#SippyTimeBeer – Elevator Horny Goat & Links Galore

Elevator Horny Goat

Elevator Brewing CompanyHorny Goat – This company is one of the larger micro-brews in Columbus. They have a series of Goat beers that take a regular beer style, in this case their Porter, and age it in whiskey barrels. (This is the only bottle that misspells whiskey). I have tried a whiskey bar before in town, Barrel 44, and though I didn’t go to the level of hating it, I’m not going to do that on a regular basis. Or on a semi-regular basis. So when a porter, which I normally like quite a bit, gets aged in whiskey barrels, it starts to take on a flavor I don’t like. Porters generally have a more assertive taste though than a lighter beer like the numerous hefeweizen’s I’ve been drinking over the summer. So the flavor stands up to the whiskey better than most but I still wasn’t a huge fan.

Do you like beer? Do you like ice cream? Well then why not make yourself a beer float without the root. The smoked porter and stout ideas sound fantastic. Thanks to Draft Magazine for the link.

Yeah for me and the rest of the state of Ohio and evidently Florida earlier this year. New Belgium, best know for its’ Fat Tire Amber Ale which is fantastic, will be gracing our fine state by the end of the year. Thanks to The Beer Blog for the link.

So do you think I’m just talking up Columbus beers because I live here? eTurboNews, which covers Global Travel Industry News, agrees with me and does a fantastic job of running down the old and new brewers in this fine city. I still have yet to get to a couple of these places there are so many in town. Another brewer just opened but in Delaware (about 30 minutes north) just this past week too, Staas Brewing.

I’m gone for the next week so have fun putting up with Dusty, Eric & Jeremy. They will make you want to drink a #SippyTimeBeer. -Kevin

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