Stunt Granny Audio #238



Dusty & Kevin are back for a special Thanksgiving edition of the Stunt Granny Audio. What’s special about this audio? Your hosts get to start off with their own fun stories unrelated to wrestling. Why is Dusty delusional? Who does he know that used the term “song video”? Was she a problem later in the day? And how long does Dusty have to put up with the equivalent of Idiot Intern? Kevin tries to segue into talking about Dixie Carter but Dusty puts the brakes on it. What happened with Kevin’s dogs just before the show started? What were the weather conditions when Kevin was walking his dogs and why did it matter? How many critters have Kevin’s dogs caught? Did it lead Kevin to drink? Of course it did. Dusty and Kevin move on to talking about wrestling finally. They tackle the question “Can Roman Reigns and Big E Langston do what Ryback didn’t?” Meaning will they be able to sustain their pushes and stay in the upper echelon of WWE Superstars? What ingredients do the hosts think each man is lacking? Are they lacking anything? Or is there any proof of what they are lacking?  How did Daniel Bryan end up getting dragged into this discussion? Is there anything this trio could do to break through or is it a WWE problem? Which leads Dusty & Kevin to ask whether the WWE model of one main superstar should be transformed into more of a Japanese style where more superstars are involved in the main event without a true main star? Dusty & Kevin are frustrated at some of the WWE’s decisions but what is the worst part about these decisions? Find out when you click the link below!

@WWE “Christmas Bounty” Review



So my man says that I was excited to watch Mike “The Miz” in Christmas Bounty last night on ABC Family. Since I didn’t get home till 7:40 due to the weather and the Cota getting me home 20 minutes later than normal, I had actually forgotten about the movie that was playing back to back at 7 and 8:45 until my man informed me that he put a blurb up stating I would write something about it. (Kevin’s Edit: She loves telling tall tales. She sent me the link to the movie so I thought she wanted to watch it. She hadn’t seen the commercial on Raw.)

I had no idea what he had written, until now,  and in my defense, not ALL of the Christmas movies are horrific, but I do agree, very cheesy. I programed the DVR since I had soap operas to watch, then started Christmas Bounty.

Well, a few things to remember about Christmas movies, their plots are simplistic, the story lines are almost always the same, girl likes guy, someone leaves, girl and guy get back together in the end aka Christmas miracle, and the acting is eh. So when I saw it was a WWE production, I was thinking, uh oh, this could be worse than Catch a Christmas Star, which is by far the worst Christmas movie I’ve seen yet.

The Plot: A girl from NJ moves to Manhattan to start a new life as a teacher, she gets an uptown boyfriend and then gets a call from a guy she put in prison and runs back home to her Bounty Hunting family in Jersey to once again catch the guy that got out of prison.

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