TNA Making Smart Decision Letting Talent Leave


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Now I may have been out of touch for a few weeks between vacation and moving so some blanks need to be filled in. Someone please tell me when TNA started making correct decisions?

Over the course of a few weeks they have parted ways with some of their named talent after releasing a string of less than spectacular named talent. First Devon was let go. Then last Thursday Ken Anderson was given the stretcher job and seemingly written off television. Word soon comes out that both sides were negotiating a deal but as of now nothing has been worked out. Finally on Monday comes word Mickie James is on the way out as well after contract terms were not worked out.

Normally this would be a cause for uproar because Mickie James is ridiculously talented as well as being one handsome lass. But what has Mickie James, Ken Anderson or Devon done in or for TNA? They were just faces on an already crowded roster on a severely condensed television program. This isn’t placing blame, it is just stating the obvious. TNA has a long history of mismanaging their talent. Talent from WWE was always held in a higher regard. Once they arrived on TNA television the hype died after a few weeks and they were just another face. All the while talent is collecting a decent check, a check TNA shouldn’t be writing.

Somewhere, someone must have realized it may be it was the constant money loss? Maybe Dad figured it is time to treat it as a real company instead of a vanity project for his little missy. Regardless of the reason the decision to let talent go is a smart move. Cut costs and cut costs with a plan.

Devon put over the idea of the Main Event Mafia. Ken Anderson put over the authority of Bubba Ray. Mickie James put over ODB as she dropped the Knockouts Championship. They didn’t disappear or get written off as an afterthought. It showed there was some sort of planning to go along with the decisions made by personnel. It is quite the shocking development.

Hell, TNA even extended AJ Styles contract. This means even if he doesn’t resign long-term with TNA he can put over Bubba Ray and further cement Bubba’s legitimacy. TNA took a potentially embarrassing situation, like the Bound For Glory Series winner walking out on them and turned it around. What the hell is going on here?

You don’t have to agree with the personnel moves made by TNA management. Sure we all want to see Mickie James on a weekly basis. Sure there are some of us who think Ken Anderson may still blossom. Both things could still happen but responsible spending has to be TNA priority right now. Planning it out and executing it correctly are essential. Lately TNA has done just that. – Jeremy

2 Responses

  1. Agree with everything you wrote except one thing:

    AJ wouldn’t have won the BFGS if he didn’t resign. He signed before the last 3 shows where he won the Low Rent Royal Rumble & the mini tournament.

  2. Hey man, sorry I just saw this. I totally agree with ya on that. There is art of me though that really hopes they are using him to put over other talent This has been squashed of course. -Jeremy

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