Darren Young comes out in an airport.


Wait a minute is this for real? Is this how it is supposed to be done now? Outing yourself as a gay man in an airport baggage claim area while some TMZ douche interrupts your privacy? Clearly it was a staged event but still; how did WWE not get in on this and publicize it on their site first? Me thinks someone is getting removed from television for a while.  WWE may be proud of Darren for coming out but they cannot be happy about the lost opportunity to exploit it. What a shame.

It took way longer to come up with this post than usual. I tried to pawn it off on Dusty (methbender again) and Eric (busy doing whatever his woman asks) but they suddenly aren’t checking email.

On one hand it is a landmark sort of story. There have been plenty of gay wrestlers before but none have publically outed themselves in this way. It is clearly a big deal to Darren and his family. It is a big deal professionally and obviously personally. From an outsiders perspective; I don’t really care.  Eric2 and I have talked about this on The Stunt Granny Sports Show, which is on hiatus due to me packing up the recording equipment for my move, and from a performance standpoint it really doesn’t mean anything. He isn’t suddenly going to have incredible matches nor is he magically going to cut promos with ease.  From the fan perspective is anyone going to notice. It is inevitable that there will be crowds that will boo based on his “choice.”  Conversely, there will be the crowds that will cheer while they attach themselves to the news. It is enivitable.

The most curious aspect of this all is how WWE will react. They have already posted a congratulatory message on their site. What I am looking for is how he is used, treated and changed on television. It is ripe for major publicity and we all know WWE loves positive publicity. -Jeremy

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