#SippyTimeBeer Review – Bell’s, Flying Dog and Six Point

Flying Dog Belgian WhiteBell’s Brewery, Inc.Lager of the Lakes – This beer from Bell’s is not one of their more popular choices. I can understand because it doesn’t have as distinctive a taste as their Oberon Ale or Two Hearted Ale. It’s a solid beer though. If you’re not into craft beers and just want to dip your toe into vat of them, this one would be ideal to try. You can find it in quite a few states and it’s one of their year round beers so it won’t need to look during it’s season.

Flying Dog BreweryWoody Creek Belgian White – Cayenne Pepper is an excited spokes dog for this one. I woke him up taking this picture. Unlike the previous beer, this one is seasonal with a summer release. It’s another light beer that has a kick of citrus and uses coriander as a spice. For those you who don’t do a lot of cooking, coriander is the seed that sprouts cilantro. It has a different flavor than it’s end product though. I don’t think it influenced the taste much either. It is another good refreshing summer beer though. There’s even more states that you can find this beer in.

Six Point Bengali Tiger

Sixpoint BreweryBengali Tiger – I bought this beer because of it’s packaging, which for some reason got lost on my Instagram account. It comes in a four back of pint sized cans. I do think the can and packaging looks sharp. The beer was more confusing though. The hue of the beer is about the same color of orange as that on the can. The first time I tasted it, I didn’t like it. Sixpoint says there is an “an abundance of citrus hop bitterness, and a full pine and grapefruit bouquet in the aroma.” Considering that I couldn’t identify one single flavor the first go around, I’ll take their word those flavors are in there. Another interesting twist was that by the time I was downing the fourth can, I enjoyed the beer.  It’s really complex and nothing like any other beer I’ve tasted. If you’re adventurous or can split a four pack with someone, I would suggest it if you can find it. Just in case your taste bud don’t start liking it after a pint of orange beer. -Kevin

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