@RealKurtAngle busted for DWI, I’d rather have my dead grandma drive a car

It’s like if Shawn Michaels did it with Ram-Man from He-Man.

According to Prowrestling.net, TNA *SUPER*star Kurt Angle was arrested last night in Decatur, Texas, for driving while intoxicated. Apparently/allegedly (whatever the proper term is), Angle left last night’s TNA TV tapings in Wichita Falls, Texas, and was busted for driving drunk. I would have been drinking, too, if I had to sit live through that shitty Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez match. Angle was released on $2,000 bond.

Now, also according to Prowrestling.net (and thank god Jason Powell is around to do this detective work… if this were Chris Shore, he’d be telling us how crappy Angle’s drunk-driving workrate is and how he needs to swerve faster in the last 12 seconds of the police chase….

Oh, wait, it is Chris Shore…) this is Angle’s fourth documented DWI/OWI/DUI of some sort. Lest we forget the night he was found in a median in South Dakota after drinking his bi-racial bestiality sorrows away. Granted, he seems to do more harm to others when he’s in a house with them rather than in a car pointed at them, but still, someone’s gotta take away this guy’s car keys. I’d rather have Ronnie Milsap drive me through a patch of cacti in a rusty convertible full of hot feces while listening to the Eagles than be within a country mile of ol’ Bo Duke here. At least I’d leave with Hepatitis C and a face full of cactus needles, rather than people knowing I was around Kurt Angle. -Eric

Side note: Angle has addressed this situation on his Twitter account, telling us he will overcome this. Of course he will. Jesus, I’ve driven drunk more times than I’ve driven sober, and I’m still doing fine. I’m sure someone with Angle’s support system will be just fine.

#SippyTimeBeer Review – Great Lakes, Left Hand & Samuel Adams

Left Hand Good Juju Great Lakes Lake ErieGreat Lakes Brewing CompanyLake Erie Monster – I have covered this beer before for the Memorial Day weekend beers. I heeded my own advice and grabbed one for that weekend in a pick a six pack. This Imperial India Pale Ale is quite tasty and has just the right amount of hops. Great Lakes says that there’s lot of hops in this beer but the extra heaping of malt mellows it out. It’s hard to go wrong when you buy from this company. Be glad they discontinued Grass Roots Ale though. Yikes.

Left Hand Brewing CompanyGood Juju – This beer is a pale ale that hides any hops flavor by loading up on ginger. It has the spicy bite that ginger provides in food. I’m not a fan of it in beer. Even though Left Hand is a great company, this beer gets a boo from me.

Samuel AdamsSummer Ale – This company is probably the first microbrew that I had. Their standard Boston Lager was an early go to. I’ll have to review that at some point. Anyway, after helping my girl’s parents clean up their back yard, they provided me with a tasty beverage. This beer is typical of what I thought of when summer beers were given to me. It’s an ale that puts lemon in it so that it feels more refreshing. The problem with that is the fact that I’m not the biggest fan of lemon. At least in beer. I’d take a tasty lemonade over most summer beers. Luckily, Sam Adams know how to dial back the lemon to not make it overwhelming. I’m still not the biggest fan of this beer but it’s better than most.

Doesn't the neighbor's yard look nice?

Doesn’t the neighbor’s yard look nice?

I follow Chef Michael Symon of Iron Chef America & The Chew fame because he’s from Cleveland. He sent out a tweet earlier this week about how he enjoys sour beer then linked to an article in The New Yorker. I’ve had a couple of sour beers recently from Russian River so I will give my opinion on the article when I get around to reviewing those beers.

From the Brewer’s Association, craft beer in America has grown 15% in sales and 13% in volume. Good news, better quality beer for every one! Enjoy a Sippy Time Beer or two this weekend! -Kevin

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