#WWE #Smackdown Spoilers

spoiler-alertSo before I get to the spoilers, let’s ramble about stuff that can be mentioned. The crowd was much smaller for Smackdown than the Raw that was here earlier this year. No one was in the upper deck. The hard camera had people in the next 2 sections beside it for Raw. They were tarped off last night. Columbus also got royally hosed with appearances. I understand that Smackdown is the #2 show but we got no Big Show, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, The Shield, my boy Dolph Ziggler or the McMahon Family. Now, I didn’t expect all of them to be there but none of them? Wow. Thirdly, it was a fun reminder of the change in crowd when you go from the expensive seats to the cheap seats. We sat around an interesting crew, some of which still believed wrestling is real. Yes, it is 2013.

Main Event recorded prior to Smackdown starting. I had mentioned in my Monday Blog (below) that lots of performers are sticking around because of their entrances. I had failed to mention Brodus Clay who really seemed to start this trend. He was teaming with Sweet T against 3MB consisting of Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater. Of course the Funkadactyls and Drew McIntyre were at ring side for their respective teams. The only thing of note that happened during this match was Sweet T doing a monkey flip on Mahal. McIntyre distracted Brodus at some point, Slater took advantage with a sling shot 720 twist splash for the pin and win.

Next up was Aksana, who got a number of cat calls, and Tamina, who did not. They must have a lot more faith in Aksana these days because she’s seeing a lot of ring work, at least for a Diva. Of course she’s not getting anywhere near the Diva’s Title either. Tamina won easily.

Zack Ryder, after a month plus of being in a squash match on Raw, is still getting a solid reaction. Even my woman noticed how much bigger he’s getting. Quite surprised between the talking talent and gym dedication that he isn’t a mid-carder. His opponent in the main event of Main Event was Big E Langston. I was surprised by the love that Big E was getting. People must be following his Twitter. Big E won with whatever his finisher is.

I thought Vickie Guerrero was coming out to address Alberto Del Rio but she got around to talking about Big Show and Stephanie first. It was a bit of a “Respect my Authori-tay” speech. ADR comes out and begs not to fight Cena. After more smooth talking, Vickie tells ADR to kiss her on the lips to prove his love for her. He only pecks her lips. He caves and kisses her but then she asks for a French kiss. I was so confused. Why is a heel being a heel to a heel? The WWE paints ADR to be a quasi-baby face only to have Damien Sandow came out. Nothing like a menage-a-trois of heels to start the show. Sandow then acts more like a baby face than ADR. We got a match between the two later. I was completely confused at this point.

R Truth took on Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Title. Our only glimpse of Punk was a Raw rewind. Truth got in a lot of offense. Truth nailed the Axe Kick but Axel grabbed the bottom rope. Axel took advantage of the Truth celebrating to take control. Axel nailed whatever his finisher is to win. Not good news when a wrestler uses his finisher so little you can’t remember it. I didn’t even get a Paul Heyman promo. So ripped off.

Another Mexican team took on El Torito & Los Matadores. Obvious win for Los Matadores. People were eating up El Torito.

Shawn Michaels picture as a referee for Hell In a Cell is hilarious. He looks like he’s in a hostage situation. That had to be noted.

Brie Bella & the Funkadactyls came to the ring with Nikki Bella. They took on Natalya, Kaitlyn & Eva Marie. I forgot to note how terrible Eva Marie’s outfit is. My woman agreed although she doesn’t like Eva at all. It’s completely unsexy. After all of the other people did their finishers, Trinity hit the Ba-donka-donk on Kaitlyn then rolled her up for the victory. Another weird match since no one was a heel. The crowd didn’t care though. They cheered the win.

Renee Young interviewed The Rhodes brothers. They were happy about the win but knew they were in for some serious business since they were taking on the Wyatt Family, in what ended up being the main event. Goldust acted weird so that Cody could look at him strangely. Solid stuff out of them.

Damien Sandow taking on Alberto Del Rio was the mid-main event. Sandow got to show off how good he is in the ring. ADR continues his good work as heel version 2.0. It was a very good match. Sandow had a good amount of the crowd behind him making me think he could be a baby face. ADR won with the cross arm breaker though.

The Prime Time Players tagged with the Great Khali against all three of 3MB. Double duty for the jobbers. Khali trying to the “Millions of Dollars” dance is not funny, WWE. Darren Young took a little bit of a beating, Titus O’Neil got most of the offense and the Great Khali finished it with a chop to the dome of Heath Slater. Moving along then.

The main event was Cody Rhodes & Goldust taking on Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. Bray Wyatt got a short promo in before the match. The crowd was taking so many pictures of the entrance that it didn’t seem that dark in the arena. Easily the longest match for Harper & Rowan on WWE TV. They did well from my vantage point. Good to have them in there with a couple of veterans, even if Cody is a little young to have that label attached to him. Cody rolled up Rowan for the win. Bray came in pissed off but the Rhodes family bailed from ring side.

Vickie then came out and announced the “main event” of a 20 man battle royal. Pretty much everyone who was on the show was in it. Bray Wyatt ended up winning and getting a shot at Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship. Del Rio got counted out then attacked by Harper & Rowan. Damien Sandow came down brief case in hand but was greeted by Harper & Rowan. ADR slipped out of the ring. Sandow backed off after his shot at the title was gone. I’m glad I sat in the cheaper seats. – Kevin

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