Kassius Ohno is skating on thin ice

Kassius Oh No He's About To Get Fired

Kassius Oh No He’s About To Get Fired

Once again, from Facebook by way of the Observer:

Plans for NXT star Kassius Ohno, f.k.a. Chris Hero, to join the main roster have apparently been put on hold.

According to a source, the creative team had a storyline to introduce Ohno this summer. People within the company were impressed with his in-ring skills and his promos, and had asked him to improve his physique while creative worked on his introduction. According to trainers at NXT, Ohno seemed reluctant in the weightlifting and gym sessions, although he continued to receive high marks for his overall attitude and the great effort in his daily in-ring sessions.

Word got back to Triple H about Ohno dodging gym time, and he was removed from TV tapings. Ohno has missed two tapings in the past few weeks, and there is said to be increased concern about his status with the company. A lot of people are still high on him, but this could prove to be costly for one of the top prospects in WWE’s developmental system.

It is obvious to this reporter that Ohno was not a Hulkamaniac growing up. Train. Say your prayers. Take your vitamins. Believe in yourself. This bloke is 0-for-4 on all accounts, sad to say.

In any event, this is another byproduct of today’s pro wres scene, where everyone has to look the same, talk the same, be the same build, and wrestle the exact same style. Because Ohno dares to be different in any way whatsoever, he will never work in WWE. At least then he’ll be able to debut in TNA with a “bullshit of the politics behind that curtain” promo, so he’s got that going for him. – Dusty


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