Stunt Granny Conversation: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. A Few Episodes Later


Last week Kevin and I started chatting about Agents of Shield and it ended as soon as it began. See neither of us were that up for talking about this show. Can you blame us? It has been a gigantic disappointment so far.

Jeremy:  Shield convo next Wednesday. You will watch again. For some reason.

Kevin:  Hot damn, another episode. Really?

Jeremy:  I keep waiting for it to get better.

Kevin:  I wanted to wait until we did the review but it’s not a big point. It seemed like it moved in the right direction episodes 4, 5 & 6 but that one this week was a disaster

Jeremy:  Yeah. Woof. They need to focus on Coulson. Then bring in back stories for others.

Kevin:  How about just concentrating at all?

Jeremy:  Well yeah. He is the only character the audience knows and are already invested. Delve in to him and through that you can bring the other people in. They are doing that with May.

Kevin:  They have given a feature episode to each team member but I still barely know them. Fits & Simmons (giggle, giggle) went to college together yet he isn’t banging her hot ass.

Jeremy:  They are trying to make Skye the down to earth character but she is annoying and can’t act. As I put on Facebook, she needs to be in her underwear at all times until she improves or they kill her. I will say, I liked that Fitz wasn’t a pussy in the field. It actually added to his character. He is a Shield agent after all and nit some bumbling nerd.

This is where we left things on Friday afternoon. Fast forward to Wednesday the 20th and we start talking about last night’s episode and tying in the previous conversation.

Jeremy:  So after last night’s show how you feeling about Shield?

Kevin:  Okay, last week in our conversation Friday, I was ready to stop watching Shield. I was not pleased with having to watch another episode. I will have to say though that this week’s episode was solid.

Jeremy:  Yeah easily the best episode so far. There was one cringe moment but it was at least short lived.

Kevin:  Oh, what was the cringe moment? I thought the bad Coulson jokes could have been cut out.

Jeremy:  Coulson always had that dry humor. I thought this was the first episode where Coulson seemed like the character we knew from the films. The cringe came from Simmons answering her phone. “Guess I should jump right in?” Blech. She is worthless. At least with Fitz they have given him an edge of sorts after his field work.

Kevin:  Oh, I didn’t even notice it. I was trying to figure it out since you had mentioned it just as I started watching.

Jeremy:  It was so expected and douche chill inducing. It is the worst of this show. The forced sentimental garbage. This was an effective episode. Everyone had something forwarded for their character except for Skye and Simmons. So they force that bullshit in.

Kevin:  They had Simmons moving past her fear of heights which was stupid too. Skye didn’t have much of anything to do in the episode aside from gather information off the internet. Tough day at the office.

Jeremy:  Simmons is the new worthless. Fear of heights? Really? Skye needs to be reined in because she is annoying. She wears clothes then she is worthless. Maybe if they visit a warm climate they can get her in a bikini while she types on a laptop.

Kevin:  I don’t think they need to rein her in because they don’t put her on the screen that much. But not surprisingly, women are being written poorly in a show again. It’s not just The Walking Dead that does it.

Jeremy:  We can save that topic for an audio. Beth has more character development than those two. May is slowly building. I liked her response to Ward when he asked her how she deals with it. She alpha-maled him. She started off as the typical TV stereotype but finally getting something else.

Kevin:  May just said she sees her dark places every day instead of hiding from it like Ward. To me, it’s a different way of dealing with it more than alpha-maling him. May is getting the best development out of anyone on the show.

Jeremy:  It struck me as her way of saying “Dream with it pussy.” It did give them a common bond on the team now and that was well needed. Skye is all puppy dog about him but there is nothing in common.

Kevin:  Yeah, I thought that was a nice touch of May and Ward hooking up since they were both still supposed to be extra aggressive from the Norse berserker staff. You are correct, Skye loves him but they aren’t compatible.

Jeremy:  OK, Shahid thought they hooked up as well. Am I naive in thinking they just talked about their experience? She let her guard down but I wasn’t thinking anything sexual.

Kevin:  Yes, because everyone has a talk in someone else’s bedroom with a bottle of alcohol. Good lord. I guess people don’t have sex before marriage in your world? Did you go to Bob Jones and never told me?

Jeremy:  Usually I just make out with an Amazonian chicks in a closet in the middle of parties. I don’t feel like wasting any time.  I mean security deposit be damned. I am getting some ass. They have kept May so non-sexualized that the thought didn’t cross my mind.

Kevin:  They haven’t sexualized her like they were doing with Simmons and Vego’s friend. I can only think of that guy who was the professor as the guy from Ghostbuster’s 2.

Jeremy:  Right. If Eric was still allowed to work on the site he could insert a joke here.

Kevin:  Is there anything worth talking about the substance of the episode? Or about any of the people they have helped that have super powers?

Jeremy:  Not really. All the villains have been disposable. The other highlight was just Coulson being more recognizable.

Kevin:  Plus, haven’t they taken out most of the villains? It’d be cool if they helped someone harness their powers only to get a follow up later. Coulson has been prominent in all of the episodes but his footing was better in last night’s episode. His continued back story of wanting to know about his recovery from death is a nice hook.

Jeremy:  They left a nugget with the guy trapped at Shield now. Like I said before Coulson should be the main character with everyone flowing around him. So last night was a very positive step. He finally acted like their leader without the theatrics. His talking down of the Asgardian was the guy from the films again.

Kevin:  Just like a leader too, he didn’t need to be on TV more than the world around him. Take a hint WWE.

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