#PrimeWrestling – Season 6 – Episode 13

Jeremy Madrox is set to wrestle Johnny Gargano in the opening bout. The offense was split between the two early. The big news was Marion Fontaine taking off a few weeks. Gargano went for a dive outside but had to chase Madrox who had moved around the corner. Madrox caught Gargano with a knee to the head when he tried to sling shot back in. Madrox worked over Gargano’s back. Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire talked more about the new referee than the WWE has talked about their referees all year. Gargano caught Madrox charging in with a boot. Gargano nailed the Elijah Express (Anybody remember that name?) Gargano caught a resting Madrox with a suicide dive. Gargano got the sling shot spear the second attempt. Madrox came back with a running elbow in the corner. Gargano reverses an Irish Whip and turns it into Uniquely You. Marti Belle distracts the ref. Matthew Justice distracts Gargano. Madrox rolls up Gargano with a handful of tights. Dombrowski questions where Gargano will go from here.

Analysis: The end of the match is really irritating me after a very well wrestled match. I haven’t seen much of Madrox in the ring but he held up his end of the bargain against Gargano. I understand the double distraction technique but it makes no sense seconds after taking a finisher. I get that he cheated to win, which heels should do, but his recovery was miraculous. Then Dombrowski questioning what Gargano does next? How did the baby face announcer not go the indignant route for how the bad guy had to cheat to win? Then you can say Gargano will get them another day. Score: +1.

Vic Travagliante was being interviewed by Michael Cash. (Welcome back? Nice guy when I met him after Wrestlelution 2.) Vic has plans for Gargano so that’s why he’s not firing him. Cash questioned Vic about his call with Rhino. Analysis: He made up with Gargano the last we saw. You can play the mercenary card but these are basically the same guys that burned him last year, if he sides with Megalomaniacs. Score: +1.

Bobby Beverly has never felt better in his career. He feels he’s close to getting back in the title picture but there are too many groups in Prime Wrestling. He helped Gargano so that he can serve notice to Prime about his goal. Analysis: I’m not sure how helping Gargano serves that notice but that’s the best he’s done on the mic since he tried the country boy gimmick at the end of last year. Score: +1.

Gory was set to take on Mr. RBI Isaiah Bonds. He brought Gory back into the ring with a sling shot. RBI was all over Gory early. Gory turned it around with a trick knee. Gory tried to wear down Bonds. RBI turned a cross body into a power slam. RBI elbowed Gory a la Dusty Rhodes. Gory knocked Gory off the top rope. Gory double stomps RBI for the win. Analysis: Solid stuff. The power slam was a little rough in the transition area but otherwise good. Score: +1.

Nicki Valentino needs a contract with the Megalomaniacs. Vic tells him what he has in his stable already. Valentino babbles and then tells Vic he will impress him. Analysis: Is there a clause in his current contract that says “No character development ever.”? He does goofy pet raccoon fine. Score: 0.

Marti Belle was playing with Matthew Justice‘s hair. Justice said that he’s going to take the TV Title to a whole new level. Justice is the trend kill so he will knock off Gregory Iron if he comes after the title. Analysis: Nice of him to slip in some Pantera lyrics. Otherwise, it was a promo. Score: 0.

Jimmy Jacobs can’t even get Dombrowski to use the words Ring of Honor. Come on, they let you do a broadcast which was much better with you. Kevin Kelly stinks. Louis Lyndon hit the ring second. Jacobs tossed his coat at Lyndon who rubbed it under his crotch and ass. They exchanged basic holds early. Lyndon drop kicked Jacobs low a couple of times. Lyndon countered everything that Jacobs threw at him. Jacobs knocked Lyndon into the guard rail  from the apron. Lyndon got a tour of the guard rail. Jacobs forearmed Lyndon with both arms. Jacobs countered a leg lariat. Jacobs took Lyndon down by the neck. Jacobs worked over the stomach of Lyndon. Jacobs gave Lyndon a twisting suplex. Lyndon ought back with punches and kicks. He locked in a Dragon Sleeper on Jacobs. Lyndon knocked Jacobs outside. Lyndon nailed a moonsault. Jacobs drop kicked Lyndon coming off the top ropes. Jacobs only got 2 from an inverted DDT. Lyndon dodged the corner spear. Lyndon locked in the Dragon Sleeper again. Jacobs tapped out. Jacobs beat down Lyndon after the match. Michael Facade came out for the save. Lyndon was pissed at him because he had it all in hand.

Analysis: The ending was a little out of the blue. There’s no reason Lyndon should be pissed at someone saving him after a sneak attack after a match. It was nice of Jacobs to do a job to Lyndon who is a good wrestler and talker. If Jacobs isn’t going to be around much, even better for him. I’m excited to see what they do with Lyndon although I don’t think a real break through is going to happen with the Prime Title being tied up in the Ricky Shane Page & Krimson feud and Justice mentioning Gregory Iron earlier in the TV Title race. Scale: +1.

Final Score: 5/7. Final Analysis: Fun episode even if it was a short one at 49 minutes with additional time taken out to recap the RSP vs Krimson match from the week before. I will echo some of what Dan said in his mailbag (See below) that the evil GM has run the course but Vic Travagliante is very good in his segments. His physical look (tall and skinny) helps to make even more hate-able when he throws around his weight as the GM. Aaron Maguire is just down right funny. Listen to the audio from this week for more on this topic. The storylines seem to be coming into focus for Wrestlelution too but there’s enough episodes left to build even more intrigue. -Kevin

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