#TotalDivas – She Said (He Edited) Episode 6

bachelorette-partyVegas is where….teenage crushes, bachelorette/bachelor parties, drunk Diva Girls, drunk boyfriends, and realizations happen.

We last had Jojo breaking up with the love of her life from her home town. In this episode she was completely gaga over Justin Gabriel. We start the episode with my favorite WWE star Jerry, (Kevin’s Edit: For those of you in the dark, that’s her nickname for Chris Jericho. She even rewound the scene to watch it a second time.) talking to Eva Marie and Jojo as Justin Gabriel does push-ups along the wall. To me this guy looks like a total douche, but Jojo is just in awe of him. I was totally disappointed that Jerry only had a small role in this scene, but any sighting of Jerry is totally worth it.

Eva Marie and Jojo decide to have an apartment warming party and invite people over and Jojo invites Justin Gabriel over. Eva Marie thinks Jojo is moving too fast and doesn’t believe she should be so into him. Which I agree. I was impressed that Eva Marie wore her engagement ring the entire time in this episode. I found it hilarious that Eva Marie and Jojo are having an apartment warming party with plastic cups and cheap wine. (KE: My woman never threw a college party. I threw plenty of parties with cups and cheap ass beer. We weren’t classy enough for wine.)

At the apartment warming party, you have Trinity, Jon, Ariane, Brie, Nikki, TJ, Nattie and I think that was it. Here is where Nattie confides in Nikki and tells her that TJ is her one and only, I mean, one and only, which is very commendable in today’s society. (KE: Nattie claimed TJ had only been with her too. It might be commendable but it’s really stupid.) Nattie though also confides that she keeps getting text messages from a guy back home and we have the flashbacks of her dinner and him telling her she shouldn’t marry TJ.

I forgot, Jojo and Justin go outside on the balcony and make out where everyone is watching and Trinity tells someone to get out of the way cause she can’t see. Kevin looked up Justin’s age, he’s 32 and she’s 19. (KE: I expected him to be in his mid to late twenties.) I have an issue with that age difference (KE: No you don’t you cradle robber.) as she is so young and inexperienced and he’s a WWE wrestler and single for a reason. The two go to dinner where when offered wine, she looked embarrassed that she can’t order and Justin says, oh that’s right, you’re under age. That should have been a good clue as this isn’t going to work out. She said they had great conversation, which I totally didn’t agree. I have a better conversation with dirt. She then said she had a rabbit. Um, I said, OMG, why is she talking about a vibrator! And then we see a picture of a rabbit on her phone. OMG, she has a real rabbit which she asks for a to-go box for her rabbit. I just have to shake my head on that one. (KE: I’m glad your mind is in the gutter, lady.)

There is a funny scene with Nikki and John Cena as they are looking for a gift and Nikki whispers to John that TJ is Nattie’s first and John just looks at her like, how do you want me to respond. Kevin believes they are really making John out to be this great boyfriend. (KE: Don’t put words in my mouth lady. I said they make him look good. His reactions to anything Nikki does are close to priceless.) I still don’t like him, but did agree that his Tao of Pooh really seems to be working for him in this Total Diva’s story line. Nikki comments that her family would be so happy if she would have been more like Nattie and John responds with ‘Is this where I should ask for a number?” ha ha

We head to the Palms in Vegas for the 2nd half of the episode where they are celebrating TJ and Nattie’s bachelor/bachelorette party. Everyone seems to be there, except Ariane’s boyfriend Vincent. Good Gravy! What is she still doing with this tool bag. She tells him that it’s a work thing and he isn’t invited and he is actually making a scene that he can’t go. (KE: I can’t believe how ball-less TJ is. Really, a joint party? Put on a skirt Theresa Jane.)

Trinity and Jon, always the cute couple…who wouldn’t get all warm inside when he tells Trinity that he likes his meat burnt…and we’re not talking about steak here. (KE: Trinity was fantastic in her bikini.) The girls pose for a quick photo shoot in their bikinis and Nikki gives Nattie a talking to when she continues to text to the guy back in her home town. I agree, you either want to marry TJ or you don’t, but don’t mess up a good thing if it works. TJ is such a dork, but hey, if he makes her happy, then she should stop what she’s doing.

Let’s go see some Chippendales! I’ve been, and seriously guys, unless we are really into you, it’s a good laugh with girls, but it’s not a turn on. This is where we see Brie drinking. I can’t remember what Nikki called it, (KE: Brie Mode.) but since Brie has started dating Daniel Bryan, she doesn’t drink as Daniel isn’t into that. But Brie came out of her shell this night and was a party girl. (KE: I did find it funny that Nikki was the one who end up bailing off the couch onto the floor.) She ends up having a drunken heart to heart with Nattie and Nattie says after 13 years with TJ she is scared to get married, but comes to the drunk conclusion that she really wants to be only with him. Yea! Even though we had that whining Nattie, I’m happy she finally came to a decision.

Brie sneaks to her room..and after not being able to find her key, wakes Daniel up, who is not happy. Brie thinks he doesn’t know she is drunk, um, OK, as she puts on pink fluffy handcuffs on Daniel who in turn responds she better take those off NOW. Ha ha. In the morning, Daniel tells Brie he knew she was drunk and he said it’s OK, it’s a bachelorette party and they are in Vegas, why not let loose. She has the best boyfriend ever! (KE: I love drunk people. You either get funny or drama, which happens later.)

We cut to the final night in Vegas, cause sure I can spend thousands of dollars in Vegas if I lived on their salary, and Ariane is not happy to hear that Vincent has arrived in Vegas after she told him he wasn’t invited. This guy was totally on something when he came into the scene. No way he acts like that on a regular basis. He was a total ass. He drank way too much and was being extremely weird and I look forward to her breaking up with him in next week’s episode. Oops, spoiler alert.

Jojo sees Justin drive off in a taxi with a girl he just picked up and has decided it’s over, Um, did it ever start?? So they talk and he informs her that the age difference is a problem. Thankfully that wasn’t drug out much longer, cause we all knew it wasn’t going to happen.

All in all, it was a better episode and each time I watch, even though I find it completely annoying, it’s still amusing to see what story, prop, or insight will appear. Whether it’s a bad cut showing an engagement ring before she gets it, a ‘rabbit’ vibrating in the bed next to Brie and Nikki laughs and says it’s her friend (assuming when John isn’t around) (KE: I’m glad I’ve never jumped in a bed with Jeremy’s jizz sock in it.) or when Nattie says that Fandango is a good looking man, Wait, that doesn’t surprise me since she’s marrying TJ.

Here’s to another week in Diva Land. – M (& Kevin)

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