Stunt Granny Audio #236


Yes you are seeing it right, Stunt Granny is providing you with another podcast/audio this week. What is the special occasion? Well, one of our members went to see Mick Foley perform at the Charlotte Comedy Zone. Yep, Jeremy continues his new adventures in the big city as he took in a night of stories, laughs and introspection. Mick provided the laughs and stories and the crowd caused Jeremy to take a hard look at himself. What conclusion did he come to? How did his life change from this night? He also shares his views on Mick’s material and, spoiler, they are mostly positive. What caused the most groans? How did Jeremy’s show compare to a show earlier in the year that Kevin attended? What did Jeremy immediately notice about Mick? What question would Jeremy have asked Mick if all of the wrestling geniuses in the room hadn’t jumped on the opportunity? So give it a listen.

5 Responses

  1. This was too rough to get through. First time Jeremy lost his train of thought (he was about to $h1t on why Foley shouldn’t have done the ending Q&A segment), I let it go. But when he lost it again after describing the cute girl Foley paid attention to and gave the t-shirt to, I really had to acknowledge that this was so boring even the podcaster couldn’t pay attention. I, at that moment, gave myself permission to stop listening.

  2. Great thanks for listening.

    • You are welcome. Don’t ever…EVER!…fail to remember the name of the opening act(s) in the future. Standup in general, and club comedy in particular, is a real m*therf*cker. Casual audiences (of which you are clearly included) do not grasp the demand of performance, and tend to treat the acts like clowns at a church fair dunktank. Foley’s act is awesome. Awesome. I highly recommend any interested parties to listen to a FANTASTIC PODCAST where Foley discusses his intentions and act. btw, this website also produces a fantastic podcast called “Talking Dead” which you StuntGranny principals will find of interest (if you don’t already).

      • Totally disagree about the opener. It is not my job to make sure to remember anything. In any entertainment field it is up to the performer/director/musician/artist to make an impression. Their sole job is to entertain and through this accomplishment the audience will gravitate towards them. The opener was a local comedian and a nice guy but not memorable. I have been to comedy clubs a plenty and have remembered plenty of performers and forgotten so many others. I have seen and forgotten more bands than I can remember as well. It is the nature of entertainment. -J

  3. You would be right, if you were just a dude who paid for an evening of entertainment. But you are presenting a review of Foley’s show. When you say ‘I can’t remember the opener’s name, he wasn’t memorable’, what does that do for me, listening to your review? You are making the review about you, not the show. Tell me WHO is not memorable and WHY, so I can 1) be forewarned; 2) disagree; or 3) file the reviewer’s reaction to the act. When you write reviews on wrestling shows, you don’t say “the first three matches were curtain-jerkers, I can’t remember their names.”

    Instead, this meandering unfocused discussion was about you, and your evening. It might as well be about dinner at Applebee’s, and if you ever do write a post about that I hope you will explain that you found the CHICKEN FINGERS unmemorable because they were BLAND and COLD. See how it is done? When you say “I could have done without the Q&A at the end of Foley’s act” please tell us WHY. Was it just a bunch of fanboys trying to get his attention away from the pretty girl in front? Were the questions and stories ones you heard or read before? Was it because Foley doesn’t have a solid 45 minutes, yet? WHY?!?!!

    When you are reviewing an event, people click on it because they are interested in Foley, not your evening. I happened to see Foley pass through my locale, so here, watch me interview myself and present actionable information for those interested in a review…

    Q: Where and when did Foley perform? A: my local comedy club in a secondary market, on a weeknight when the club would not normally have been open; Q: What was the ticket price? A: $20 Q: What was the turnout like? A: club seats 230 capacity, 90 paid and very few comps Mostly middle-aged white dudes, a 21-and-over show, a high percentage of singletons. A few g/fs and wives drug along for the evening. Q: why wasn’t the club papered? A: Foley is getting paid with a door deal, and making money selling merchandise to fans who come for this appearance. His act isn’t ready for general consumption, he is performing for self-selecting crowds that know him and his wrestling work, and he would get eaten alive in front of a crowd that didn’t know him and expected jokes with a commensurate number of punchlines. Same reason no media reviews, his act isn’t ready and he wants people to show up next time he passes through this market. Q; what kind of merchandise? A: usual t-shirts, and the most interesting was remaindered copies of “Tietem Brown” autographed for $20, which Foley bought by the pallet from his publisher. etc., etc.

    As long as I am reviewing the review, you are spending an hour talking. How about spending 10 minutes preparing? Send each other a list of bullet points you would like to discuss, so you don’t bring up subjects the other hasn’t thought about. Jot down an interesting story or two, with a points that illustrate your experience at the show. That way you won’t get lost in your own head, seeming like you would rather be doing something else than recording a podcast without an agenda. Make the podcast 20 minutes, tighten the agenda, and get all the content covered, instead of sounding like the fat chicks two tables away at Starbucks trying to remember somebody from their Jr. High class.

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