@TotalDivas – She Said (He Edited) – Episode 13

It's never too late to post something on Stunt Granny.

It’s never too late to post something on Stunt Granny.

My apologies for not staying on track with the weekly Diva column. This write up is from the December 8 episode, which we quickly watched last night. Thankfully, I am only 1 episode behind and was told last night, the Diva’s are off till March, WOOP! So, I’ll have time to recoup some brain cells before the Diva’s return. Yea! (Kevin’s Edit: She’ll kill those recouped brain cells with cider beers.)

This weeks episode had some awkward moments in it. One that sticks out the most is  the one with Nattie and Eva Marie. Eva Marie told Nattie what a great outfit she had on (jeans and a t-shirt, really?) and Nattie said she was doing a photo shoot and then the scene just kind of ended, so either someone did a bad edit job, or the scene was a filler to get Eva Marie into more than just 2 scenes. I have to say, maybe next time just cut the scene, it wasn’t worth the minute. (Kevin’s Edit: This scene is an example of how boring Jojo is. They couldn’t make up a scene for her to be more than a wall flower.)

Nattie’s cat Gizmo passed away in this week’s episode and you see how Nattie and TJ react, awkward moment number 2. Are these two really married in real life because they don’t talk like two people in love at all. (Kevin’s Edit: You’re stealing my material lady.) They both seem so standoffish it’s uncomfortable to watch. Gizmo had a stroke and Nattie and TJ had to put Gizmo to sleep. I think the highlight of this episode is how Nattie is so upset about Gizmo dying but when she meets the girls for lunch she says ‘ So I’ll just be brief, Gizmo’s dead’…really? I’d hate to see her reaction if TJ bit the dust. ‘ So, I’ll just brief, TJ’s dead, I’ll have a salad with the dressing on the side please’. Ha ha. (Kevin’s Edit: I was doubled over in laughter reading those lines. Glad she cracked herself up too. It was really weird how blunt Nattie was.) Even Nattie’s support that TJ got back into wrestling she was like, ‘good job’. I was just like, she showed more emotion putting Gizmo to sleep than her husband getting back in the ring after a serious knee injury. (Kevin’s Edit: I couldn’t sum up all of their awkwardness better.)

Brie and Nicole had their issues in this episode. Brie believes Nicole is more into playing house with John Cena than getting back into The Bella Twins. Brie has been solo for 5 months since Nicole has been healing and getting lots of recognition to a point where the producers approached Nicole about Brie going solo since she is still healing; and having Brie due the singles match for the Diva title and not allowing Eva Marie or Nicole to go out there, was a hit to Nicole. But in the end, after all the bickering, the sisters made up. (Kevin’s Edit: I thought it was cool to see Brie & Daniel Bryan working out together. I always pay attention to see if there’s something in them that I could add into my work out. Nothing new to what they were doing. Bryan saying that Cena would laugh at the weights he used was funny and self deprecating.)

Trinity and Jon end up going to get a new engagement ring since Trinity’s engagement ring snags on everything. (Kevin’s Edit: She had a very flimsy excuse for trying to get more bling. Just admit you want a big rock.) Trinity gets a big opportunity for a romantic storyline and when Jon finds out he goes to the producers and tells them he doesn’t want her to do it. Trinity finds out after the story line is taken away from her and she goes off on Jon. ‘And this is why you don’t mix business with pleasure’. Trinity and Jon end up making up after Jon confesses that he is emotionally insecure about their relationship and is afraid Trinity will fall for someone else if she is in a romantic storyline. Trinity laughs at his silliness and they make up. (Kevin’s Edit: Jon isn’t completely crazy but he sounded a bit possessive.)

There was a brief sighting of Jojo, I think I saw her walking away from the camera. Wait, did she say something to Nicole and Eva Marie about their costumes? Oh, maybe that was a figment of my imagination. But alas, Jojo does exist.

Eva Marie’s one line is ‘my boob is bruised, I must have bruised it during practice’. Really, that’s it WWE? You couldn’t have maybe had her say something more normal? And the fact that the cameraman tried to zoom in on a non-existent bruise was just plain weird. That girl is just plain skank! (Kevin’s Edit: That’s why she’s on TV and not Jojo.)

Trinity was offered an opportunity to pose for JET magazine. Jon was ok with it as long as she wore a one piece which obviously didn’t happen since the editor said ‘I personally like one piece bathing suits, but not for the magazine’. I have to admit, Trinity does have all of the assets for a magazine shoot, more so than Eva Marie does. (Kevin’s Edit: I think every guy that watches the show could have used an extra minute of Trinity doing her photo shoot instead of the inane conversation between Eva & Nattie.)

I did enjoy seeing more of the Diva wrestling in this episode, even though it was short lived and they briefly touched on Brie working hard for 5 months to get a chance at the title belt. But after that, another scripted, awkward Diva episode that isn’t really reality. – M & (Kevin)

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