Stunt Granny Conversation – The Walking Dead – Season 4 – Claimed

Walking-Dead-Claimed-Suspenseful-With-New-ThreatsKevin:  Do we want to start with Rick’s relaxing day at the house?

Jeremy:  For an episode where not a lot happened that was some intense stuff.
Kevin:  I wasn’t sure how I talked myself into going bed. Maybe it’s because I know the good guy usually gets away. That was great tension though.
Not seeing the invaders really helped to ratchet it up.
Jeremy:  At first I thought the noise was Rick coming out of a dream. When it kept going it was actually kind of frightening.
Kevin:  I thought it was a dream or something just to scare him like a tree branch against a window.
Jeremy:  As much as I hate scenes liek that with the guy walking and then eventually jumping on the bed, that one worked so well. The gun barrell being prominent really helped.
Kevin:  They did it so well in many respects. Normally, the person isn’t as injured as Rick was. I mentioned not seeing the invaders because that usually happens too. You see them rummaging through the house so you know how many of them there are.
But you were in the dark that whole time. Just when you thought they had shown all the men, another shows up.
Jeremy:  Yes and he falls asleep and then gets woken up only to get choked out. The look on his face when he saw Rick was great. Trying to get the blockhead choking him to stop so he can tell him someone is under the bed.
Kevin:  I figured the attacker would let go at some point. Death for not giving up a bed seemed a bit much. Not during the zombie apocalypse though.
Jeremy:  Well he just put him to sleep. Brutus Beefcake style minus the haircut. Now, why didn’t Rick grab the damn gun? He is sneaking around for no reason. Grab the gun and get out.
Kevin:  He kept trying to not let them know he was there and grabbing the gun would have tipped them off.
Jeremy:  Yeah well if he has the gun it won’t matter. Nothing says stealth like fighting a guy in a bathroom.
Kevin:  That was the only part that whole story that was bad to me. Rick had done a good job of staying quiet but no one inspected a fight in the bathroom? They made those guys dumb but as far as I know, they weren’t deaf.
Jeremy:  maybe it was a soundproof bathroom, which really, why aren’t all bathrooms soundproof?
Kevin:  They should have some insulation but sound proof is a pretty hefty term. I’m just glad you’re going to the lobby during Wrestlemania weekend.
Jeremy:  Best Idea I had for these trips. So, the filler of Michonne and Carl was pretty useless. We found out her babies name and saw a pretty creepy scene with a suicide. Other than that really not useful at all.
Kevin:  I’m not sure why Michonne is supposed to be his friend. She’s younger than Rick but not exactly another young teen. Was that a veiled way of saying be his new mother?

Jeremy:  Yeah I get that feeling as well. She also has her own issues with an aborted motherhood. So in Carl, she can sort of jump back on the horse again but without the diaper changes and teething.
Kevin:  Always a good stage to skip whether it’s a dog or a human even if they’re still going to be a pain in the ass.
Jeremy:  Yeah teenage moodiness and a zombie apocalypse is a bad combo. Michonne’s character has taken such a stark turn. She talks now and smiles. very abrupt change considering she barely said anything her first season.
Kevin:  Or even last season. She wasn’t on the council. Michonne left on the regular to hunt for the Governor.
Jeremy:  Something had to give though. Can’t keep a character alive on that show if they have no lines. Am I right T-Dogg?
Kevin:  Bob gets promo time so he gets to stick around. RIP T-Dogg. The only other story involved Glenn and what’s her name with booty shorts hotness, dark mullet smart guy and John from Southland with a fu manchu. Did they ever say their names?
Jeremy:  Yes very quickly. The midriff baring hottie is Rosita, the hilljack genius professor whatever is Eugene and the soldier is Abraham Ford. Could he have a better all American name? Two different president names on top of the classif flat top cut? he is probably going to be my favorite character. On par with Daryl.
Kevin:  Jack Johnson is the best All American name. Abraham Ford is a close second. He was fantastic on Southland so I hope he sticks around.
Jeremy:  He has the correct balance of psycho and bad assery. The fact he thinks Eugene has a clue about stopping the , um, outbreak, is pretty funny.
Kevin:  That was a ridiculous concept. If Eugene is so smart, why not give the directions to the people on the other end of the CB how to make the cure instead of traveling on a very dangerous roads to get to Washington DC?
Jeremy:  Also, it was never questioned why it is classified? Um, who is going to know? It is rife with idiocy and at least Glenn knew it.
Ford is the gung-ho soldier type so I excused that. It could also be that he is covering something else up.
Kevin:  Things are always covered up in this show so I don’t doubt it. Eugene seemed matter of fact about getting the new vehicle and keeping on moving.
Jeremy:  Eugene cracks me up. I can;t tell if he is autistic, has Aspergers or is that socially inept.

his answer to shooting the truck was funny. Then it was followed with his arrogant line about being smarter.
Kevin:  I don’t think he gets away with that line unless Abraham is all in on the mission, whether it’s fruitful or not.
Jeremy:  Very true. So in a  world of Walkers, roving gangs of people, violence and anarchy; is Rosita really dressed appropriately? Seems to be a tad on the, um, ill-conceived side.
Kevin:  I feel like there’s lots of jeans, shirts and jackets so she seems like she’d get cold too easily. I’ll be her blanket.
Jeremy:  Yeah, it is Georgia and all but it leaves a little bit open for potential walker bites. Really though, shouldn’t someone have come up with a spiked suit already?
Kevin:  Ha. Or wearing chain mail. Something a bit more bite resistant.
Jeremy:  yes, grab some corrugated steel from one of these empty sheds and walk around freely already.
Kevin:  Raid a museum for the armor from the Knights That Said Ni.
Jeremy:  You realize this could go on all day?
Kevin:  It probably could. I don’t think we’ll see a guest appearance from Ash with a chainsaw arm.
Jeremy:  Only in the comics. I guess we should wrap thsi the way the episode closed. Rick, in yet another incredibly tense scene, escapes in time to warn off Michonne and Carl. Me thinks that is not the last of those intruders.
Kevin:  I would surmise they aren’t part of the collective that trio is walking towards on the rail road tracks. But if the marauders are part of the safe haven, things could get interesting.
Jeremy:  Yeah does anyone believe the safe haven is going to turn out for the better?

Kevin:  I think the preview by Beth said it best, if you don’t have hope, what’s the reason for living? Rick, Michonne and Carl still have hope.

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