Stunt Granny Audio #238



Dusty & Kevin are back for a special Thanksgiving edition of the Stunt Granny Audio. What’s special about this audio? Your hosts get to start off with their own fun stories unrelated to wrestling. Why is Dusty delusional? Who does he know that used the term “song video”? Was she a problem later in the day? And how long does Dusty have to put up with the equivalent of Idiot Intern? Kevin tries to segue into talking about Dixie Carter but Dusty puts the brakes on it. What happened with Kevin’s dogs just before the show started? What were the weather conditions when Kevin was walking his dogs and why did it matter? How many critters have Kevin’s dogs caught? Did it lead Kevin to drink? Of course it did. Dusty and Kevin move on to talking about wrestling finally. They tackle the question “Can Roman Reigns and Big E Langston do what Ryback didn’t?” Meaning will they be able to sustain their pushes and stay in the upper echelon of WWE Superstars? What ingredients do the hosts think each man is lacking? Are they lacking anything? Or is there any proof of what they are lacking?  How did Daniel Bryan end up getting dragged into this discussion? Is there anything this trio could do to break through or is it a WWE problem? Which leads Dusty & Kevin to ask whether the WWE model of one main superstar should be transformed into more of a Japanese style where more superstars are involved in the main event without a true main star? Dusty & Kevin are frustrated at some of the WWE’s decisions but what is the worst part about these decisions? Find out when you click the link below!

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