All pro wrestlers are idiots. Magnus is a pro wrestler. Ipso facto, idiot.



Word going around every single where on the internets is that Magnus has re-signed with TNA. (Grammar check: He didn’t resign with TNA. That would mean he was under contract to TNA and decided he no longer wanted to be there. Rather, he re-signed with TNA. To wit, he signed with TNA once more. You’re welcome.) Apparently it is a two year deal. I have not seen a dollar figure reported for the contract, mainly because for some reason TNA considers that privileged information to be locked up tighter than the non-existent gold at Fort Knox. But I digress.

And I’m about to do it again in this paragraph, too. What a fucking idiot. This was the perfect chance for Magnus to escape. Leave TNA far far behind and sign with WWE. I was talking about this with Jeremy earlier today. He thinks the pay would have been the same for him there. I argued that it would be a combination of things – WWE would slightly lowball him, plus he would have to pay out of pocket more expenses, due to the more extensive travel schedule and such.

But you know what? It’s fucking worth it. Because TNA is a sinking ship, going nowhere, and WWE is where it’s at, as far as American professional wrestling goes. So take less money, do a short stint in the developmental leagues, even though you know you’re above it. They’re just testing you to see how you take to it. They want to gauge your attitude as much as your talent. Take it with a smile, and it will be brief.

Because the upside is tremendous. WWE could take a guy like Magnus, who looks like a star, has charisma, has enough talent to get by, and they could really turn him into a standout main event player for years to come. And with much more exposure from their USA Network shows than TNA could possibly hope to get, being out-rated by some thruway divas show. Point is, the money would take care of itself.

So you have to wonder. Does Dixie Carter hold something over these poor guys? Samoa Joe compromised his entire future to stay in TNA. He means absolutely nothing in TNA, has been used and discarded basically, and it now not even young enough to say, well at least the future might hold something. He missed his window completely, continually re-signing with TNA despite complaining loudly at various intervals about how they were using him and the overall direction of the company. He is an idiot.

And so it goes with Magnus as well. This was his chance to take a step to the next level. He is 26 years old. When this contract expires he will be 28. Tick tick tick tick… – Dusty

Dusty’s Blog: Dusty gives out beauty tips


I owe my soul to Robert Miquelio.

My hair has been a total disaster lately. I ran out of my regular brand of shampoo a few weeks ago. I was using some hair and body thing. It was doing an adequate job, but I wasn’t really satisfied with its performance. But then I ran out of it, and it was at a time when I owed money on a bunch of bills. Everything came due at once, energy bill, computer bill, water bill. So I didn’t really have a bunch of dough to spend on shampoo, you know?

So what I did was, I compromised. I compromised myself, my principles, my fabric of being. But most importantly, I compromised my hair. I got some el cheapo brand shampoo at the dollar store. Boy have I paid the price. Since then my hair has been dry and itchy. I think I might even be allergic to this brand of shampoo. Things are not wine and roses around the Giebink household, believe you me.

So then I switched to using her shampoo. Not a proud moment, but one born out of necessity as much as anything. But really, any guy will tell you that that is simply not kosher. You can’t be using femme shampoo, especially when you’re sharing it with your significant other. (There’s also the aspect of common courtesy. You’re using up her resources. It’s like getting oil from foreign countries or something.)

So today I had some spare dough, and off to the store I went. I had in mind two things, and two things only. One was to get some laundry detergent. Second was to get some Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, because we just ran out of that. But third was the most important thing of all. Shampoo.

So I got Dove Hair Therapy shampoo. The picture of it is above. Look at it, in all its splendor. It has a special nourishing oil care feature. It reads below “revives dry, rough & frizzy hair.” It might as well have an “ATTENTION DUSTY GIEBINK” sticker attached to it. It was a calling me name!

Now,, which is where I go for all of my beauty tips, gives this shampoo an outstanding 9.4 overall rating. Folks, it doesn’t get much better than that. One reader attests that it makes your hair so much more soft and silky than a normal shampoo. Another stated that it gave them that “just got out of the salon” feeling.

(On a side note, since my barber retired, I have been forced to go to a salon to get my hair cut. There is a gay guy there that is absolutely fabulous. He knows exactly how I want it cut, doesn’t talk too much, but when he does talk, it’s always something interesting, and he seems to genuinely care about how you are doing and whether you like the job he is doing. I highly recommend him if you ever stop by Fond du Lac.)

But anyway, I stand before you a changed man. My care is now bouncy and carefree once more. My scalp is not itchy and gross looking any longer. I feel ready to go another nine innings. And I owe it all to

#SippyTimeBeer – Elevator Horny Goat & Links Galore

Elevator Horny Goat

Elevator Brewing CompanyHorny Goat – This company is one of the larger micro-brews in Columbus. They have a series of Goat beers that take a regular beer style, in this case their Porter, and age it in whiskey barrels. (This is the only bottle that misspells whiskey). I have tried a whiskey bar before in town, Barrel 44, and though I didn’t go to the level of hating it, I’m not going to do that on a regular basis. Or on a semi-regular basis. So when a porter, which I normally like quite a bit, gets aged in whiskey barrels, it starts to take on a flavor I don’t like. Porters generally have a more assertive taste though than a lighter beer like the numerous hefeweizen’s I’ve been drinking over the summer. So the flavor stands up to the whiskey better than most but I still wasn’t a huge fan.

Do you like beer? Do you like ice cream? Well then why not make yourself a beer float without the root. The smoked porter and stout ideas sound fantastic. Thanks to Draft Magazine for the link.

Yeah for me and the rest of the state of Ohio and evidently Florida earlier this year. New Belgium, best know for its’ Fat Tire Amber Ale which is fantastic, will be gracing our fine state by the end of the year. Thanks to The Beer Blog for the link.

So do you think I’m just talking up Columbus beers because I live here? eTurboNews, which covers Global Travel Industry News, agrees with me and does a fantastic job of running down the old and new brewers in this fine city. I still have yet to get to a couple of these places there are so many in town. Another brewer just opened but in Delaware (about 30 minutes north) just this past week too, Staas Brewing.

I’m gone for the next week so have fun putting up with Dusty, Eric & Jeremy. They will make you want to drink a #SippyTimeBeer. -Kevin

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