All pro wrestlers are idiots. Magnus is a pro wrestler. Ipso facto, idiot.



Word going around every single where on the internets is that Magnus has re-signed with TNA. (Grammar check: He didn’t resign with TNA. That would mean he was under contract to TNA and decided he no longer wanted to be there. Rather, he re-signed with TNA. To wit, he signed with TNA once more. You’re welcome.) Apparently it is a two year deal. I have not seen a dollar figure reported for the contract, mainly because for some reason TNA considers that privileged information to be locked up tighter than the non-existent gold at Fort Knox. But I digress.

And I’m about to do it again in this paragraph, too. What a fucking idiot. This was the perfect chance for Magnus to escape. Leave TNA far far behind and sign with WWE. I was talking about this with Jeremy earlier today. He thinks the pay would have been the same for him there. I argued that it would be a combination of things – WWE would slightly lowball him, plus he would have to pay out of pocket more expenses, due to the more extensive travel schedule and such.

But you know what? It’s fucking worth it. Because TNA is a sinking ship, going nowhere, and WWE is where it’s at, as far as American professional wrestling goes. So take less money, do a short stint in the developmental leagues, even though you know you’re above it. They’re just testing you to see how you take to it. They want to gauge your attitude as much as your talent. Take it with a smile, and it will be brief.

Because the upside is tremendous. WWE could take a guy like Magnus, who looks like a star, has charisma, has enough talent to get by, and they could really turn him into a standout main event player for years to come. And with much more exposure from their USA Network shows than TNA could possibly hope to get, being out-rated by some thruway divas show. Point is, the money would take care of itself.

So you have to wonder. Does Dixie Carter hold something over these poor guys? Samoa Joe compromised his entire future to stay in TNA. He means absolutely nothing in TNA, has been used and discarded basically, and it now not even young enough to say, well at least the future might hold something. He missed his window completely, continually re-signing with TNA despite complaining loudly at various intervals about how they were using him and the overall direction of the company. He is an idiot.

And so it goes with Magnus as well. This was his chance to take a step to the next level. He is 26 years old. When this contract expires he will be 28. Tick tick tick tick… – Dusty

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  1. I realize that we are supposed to be really opinionated about things but I’m not convinced that this was a bad move. Even TNA realizes their reputation is completely trashed right now and they don’t seem to be intelligent enough to give their best talent another chance on top after they’ve tried them before (*cough Austin Aries*) so my guess is Magnus may get a nice run with the belt. Then he would be in a nice bargaining position in two years.

    Also I don’t know Joe’s contract. I’d say if he has been making over 200 K a year with almost zero expenses then he’s probably been better off. I just have no faith that WWE would have given Joe a fair shot. They would have probably called him Umaga’s brother or something.

    To be clear I’m undecided on this one. I know that makes for a shitty editorial!

    • Whoa, easy there, big fella. To accuse me of writing something just for hits, just to get attention for the site, that’s bullshit. I have never written something that I didn’t mean, that wasn’t meant as an obvious joke. I really take offense to that.

      What big stars has TNA made? They had a real chance with Austin Aries and they rubber banded him backwards in such a tone deaf fashion, he might never recover. I hope he does. Normally, their home grown talent is of the AJ Styles variety, where he has hung around the entire length of the company, been used in every possible way you can think of except a serious, money drawing way, and they just sapped all the usefulness right out of him. They squeezed the AJ orange dry. They have or are continuing to do that very thing to people like Samoa Joe right now.

      They would much rather use old WWE and WCW names as top stars. Sting, Mr Kennedy, Devon Dudley, Kurt Angle, etc etc. And they like to bring in people like Tito and Rampage. Pacman Jones. Shitty race car drivers. Whatever else you can think of.

      Point is, they don’t really have a track record of developing talent and making stars out of them. They had the perfect opportunity with Matt Morgan and they failed with him. Magnus is another one. He has tons of potential. I have zero faith in TNA to do anything with it other than fail.

      Also, you have to look at this from another tact as well. Is TNA going to go out of business in the next two years? We keep saying they’re in danger of going out of business, and they keep hanging on, but how much longer can they hang on? Let’s say they do go out of business during the time of Magnus’s contract.

      So you have a guy like Chris Jericho, he jumped ship before WCW went under and WWE made a star out of him, and he was kept separate from the invading WCW wrestlers that WWE used after they bought WCW’s assets. A guy like Diamond Dallas Page, he stuck it out with WCW till the end, and he was rewarded by having to do jobs for Undertaker’s hideous looking anorexic wife.

      So if Magnus is hanging around when/if TNA goes out of business, WWE will see him as just another reason that TNA couldn’t compete with them, and will fail to use him in any meaningful way whatsoever. I just see this move as a miserable fail in every respect.

  2. Dusty… I wasn’t implying that you were disingenuous (at least that wasn’t my intent), I was trying to say I couldn’t decide whether I agreed with you or not.

    My response of “maybe I agree but then again maybe not” would probably get laughed off of any editorial page or even a “Letters to the Editor”…. That’s all I meant, sorry if I was unclear. Since I was unsure of my opinion I thought I’d play Devils Advocate.

  3. I actually think if Panda gets out of the wrestling business that TNA could find a buyer and stay on Spike….. With the right buyer that might be best for wrestling.

    You raise more good points but if Magnus is making good money I might roll the dice if I were him also and sign the contract. He would do okay in Japan if all else fails. I’m really crazy enough to think TNA may actually push this guy effectively.

    I know that’s a tough argument to defend.

    • Yeah, I don’t trust TNA at all with anyone that isn’t a 900 year old former WWE wrestler, basically.

      Japan would have absolutely been a good place for him to go, though. Good call there.

  4. I just figure if the guy is making good money it might be wise to take the sure thing. I look at guys that WWE didn’t push that well that I thought had “it” that ended up not making money. Johnny Jeter and Ken Doane come to mind right away (I know they had an awful awful gimmick but that happens to talented guys sometimes). I thought especially Jeter was going to be a star, there are others who looked really good when I was watching OVW that never made it.

    I guess to some degree it depends on his financial situation and if how risk averse he is.

  5. Now that you two have decided to tongue kiss & make up.

    Magnus should have made the jump to NXT when his contract came due & bet on his own ability. There is only one legitimate reason I can think of as why he re-signed with TNA:

    He’s feasting on Mickie James’ beef curtains at the moment & she’s not welcome in WWE…and we can’t blame him for sticking with that menu!

    • I hadn’t even thought about that. Given the Mickie factor how anyone can argue against TNA is beyond me!

    • First of all, my relationship with Dan is tighter than a 12 year old track star’s ass.

      Second of all, if Magnus makes it big in WWE, he would have enough money to get all the roast beef he can eat, if you smell what I’m putting down.

      • It does seem to be the roast beef that all the top guys in WWE have dined on (Cena, Punk).

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