R.I.P King Mabel


It has been a while since hearing news that another wrestler has met an early demise. Unfortunately it is that time as it has been reported that Nelson Frazier Jr., better known as Mabel, King Mabel or Viscera has passed away. The cause of death has been associated to a heart attack. Frazier was 43.

43? It is hard to reconcile that the man was a mere 43 years old at the time of his death. The Mabel gimmick seems so long ago that being so young seems totally implausible. After a quick career search he debuted in WWF in 1993 at the Age of 22. He just seemed to be so much older than he appeared. I am sure it was due to his massive appearance. It is a shame his light was snuffed out so soon.

If there is a silver lining to this story is that wrestler deaths are becoming less and less of a story. The next step is successful post career lives. -Jeremy

Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen (2013)


All right now be honest; when you saw the title of this post you immediately thought or said “ yuck.” This is totally acceptable as every trailer for this movie made it look incredibly stupid. I will gladly agree with that sentiment but this movie was fun. Yes the plot is straight up Die Hard in the White House but after that it is a solid action flick. Gerard Butler is best in action movies and he is at his best here. He plays his role with totally sincerity. The movie is totally devoid of any wink or nod to how redundant his situation is. There are no convoluted plot twists. The bad guys are evil and the good guys are good. The movie breaks no new ground but it rolls by at a brisk pace. It was also full of bloody violence that is missing from action movies now. While violence isn’t a prerequisite in film snow it should be in action movies. Bloodless violence is nauseating and “Olympus Has Fallen” makes sure you see the consequences of bullets to the chest, head and legs. Overall, it is just a fun movie to watch.  -Jeremy

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