#PrimeWrestling – Season 6 – Episode 12

Matthew Justice is taking on Michael “The Bomber” Facade for the TV Title at the top of the show. The highlight of the beginning of the match is the bickering between Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire. It was a slow start. Facade fancy arm dragged Justice out of the ring. Facade drop kick Justice into the guard rail. Justice dropped Facade neck first on the top rope. Facade head scissored Justice over. A big clothes line turned thing in Justice’s favor. Justice slammed Facade then hot dogged during the pin. Justice thought he threw Facade out of the ring but he held on to the top rope. Facade walked the top rope and drop kicked Justice. A pair of atomic drops by Facade was followed by a leg lariat. Justice gave Facade a face buster. Facade got tossed outside. Facade super kicked Justice. He got a two count from a spring board bulldog. Facade kicked Justice to the outside. Facade nailed a spring board 360. Marti Belle low blowed Facade. Justice gave Facade a top rope DVD. Justice is the new TV Champion. They kiss in the ring.

Analysis: This match was solid but not great. Facade still tries to do too much. Justice looked rusty. It didn’t help that Dombrowski pointed out how little he has wrestled since coming back to Prime Wrestling. Score: 0.

Bobby Beverly wanted to explain why he is supporting Johnny Gargano and Prime Wrestling against all of these factions. He gives a good defense of Prime promo. Analysis: Much better than his “Man of the earth” promos. Score: +1.

Bryan Castle is taking on JJ Deville, who weighs 165. Deville goes for the head band. Castle splashes him in the corner. Deville fires back but doesn’t phase Castle. Backpack chin jacker is the winner for Castle. Analysis: It was what it was supposed to be, a squash match. Interesting finisher for a big guy though. Don’t you follow up with a splash to reinforce your size? Score: +1.

Gregory Iron & Zack Gowen pound on some doors. Gowen explains that they are locked out. They are going to overcome the obstacle of locked doors like they have with every other challenge in their lives. Iron said that they’re going to come back stronger than ever. Gowen saves they’re going to save the company or die trying. They go back to kicking the door. Analysis: The door pounding parts were cheesy in a bad way. The promos were good though. Score: +1.

Nicki Valentino is taking on Aiden Veil. I’m not liking Late Night’s chances. Veil worked over Valentino’s left arm with various moves. Veil double chopped Valentino. Nicki took over with axe handles to the back. Valentino choked Veil while he distracted the ref. Nice. Veil slammed Valentino from the top rope. Veil got a two count from a bulldog. Veil gave Valentino a modified White Noise. Valentino gave Veil the old trick knee. Valentino follwed with a DDT. Valentino bragged to the camera. Veil rolled up Valentino for the win.

Analysis: Good match up. Veil is on his way up. He had a good showing in his tag match and his singles bouts. Valentino is filling his role well. Score: +1.

Ricky Shane Page came out with Justin LaBar & Vic Travagliante. They force Dombrowski out of the booth. Page gave Dombrowski a Roaring Elbow. Well sold. Vic Travagliante came on the head set. Krimson tossed the ref out of the ring. Krimson attacked Page with a chair. A replacement ref came out and they rang the bell. Krimson kicked Page down the entrance ramp. Page suplexed Krimson onto the ramp. Page started tossing objects into the ring. Krimson caught Page coming back in the ring. Krimson cracked Page in the head. Page went charging into a lodged in the corner. Krimson got dropped on a chair he set up. Page got suplexed onto a chair. Page spine bustered Krimson through two chairs facing each other. LaBar handed Page the spike. He put it in the top turn buckle. Krimson almost turned it around but Page DDTed him into a chair. Page got a two count on a neck breaker. Page went to the top but got caught. Krimson superplexed him through two chairs facing each other. They battled on their knees the stood up and kept exchanging. Page got caught charging in. The chair collared Page who got drop kicked by Krimson. Page gave Krimson a Roaring Elbow but he kicked out. Krimson gave Page a Witch’s Wheel but he kicked out. Krimson went to the Mandible Claw. Fontaine & Madrox made the save. Gory came out. Beverly attacked the Megalomaniacs. Johnny Gargano came out and nailed everyone with a chair. Matthew Justice nailed Gargano with the TV Title.

Analysis: Solid match but the no ending is kind of a cop out in a no disqualification match up. They had a good match going. First time I’ve been impressed by Page. Krimson is great in all facets.Fun group war fare that makes sense even if it caused a bologna ending. Score: +1.

Final Score: 5/6. Final Analysis: It was a good show that featured a bunch of small matches and promos so that they could dedicate a lot of time to the two title matches. I like that they place priorities on the belts (Notice that’s plural). The main event got a lot of meat which was another reason a no finish was unsatisfying. -Kevin

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