Stunt Granny Conversation: Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1: 30 Days without an Accident

le-season-premiere-sera-diffuse-dimancheThe long nightmare is over. Finally, The second best drama (Justified being the absolute best obviously.) on television is back. This means the return of Jeremy and Kevin giving their views and insight in to the forthcoming season. So with one episode in the bag let’s get to it shall we? Oh, as a matter of fairness, specific plot points will be discussed. In other words spoilers abound. If you read any further it is your fault stupid. So you have been warned.

Jeremy: So, where to begin with this episode? I liked it. Seemed like a nice set up for the rest of the season without being boring.

Kevin: They left a lot of questions to be answered. So that was good. Always weird to me the time warp that happens between seasons. It leads to its own questions.

Jeremy: Yes they have done that each season so it isn’t as jarring now. It does feel, this time around, that we have missed some big developments. Tyreese has a girlfriend. Beth has become a cold-hearted trollop. They found pigs! I wanted to see that episode

Kevin: I was waiting for that pig to become a zombie pig.

Jeremy: I think the majority of the audience was as well. I know I got giddy and blurted out Zombie Pigs! So let’s start there with the ending, the pig clearly died of an infection. The nerd guy, from Phineas and Ferb, died of an infection. The hook is how it got there. I am guessing tainted food?

Kevin: Salmonella! Stupid people forgot to pick up handiwipes.

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