNTANBIKERMAN



So I go on a small vacation and in between Margaritas and copious amounts of tacos I return to see that Dixie Carter’s TNA promotion is still up to their same old ways.  D.O.C, Drew Hankinson, via Twitter has announced that his deal with TNA has expired and they have officially parted ways. This shouldn’t be considered a part of TNA “trimming expenses.” This is an idiotic move even for this company. He was a main member of their top heel faction who is also the focus of the entire promotion.  He was in the middle of a storyline with Ken Anderson over the Vice President role inside of Aces & 8’s. Allowing his deal to expire without moving the storyline to a logical close or helping someone else get over on the way out is just business as usual for a company that touts its longevity but failing to realize there has been no growth.

The timing is perfect as it gives WWE the opportunity to correct their mistake in releasing him in the first place. Of course there is no guarantee this is actually going to stick. The working of his tweet leaves the door open for a new contract. When a deal expires you have indeed parted ways. You don’t get paid and they don’t use you. So, this isn’t necessarily the end but it should be. TNA is having financial issues, hence the talent reduction and front office reshuffling (firings if you want to be honest about it).

It is not a problem that TNA does not work out a new deal or part ways with their independent contractors.  What is a problem is the talent they choose to let go while continually overlooking the real issue with the company and their business practices. If D.O.C. does indeed sign a deal with another company then he will be making a decision based on his financial future and stability. If the contract is with another company TNA has blown another opportunity to create some, hell any, homegrown star.  Of course all of that is a different issue and I realize that.  What is important is that D.O.C. can work on his marvelous biker tan and hopefully find gainful employment with another company.  –Jeremy

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