#SippyTimeBeer Review – @3Floyds, @ElevatorBrewing, @LeftHandBrewing and @OhioBrewing

3 Floyds Robert the Bruce

In order to play some form of catch up, I’m going to start reviewing four beers a week. When I was talking to Jeremy last week, I realized I was at least 27 beers behind. I may add a second posting per week. I definitely have a bad beers article in mind for the future.

3 FloydsRobert The Bruce Scottish Ale – My neighbor Fred loves to talk about 3 Floyd’s. He’s been to the brewery in Muenster Indiana and has introduced me to any number of their flavors. This one I found on my own though but got it because of good previous experiences. I’m glad I took the chance because this is easily one of the best beers I’ve had this year. It’s already on the short list for Best Beers of 2014 that I’ve tried, which will be posted in about a month. Don’t worry, I’ve got a round table of drunks who have treated their liver as poorly as I have so it won’t be just my perspective for a change. Back to Robert the Bruce which has two different types of malt in it with a dash of hops to offset it. It’s official that I’ve got a soft spot for beers with plenty of malt. It’s got a punch at 7.0% alcohol too. They only distribute in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and Wisconsin. If you live nearby one of these states, it’s worth the trip to drink this beer.

Elevator Brewing CompanyHeiferweizen – Elevator was the first microbrewery I went to in town. Since they have a cow on the label to this beer, so they call it Heiferweizen. That’s the only thing that makes this beer different from a regular hefeweizen. It has the familiar banana and clove flavors that comes from the yeast. I’m not cool with their suggestion that you add a lemon to the beer. It’s plenty good to drink by itself.

Left Hand St Vrain TripelLeft Hand Brewing CompanySt. Vrain Tripel – Belgian beers will be another post soon. We’ll start off with a primer though from one of my favorite breweries in Colorado. This beer is name after a trapper & trader in the Colorado area in the 1800’s. This beer uses two types of malt and hops so it’s well balanced. It drinks pretty smooth and doesn’t have an in your face flavor. It’s pretty tasty. If you want some extra incentive to try it, it’s 9.3% alcohol so it’ll knock you on your ass in a hurry. You might even have a vision if you have too many of them.

Ohio Brewing CompanyCardinal Ale – I started to wonder when their website wouldn’t load. When it finally came up, it looked bad. I did notice that they had a Facebook page. To my dismay, I’ve found out that Ohio Brewing has a dispute with their landlord and ceased operation back on October 4th. I’m not surprised that this is happening in Akron. Friends don’t let friends go to Akron. Down with the Kangaroos! Sorry, my Kent State bias got in the way for a bit. That means I may not be able to get this goodness for a while. Boo. This beer happens to be an Irish ale and has plenty of malt in it with a similar dash of hops that Robert the Bruce had. It wasn’t as smooth as Robert but it was still good enough to win a gold medal at the World Beer Championships.

Did you ever think to yourself “You know what, there aren’t enough beer and dessert combinations. I wonder which beers go with what desserts?” Well this article on Serious Eats delves into the topic. The next time your woman doesn’t want you to drink beer, sneak it into her dessert ad she’ll never know it. Enjoy your #SippyTimeBeer and a little lovin’ all in one. – Kevin

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