Dan’s Blog: I Swiped Dusty’s Mailbag


While catching up on my reading of all things on the Stunt Granny site I realized that Dusty has been jumping into the mailbag with both feet answering questions that the wrestling intelligentsia needs to read up about. Not being all that creative myself I visited the Stunt Granny World Headquarters (Don’t ever show up unannounced again. -Jeremy) and managed to grab a bag full of mail for myself. Then I stopped off in New York and took a few things off Matt Brock’s desk also (it was interesting that no one seemed to care about taking that stuff but I digress). I tried to figure out how to break into Wade Keller’s email so I could steal some of his “Ask the Editor” questions but he’s got that account triple protected.  I suppose it’s because “Ask the Editor” seem to make up the majority of the Daily Keller Hotlines!

Anyway, I digress.  Speaking of the Torch, let’s jump into Question One.

Question #1: What’s this I hear about super internet phenomenon “zourah” going on a rant about the way the Torch deals with Bill Watts?  Doesn’t this guy know that Watts was the most racist, sexist, homophobic, all around bad person that ever existed in wrestling?  (M.M.—Pittsburgh, PA)

Answer #1:  Yes, unfortunately my rant is still somewhere stuck in Eric Nelson’s phone because he could not figure out how to get a one hour audio from his phone onto the web. I should mention that I have had a very polite discussion with Mr. Keller about my feelings on this particular subject and I now do respect his view on the entire situation when Watts was fired. I still don’t see things the same way myself but that’s fine.

As for the meat of the question, let’s just compare Watts to everyone’s current God of Wrestling Vince McMahon.

McMahon wins the “PC” game for sure in his public statements. Both he and Watts worked with well known figures in the wrestling business who happen (ed) to be gay.  Again, McMahon has worked more closely with Pat Patterson but Watts did work frequently with Jim Barnett and with a few exceptions he worked fairly well with him.

As for acceptance of gays, Watts said some very un PC things to be polite in an interview. McMahon had his baby face tag team leading children in chants of F***** for at least six months in the early ‘90s.  Advantage Watts

If you were/are an African American wrestler who would you want to work for?  Well unless you really hated distasteful language I’m thinking you would be better off working for Watts. I know The Rock is arguably the biggest deal ever in wrestling but Watts promoted JYD as a hero in Mid South while Vince promoted him as someone who could barely speak complete sentences. No promoter has ever given so many African American wrestlers chances to be at the very top of the card than Watts.

In closing, I’d argue that the premise of your question is ridiculous. I can go into great detail about my thoughts on sending that interview to higher ups at TBS eighteen months after the interview was conducted but that’s a topic for another day.

Question #2: That brilliant “zourah” guy hasn’t chimed in much on Prime Wrestling lately.  What’s up with that?  (A.MG – Cleveland, OH)

Answer #2: I think my contributions to the audio side of things lately have not been of sufficient quality to impress the premier reviewer of Prime on the ‘net Kevin DiFrango I suppose. (It’d really help if I stayed current with the product. They’re even going every other week and I’m still slacking off. – Kevin) If you haven’t been reading his reports go ahead and do so before you read this. I’ll wait for you to finish!

I’m pleased to see that they are going to have “Wrestlelution 6” this year as I was starting to wonder. It wouldn’t work so great if WWE said they were having WrestleMania “sometime between April 1 and May 30” but I know Prime Wrestling is not WWE. (Their next taping is this weekend being billed as a “Wrestlelution Prelude” in Parma OH. -Kevin)

There are things I like about the “Evil Vic” storyline. He does have good timing in his segments but man the evil GM thing just seems too derivative for this promotion. I expect better. I do not agree with Kevin on Ricky Shane Page. I’ve warmed up to him and like his promos (although hitting the announcer has no place on TV. Joe should hold himself to a higher standard than that.  What would Gordon Solie do?) quite a bit.  He’s not at Krimson level on the promos but he is quite good. Nicki Valentino is hilarious and adds quite a bit to the show. I really liked his interaction with Bryan Castle a couple weeks ago. We will see what the big event is for WL 6 and I’m sure we will have a good discussion about it.  Aaron Maguire continues to be the highlight of the show on a week in and week out basis. (More on some of these subjects in my Prime Review after I edit that column. -Kevin)

Question #3:  So what else is out there under the radar that I’m missing? I hear that super smart “zourah” guy always watched USWA, SMW, ECW and other indy feds back in the day.  (S.S. – Rockville Centre, NY)

Answer #3:  Wow, that’s really perceptive.  I’m not sold on this show yet but when I was visiting the great state of Missouri I watched our local Springfield TV and caught Traditional Championship Wrestling on the same station where I first found Mid South Wrestling 28 years ago. Lance Hoyt looked pretty solid as their champion and they are doing a “Best of Seven” series for their junior heavyweight title. What I saw from those two wrestlers was pretty solid. I can’t give this a huge thumbs up right now but given the chance I’ll tune in again.

Question #4:  What is wrong with these people who rip on mid to late ‘80s WWF stuff? That Bruce Mitchell is a big meanie! The Ultimate Warrior was great and Gorilla Monsoon has to be in the top five of wrestling announcers of all time!  (J. H. – Phoenix, AZ)

Answer #4:  No, you are wrong and Bruce is right, really.  I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this but The Warrior really was gawdawful. I’ve never heard anyone who was actually an adult or above the age of twelve who lived through the Warrior era look back at it with any sense of longing. I get it, it’s hard to admit you had a blind spot to certain things. (I was twelve when he came out so I’ll remember him fondly. Not a whole lot holds up from any era. -Kevin) We’d go to WCW shows in Springfield and cheer like crazy for Sid back in the day. I can at least admit now that he probably wasn’t as good as I made him out to be at the time. Maybe we can have an audio with Sid expert Dusty discussing his pros and cons at some point. (What are you two waiting for? Record it tonight. -Kevin)

As for Gorilla again I’ll defer to Bruce. The guy paid almost no attention to his job and just repeated meaningless cliché after meaningless cliché.  He’s not the worst announcer of all time but when folks try to put him in a list with Solie, Ross, Russell, Brown (often overlooked) etc. it’s really hard for me to take. When he was announcing Tony Schiviaone was far far better actually. Vince McMahon when he was young and a straight man was much better. Even guys like Bob Caudle, Marc Lowrance, Bill Mercer and Bill Watts as an announcer were considerably better. Boyd Pierce was kind of that crazy uncle type old man but at least he was passionate about the product. Gorilla was just phoning in most of his stuff.

Who was worse than Gorilla?  I’d say Lord Alfred Hayes, Lee Marshall and Lord James Blears immediately come to mind.

Question #5:  There hasn’t been much Missouri Football talk in the national media lately.  The Tigers had an awful first year in the SEC.  Is this the end of a great run for a team that has won a very large number of games over the last eight years or is there an SEC bias against the Tigers?  (C.D. – Kansas City, MO)

Answer #5:  Well let’s look at Marcus Murphy for starters. Marcus was a first team all SEC return man last year for the season. He hasn’t been hurt so he should be a great return man this year. The SEC media picked MU sixth in the east but since they are unbiased did they pick Murphy first or second team all SEC this year? Murphy wasn’t even selected in the top three teams in the SEC for preseason return teams. EJ Gaines should be way above third team.

If you want to make a hugely profitable wager find the sports book that has the over under on MU at six games and put a mortgage payment on the over. MU returns the best running back in the Big 12 in 2011 from injury and a quarterback who if healthy would also have been first team all Big 12 in the preseason this year. Now James Franklin HAS to stay healthy and he can’t lose confidence the way he did last year but I think his injuries were kind of flukes. Look for the Tigers to end up with seven or eight wins this year and honestly I hate to put eight down as a ceiling for this team as it could get even better.  The schedule is much friendlier this year and I don’t see Franklin only finishing six games. Let’s hope the Tigers start 5-0 and just build from there with a receiving corps that might be the best in the SEC.

Here is the schedule and predictions!

Murray State – W, Toledo W, At Indiana (better be a W!), Arkansas State – W, at Vandy – ?, At Georgia – L, Florida – ?, South Carolina – L, Tennessee – W, At Kentucky – W, At Ole Miss – ?, Texas A&M – ? (because there is no telling where A&M will be at the end of the year). (They’re hiding from Kent State and taking on Toledo. Dri Archer for Heisman. -Kevin)

Let’s call for 4-0 in the non conference and three or four SEC wins to end up 7-5 or better.  I know you all aren’t really interested in this but I couldn’t come up with a clever “question #5” like Dusty can! -Dan

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