TNA continues to soak itself in fail


I saw this posted on Facebook, by way of the Observer:

At tonight’s TNA house show in Cape Girardeau, MO, that was scheduled to start a few minutes ago, road agent Pat Kenney came out at the start of the show and announce that roughly half the wrestlers who were scheduled would not be allowed to work due to commission licensing issues.  They are offering both refunds, and for those who don’t take refunds, a free fan interaction with all the wrestlers.

So many things to say. I’ll stick to my favorite number, BJ Surhoff’s old number, baby.

1.) Isn’t this the type of thing they should have, you know, taken care of before the show? The licensing issues thing? Seems like a pretty big deal.

2.) If they couldn’t get that sorted in time, wouldn’t they, you know, know about it at some point before the show was set to start, and save people the charade of going to see the show in the first place?

3.) They owe people gas money for their troubles, not just refunds.

4.) Pat Kenney? TNA really has the market cornered on horrible 90s wrestlers, don’t they? If I worked for TNA, would I be supposed to respect Kenney in some way? A road agent should normally be respected, no? And did he start the speech with “Pat Kenney has a problem”?

5.) TNA has been bouncing checks a lot lately, right? (Just like Larry Bird used to bounce the basketball on the parquet floor!) So why on they spending money on abortions like this…


When they should be worried about using their money to, you know, pay their wrestlers, and bribe the athletic commissions. Fuck these fucking people. – Dusty

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