Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of #WWE #Raw

Hyperbole3We’ve been recording previews for Wrestlemania so I am starting super late. We both had busy schedules this week so this was the only night we could record. Jackets for me tomorrow night, Weezer for Jeremy on Wednesday, Chelsea Peretti for me on Thursday then both of us are off to Wrestlemania on Friday. Let’s roll.

Jeremy gave me the news about Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar so let’s hit FF. The Undertaker’s fake and bake looks terrible. The stare down isn’t doing much for me. More pacing. Mitchell Cool breaks the silence. Ugh. Clothesline then an F5. Completely agree with Jeremy. Not what was needed. He needed more of a sustained beat down of Taker since he’s gotten the upper hand every other time.

Big E Langston and Alberto Del Rio have a match because they’re in a battle royal together. Where’s our multi-man tag match? They get a commercial break match. Del Rio has done a good job of working over the arm. An arm bar in the ropes does the trick. Big E catches Del Rio coming off the ropes and gives him a back breaker. Belly to Belly suplex to Del Rio. Alberto gets the knees up on the attempted splash. Back cracker by Del Rio only gets a two count. Big E gets the splash on the second attempt. Big E goes for the Big Ending but Del Rio turns it into an arm breaker. Big E powers out. Del Rio double stomps Big E in that dumb spot where the guy needs to hold himself up to take damage. Crescent kick to the head wins it for Del Rio. Hmmm. Interesting.

Erick Rowan & Luke Harper greet us. Bray Wyatt does the talking as usual. People are going to know John Cena for the creep he is. Just listen to the audio for this show because that promo falls into the category we were talking about. I haven’t been keeping up with Total Divas so I get to see Summer Rae slap Natalya.

They start their match after a commercial break. Summer Rae is dominating early on. She looks sharp so far. Natalya gets to have the big come back. I don’t know what happened there exactly but the Sharpshooter got botched. Summer Rae gets to the apron and kicks Nattie in the head. Summer Rae pins her for the win.

HHH and Stephanie come out to be bitchy. People these day don’t do work. They do the Fandango. They also mock him as they compare him to Daniel Bryan. Weird comparison though I get the origins. The fans are a bunch of suckers for chanting “Yes!” along with Stephanie. Don’t you understand what they’re doing? HHH kills me with the line about marrying well. I feel like that’s the first time he’s admitted it. Is this crowd really chanting “Boring!” The video package does a better job of conveying their message than the Fandango comparison. I’m digging the Patrick Ewing Georgetown jersey big Dave Batista is sporting. He may not have many lines but they’re all hilarious. Randy Orton wants to see another slap. Batista laughs at Orton giving him a beating later. Huh? They have a singles match tonight? If that’s the case, it’s really stupid. HHH recycles his material about Orton becoming the Viper again. HHH confirms it and makes it no disqualification.

The Usos are teaming with Los Matadores against The Real Americans & Rybaxel. Jimmy gets in a number of chops on Ryback. Arm drag take overs lead to a tag to Jey. Los Matadores team against Curtis Axel. Jack Swagger takes the upper hand on Jimmy. He runs them ragged around the ring. Flying Matadore. Flying Uso. Mitchell Cool is correct in pointing out that the Real Americans are popular because of Cesaro. Swagger keeps getting more time to seem like a threat. The Uso getting in the splash. The annpuncers haven’t made a distinction so why should I? Everyone is pissed the MAtadore stopped the Big Swing. Spinning enziguri on Swagger. Swagger catches a Matadore jumping at him into a Patriot Lock. Los Matadores use Twin Magic for the win. I still don’t think they have a shot of winning this weekend.

Fandango & Damien Sandow are taking on Cody Rhodes & Goldust. I’m completely checked out of the beginning of this match. Goldust comes in and takes on Sandow. Goldust does the twisting cross body. Cody goes with the safer spring board to the outside. Final Cut for the win in the ring. Not disappointed that I checked out.

The Shield are confident in whoever has to take on Kane according to Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose is going to give them an attitude adjustment. Roman Reigns does his low voice bad ass thing. We’re Here is more important than the Shield.

Bray Wyatt is taking on R Truth in a tune up match. This will be a good win but even the kids know R Truth is not even a close resemblance to John Cena. Wyatt only has to sell for a bit. R Truth sells the body block the best of anyone. Looked like he got destroyed. Bray beats down fore arms on Truth. Wyatt gives Truth a chest crushing knee. Sister Abigail’s Kiss. During the pose, John Cena shows up in a sheep’s mask. Why did everyone act surprised it was Cena? The Wyatts should have immediately beat anyone down. Cena gets the better of the exchange which makes me reconsider my match prediction.

AJ Lee is taking on Naomi in a Lumber Jill match. I missed the big rules reveal for the Divas match at Wrestlemania earlier in the wshow. It’s a standard match with 14 people because that match makes so much sense. AJ Lee keeps mouthing off to the Lumber Jill which only leads to trouble for her. Tail bone buster leads to a two count. JBL correctly pointing out how stupid it is with that many people trying to make a pin in the ring. Naomi hits The Rear View for the win.

Renee Young gets to talk to John Cena. Wyatt may not be ready for John Cena to fight. John Cena will be a monster. He’s cutting a good promo. He ends by saying he’s going to put his foot in Wyatt’s ass. Potty mouth.

No surprise that Roman Reigns wins the fan vote to take on Kane. An early spear attempts turns intoa  boot to the face of Reigns. A corner splash is followed by a sidewalk slam by Kane. Reigns pulls the hand off the choke slam. Reigns takes over. The apron drop kick by Reigns is still bad ass. Reigns gets ready for the Super man punch when the New Age Outlaws come out. Ambrose & Rollins make the interception. The Shield surrounds Kane and start beating on him. The New Age Outlaws pull Kane out of the ring.

Rowdy Roddy Piper gets to host Piper’s Pit and talk about his Wrestlemania moment and Andre the Giant. The Miz leads off the pack of wrestlers. Sheamus is up next. Piper has to pretend he is talking. Titus O’Neil is third for some reason. Dolph Ziggler is fourth. Piper starts a brawl. More people from the battle royal hit the ring. I continue to not care about this match. The Big Show finally rears his big head. Big Show cleans house. Zack Ryder gets air time by being dual choke slammed with Ziggler. Rey gets tossed onto everyone. Big Show stands tall.

Randy Orton and Batista are in the ring for the main event when the Authority shows up. They join on the head sets. They turn up the violence early in the match. Batista misses a chair swing. Orton puts Batista head first into the table. Orton suplexs Batista onto the barricade. Batista knocks Orton out of the ring. Mitchell Cool doesn’t undertand why HHH is bating Orton & Batista. Um, aren’t you seeing them beat the hell out of each other? Daniel Bryan starts beating the tar out of HHH. Orton tries to make the save. He failed on the first but tosses Bryan into the stairs on the third try. Batista spears Batista. Bryan gives Batista the Running Knee. Bryan then nails the suicide dive. Bryan starts whacking HHH with a cane. Hmmm, does HHH win now that Bryan went over on the final segment? I don’t think something meaningful will happen on Smackdown. – Kevin

Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 4 – A

the-walking-dead-terminusJeremy:  So we getting in to this? Good show but I get the feeling it won’t be the most well received for a season finale.

Kevin:  I was going to start from the end but I think that’s a mistake. Although I can’t avoid saying, I thought there was a lot to be debated at the end.
Jeremy:  OK lets start there. What you getting at?
Kevin:  Rick and crew come in, are a little too skiddish, start shit n someone else’s “house”, Terminus doesn’t try to kill them and only directs them to a train car and then Rick wants “Show them who they’re screwing with.” Asshole, it’s their place. You voluntarily came into it. They are allowed to screw with you especially if they do it in a non-violent way.
Jeremy:  They just went through a battle at the prison. They also just encountered a roaming group of viscous, murderous rapists. Their guard has to be up. Seeing that they had the clothes of your friends on and then lie to you about it gives you the leeway to be an asshole.
The whole not trying to kill them thing, um, you did see the flayed skeleton pile right?
Kevin:  No, I didn’t see that. But they did intentionally shoot around them instead of just killing them. I was wondering if Terminus uses the train car as a cooling off method knowing that everyone coming in has had a traumatic experience like Rick & crew so they use it to help people readjust.
Jeremy:  I thought the same thing until I wondered why they are wearing and using their clothes and accessories. Would seem to me that if they were letting them cool down you wouldn’t steal their belongings. It was obvious they were guiding them somewhere and they even mentioned it while running. Also, when running you could hear someone yelling in one of the containers.
Kevin:  Definitely missed the yelling part. Are you talking about other containers than the one with Glenn & company in? It was a little strange to borrow someone’s stuff and use it but again, why not kill them already? If it’s their ploy to lure you in by saying everyone is welcome, it has worked so just eliminate them. Why feed them or even keep them around because someone could hatch a plan of revenge.

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#SippyTimeBeer Review – Wisconsin – @NewGlarusBeer

New Glarus Black TopAfter this week, we get to move on from Wisconsin. I saved the best for last though in New Glarus. I received three different beers – Spotted Cow, Totally Naked and Two Women – from this company the first trip my friends took back to Wisconsin but I didn’t post them on Instagram and I wasn’t using the Untappd app at the time so I could properly review them. I wasn’t that much of a dummy this time around though. Three new beers from New Glarus.

New Glarus Brewing Co.Black Top – This fine beverage comes from the section on the site called “Beers We Have Known and Loved” which means they are out of production, I guess. They aren’t listed for 2014. New Glarus also doesn’t define it anywhere on the site even in the FAQs. Whatever the case, Black Top is a black IPA. Like other beers of the same type, they use darker malts like molasses and chocolate to achieve the color and balance to offset the bitter coming from the hops. They say they used citrus and pine hops but I don’t recall a citrus note. It was a perfect mix though of malt and hops. This fine beverage clocks in at 6.9% alcohol so it will do the trick. If they make it this year, I will make sure my friends tires meet the black top so that they can purchase me more.

New Glarus Fat Squirrel AleNew Glarus Brewing Co.Fat Squirrel Ale – I’ve seen many a fat squirrel in my day and quite a few who like to lay down on the fence in my backyard so that my dogs will just bark until the squirrel is done with its’ amusement. The only thing in common between those squirrels and this beer is the nutty flavor. That taste comes from six kinds of malts along with three styles of hops to create this English Brown Ale. The beer was very smooth and just the right thickness. Brown ales tend to be just slightly thick which is when I would complain about it if it were a porter or stout. Unlike the other two beers, this one is listed in the seasonal category so it should be on tap at some point this year and I would imagine that time is fall which is when those squirrels start stocking up. I suggest stocking up on this 5.8% ABV libation when you can.

New Glarus Stone Soup CroppedNew Glarus Brewing Co.Stone Soup – This beer is also from the “Beers We Have Known and Loved” section. This one happens to be a completely different taste as it is a Belgian Pale Ale. When that B word pops up, you know the y word is going to pop up. No, I don’t mean eating at the Y. At least wait until you get your beer goggles on before you start making those types of comments. The Y word is yeast. I know it can refer to that region too but get your mind out of the gutter. Belgian yeast is quite potent and rears its’ tasty head in this beer along with barley malt and English & German hops. The first thing I noticed when cracking open this beer though was the clove and ginger scent. It wasn’t just a scent though and jumped up and down on my palette. You can enjoy these notes jumping on your tongue for a long amount of time to because it is only 5.3% ABV.

Don’t forget that Dusty’s good buddy Keesh also reviews beers over at the Full Pint. Since he’s also from Wisconsin, they have a nice section on New Glarus that you can peruse. Thanks to my friends Chris & Lacey for bringing back these fine beers from the great state of Wisconsin so that I could review them. I just hope they picked up some of their own #SippyTimeBeer when they were there because I am all out. – Kevin

Shahid’s Blog: Cracked Glasses of Nostalgia – An Adult’s Walk Down ECW’s Memory Lane

ecw I remembered being depressed after moving from Philadelphia to Atlantic City during my high school years.  Separated from my family, friend and comfortable surroundings for a dump of a coastal city was a jarring experience.  WWF wasn’t helping either – Friar Ferguson and Beverly Bros/Money Inc main event matches would turn any smile upside down.  On a random Thursday evening, I stumbled upon a new wrestling promotion.  Gritty, small, loud and realistic, it instantly drew me in.  Regardless of the fact that I was watching a plodding match featuring Tully Blanchard, I was enchanted by the promos, violence and music of what was known as Eastern Championship Wrestling.  I can vividly recall talking to like minded individuals about how ECW was actually real, instead of that scripted crap of the WWF.  Seeing Sandman, a fat drunkard with a cigarette with Woman or Missy Hyatt on his arm just seemed authentic on some visceral level.  Hearing adult promos from Cactus Jack, Steve Austin and Shane Douglas made WCW and WWF seem quaint and childish.  State of the art matches from Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho,  Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit…..violent brawls from the Public Enemy, the Pitbulls, Terry Funk….Sabu vs Taz…Raven terrorizing Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman… females with scant clothing and even less decorum.  ECW was a teenager’s dream.  Hearing the Gangstas come out to Natural Born Killers to engage in a blood bath made a Bret Hart match seem boring as can be.  I can remember waking up at 1 am to watch an ECW episode consisting of a pissed off Steve Austin just spitting venom at Eric Bischoff, Dusty Rhodes and WCW.  In a pre screw job, pipe bomb, real name era, it was as if someone had a peephole behind the magic rasslin curtain.  By the time they invaded Monday Night Raw to promote their first PPV, I was a full-fledged ECW acolyte.

Now, I’m sure there are many individuals in my age group that share similar joyous memories of ECW.  Even with One Night Stand and a brief resurgence led by Paul Heyman, it still felt hollow and empty, missing that rebellious fire of the 90s.  So when the WWE Network arrived, ECW was the first area delved into, due to an adolescent fondness. Even though it lacked the music and didn’t have the weekly shows, I was excited to see how well it held up.  So I watched a few ppvs and weekly shows and then watched a few more.  I tried jumping around during various time periods, hoping to shake this nagging sensation.  After a week of watching, I had to admit to myself that ECW, like many teenage passions, didn’t age well.

I won’t use revisionist history and proclaim ECW an overrated vanity project and minor league system.  It was enjoyable and revolutionary, and I will always cherish those teenage memories.  But watching it now is borderline painful.  Seeing the Sandman no longer brings feelings of awe and admiration. Now, I witness a slovenly bum who was a perfect example of smoke and mirrors.  Instead of rooting for the underdog story of Mikey Whipreck, I scoffed at the notion that he could ever beat Steve Austin in a match (side note – him pinning Austin killed any notion that ECW wasn’t predetermined).  I can understand the reasoning and logic behind pushing individuals like Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible, instead of superior talent such as Chris Benoit and Rob Van Dam.  But as a fan today, I have little tolerance of watching Eddie Guerrero in the midcard, for fear of being snatched away by WCW and WWF.  For all of the wonderful long term angles pulled off by ECW, there were too many instances of inconsistent referees, match stipulations, and haphazard PPV’s.  If WWE tried to pull the ol “Let’s announce two matches, and we’ll work out the rest of the details later” style of booking, they would get crucified. I almost forget, they did try that…it was called December to Dismember, and it was universally panned.

The biggest issue with ECW is the same factor which added to its popularity – the extreme violence.  Seeing someone kick out from a power bomb through a flaming table with thumbtacks, only to get rolled up due to seeing the 34DD’s of Francine seems asinine today.  The constant one-upping of finishing moves led to many negative habits, not only by ECW, but by WCW and WWF. WCW was rightfully mocked for taking the piss out of ECW concepts, featuring hardcore matches with cotton candy used as a weapon.  But as an adult, I prefer that approach more so than WWF, which raised the bar to an extremely dangerous level i.e. Hell in a Cell with Undertaker-Mankind, and the myriad TLC matches.  Classic events, but considering the mark left on many of the individuals, something that is watched with trepidation.  But nothing makes me cringe more than the chair shots to the head.  When I first saw Tommy Dreamer plaster Raven square in his hipster face, I remember screaming like a girl at a Bobby Brown concert.  But after current knowledge of concussions and long term damage, I can’t help but cringe. I won’t even touch upon the menace known as New Jack (that’s a column for another day.)

As far as the adult content, what seemed risqué as a teenager comes off as misogynistic and trashy today.  Shane Douglas cussing every 3rd word makes him come off as an uncouth doofus. For every great promo from Raven or Cactus jack, there was some nonsense from the Pitbulls, or some foul mouthed diatribe from Rhino. And it wasn’t restricted to the wrestlers – hearing an arena full of angry men chanting crack whore or she has herpes doesn’t seem cool anymore.  I’m definitely not a prude, and I specifically remember the eye candy of ECW very fondly.  Between Beulah, Missy Hyatt, Woman, Francine and Dawn Marie, ECW definitely upped the sex appeal factor from the almost quaint days of Missy Hyatt and Sunny.  Today – well, seeing a skinny broad with some silicone enhancements taking a pile driver just seems unclean.  Any doubts to ECW being a mainstream entertainment vehicle vanished with my wife’s utter look of disgust after hearing a Dudley Boys promo.  My “it was a different era, baby”  didn’t hold much weight.

Regardless of my experience, I’m very grateful for the opportunity to traverse down memory lane with a more mature point of view.  ECW will always have a fond place in my heart, and I am grateful and cognizant of its effect on professional wrestling.  However, next time someone complains about Vince’s asinine booking and longs for the halcyon days of Paul Heyman, gently remind them that Steve Corino and Justin Credible were ECW World Champions, but Rob Van Dam and Stunning Steve Austin weren’t. And then tape their expressions for YouTube. -Shahid

Stunt Granny Audio Show #253

Fanning Yourself With MoneyJeremy & Kevin start the show off by talking about Charlotte’s mayor being picked up by the FBI on bribery charges. What exactly was he taking bribes for? And is his wife in deep trouble too? Will she have something to help sell her fellow prisoners? They finally get around to talking about wrestling by talking about the ratings on Impact Wrestling and Total Divas. Does it matter that TNA lost to the Divas even though they’re on different networks and days of the week? Why are people still checking out the ratings by the quarter hour? What does the swing in ratings mean about the hard core audience? One person who wasn’t a factor in the ratings this week on Raw was Daniel Bryan. Was it good that he was selling his beating so close to Wrestlemania? Is there an expectation to see wrestlers no matter how much of a beat down they have received? How could Daniel Bryan benefit from being off this week? Did HHH & Stephanie take advantage of his absence to heel it up? Jeremy & Kevin move along to talking the build up for Brock Lesnar versus Undertaker. Why does Undertaker always get the upper hand in their exchanges? Doesn’t that cement what everyone already thinks, that the Undertaker will win his 22 straight match? Why is the WWE concentrating on building up Undertaker when they need to build up Brock as good enough to break the streak? The Undertaker is definitely near the end of his career, but is Christian also with his most recent injury? How long has Christian been back from TNA? Has Christian had a Hall of Fame career? Who does the WWE have to replace him? Find out the answer to these questions and more when you click on the link below!

Stunt Granny Conversation: The Tag Titles and The Andre the Giant Battle Royal

You are the first Diva ever in Cannes.

You are the first Diva ever in Cannes.

Since I am going to be at Detroit Red Wings vs Columbus Bluejackets game tonight, we decided to give you a little sneak peek into planning at Stunt Granny HQ.

Kevin:  So, are you with me that we could preview UT/Brock, the Divas and Shield vs The Old Guys?

Jeremy:  Divas and shield vs old guys for sure. They need to do something with Brock next week. If not, this build up is absolutely terrible. I would pause on recording that one.

Kevin:  That’s fine. Just so we can knock some of them out of the way this week.

Jeremy:  Right. The tag match has to change. I can’t imagine it is just that lackluster garbage
Kevin:  Do you mean the 6 man match or what crap sandwich the Usos are left with?
Jeremy:  Usos. Just thrown together.
Kevin:  What is their match? They taking on the Real Americans? With 3 baby faces in the match, a heel and a heel manager?
Jeremy:  Rybaxel. Yup……Rybaxel.  Just to make sure you understand. Rybaxel.
Kevin:  Good gravy. I just don’t understand building up the division then tearing it down a month later.
Jeremy:  It is going to get changed. Rybaxel got bitched right after.
Kevin:  I must not have been paying attention. Who do you think should be in the tag match to spice it up? I’d stick with the Real Americans simply because you’ll be featured more in a match than a 20-30 man schmooze.
Jeremy: Yeah Real Americans are a no brainer really. They have nothing going on. The inevitable breakup storyline seems to be cooled just like The Shield’s.
Kevin:  Are the Usos or Rybaxel in the Battle Royal now?
Jeremy:  No, they pulled out. They need to make the Battle Royal worth something.
Kevin:  You get an Andre the Giant statue. How dare you insinuate that they need something more!
Jeremy:  Sigh, last time they had that was WM 4 and Bret hart smashed the winners trophy.
Kevin:  Everyone gets a trophy in sports today! Wrestling isn’t for children. What happened to the gold old days when a battle royal meant challenging for the IC Title.

Jeremy:  Not a bad idea really.
Kevin:  It has struck me as odd that the Big E Langston, the IC Champ, is one of the center pieces of that match. It’s a perfect 4 way match in the making if Cesaro had split off the Real Americans and maybe Roman Reigns had the Shield parted ways. Granted, I was expecting a three way match out of them before their present story popped up.

Jeremy:  Yes it felt like Shield was going triple threat route fo the US title. The battle royal is just a way to get everyone on the shwo but tis time it sounds more important
Kevin:  Complete brain fart that I didn’t think that match would be for the US Title.
Jeremy:  They focused on his lack of defenses and then Ambrose and Reigns getting in to a pissing match about who was better. It seemed obvious.
Kevin:  “The Architect of the Shield” Seth Rollins kept trying to keep them together. I got a bit of a kick when Mitchell Cool said that the powers to be should schedule more matches for Ambrose.
Jeremy:  Convenient excuses for their forgetful booking which is really what this Battle Royal is.

Kevin’s Blog: Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of @WWE #Raw


From which is an outstanding site name.

We’ve got two weeks until Wrestlemania so it’s time to start recording individual match previews and since we’re going to Wrestlemania, we’ve got to start the process this week. I wish they had more matches in concrete for us to go on because all of the matches scheduled will have some development in the mean time which will make us sound like a bunch of asses. Hold on, that happens all the time, doesn’t it? Let’s roll.

After the video package about Daniuel Bryan, HHH and Stephanie McMahon, she comes out. The music makes me laugh because it doesn’t fit her current persona. She’s nailing this promo. No reason for the CM Punk chant. She ends kind of weak propping up her man. Randy Orton shows up. I’m digging what he has going until Steph cuts him off. Orton wants HHH to walk away from the title match. Batista shows before she can answer. He got rid of the skinny jeans. Good choice. It was the one last thing that was irritating me about your character. His mic keeps going out. Oh my, Steph has to tell him to re-set the promo. Live television is a bitch sometimes. Batista calls out Orton for drooling on Steph. He gets Steph riled up enough to slap him. Batista starts laughing. She storms out. Batista ends up spearing Orton. He held up both the belts. Batista is so awesome right now.

Alberto Del Rio and Christian are in the ring. They will be battling for a chance at the IC Title. Interesting choice of them not to get an entrance since they should win to take on Big E, who is at ring side. Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus are the good guys. They paired off early but Ziggler and Sheamus get the first big in ring stretch. Sheamus tosses Christian against the barricade. Del Rio gets drop kicked out of the ring by Ziggler. Sheamus clothes lines Christian over the barricade to bring us to a break. Ziggler gets tossed in the air and crashes down. Sheamus gives Del Rio Rolling Hills on the outside. Christian cross body on Ziggler almost back fires. The crowds have been giving my boy some love recently. Never as sustained as others. Sheamus cleans up on Christian then Del Rio. Sheamus goes to the top rope but Ziggler catches him with a face buster. Del Rio kicks out after a Ziggler DDT. Power bomb by Christian on Ziggler. Del Rio kicks Christian to break the pin. Sheamus gets the Cloverleaf on Del Rio. Christian breaks it up. Del Rio intercepts Sheamus and locks in the cross arm breaker. Ziggler Zig Zags Sheamus & Del Rio at the same time. Christian comes in and gives the Killswitch to Ziggler for the win. Christian turns down the hand shake from Big E Langston. Bray Wyatt shows up on the Titantron. He wonders if John Cena has ever considered him and what makes him tick. Cena can’t harm someone who can’t feel. Harper warns Cena that they’re coming for him. I thought that was a weird spot to put him in. Nice long match with a clean finish that was sneaky. It seemed important enough not to have a main event promo.

Sin Cara leads in a Scooby Doo mascot. My lady wanted Scooby Doo to replicate Sin Cara’s entrance. Damien Sandow is his opponent. Sin Cara makes short work of him with a Senton. Yikes. We had a Kane video package. Pretty short segment.

Los Matadores are taking on Curtis Axel & Ryback. The Shield distracts Curtis Axel. One of them roll up Axel for the win. The Shield surrounds the ring. Reigns takes Axel out of the ring and beats him down. Ambrose & Rollins teamed against Ryback. Reigns spears Ryback. We then get a triple power bomb. Arnold Schwarzenegger is on this dog and pony show too. Nah, it’s not two weeks out to Wrestlemania. (Next Day Note: I could really combine these two segments to look like they mattered in between the match and HHH. Just 2 throw away segments.)

Mitchell Cool brings out HHH. We get the video package again. HHH thinks people are unclear at the current moment. The cat interrupts the column. They try to hash out their disagreements on the situation. HHH talks about all of the horrible things he’s done and he wonders why he doesn’t see that now. Well, maybe if you didn’t have a PG product, people could be more violent. Maybe he needs to change the direction of the product. Well, that is your job title so congrats on maybe doing your job. HHH knows that no one is going to stop him because he has the power to make it happen. I liked the finish. Another video package this time about Bray Wyatt and John Cena.

Fandango is in the ring with Summer Rae. Cody Rhodes comes out with Goldust. Fandango suplexs Rhodes when I stop having a cat in front of me. Rhodes turns it around with a clothes line. Rhodes nails a missile drop kick. Goldust dances with Summer Rae which distracts Fandango. Rhodes gives Fandango the Disaster Kick for the win.


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Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 4 – Us

the-walking-dead-season-4-episode-15-UsJeremy:  So yeah, an empty Train Station growing Sunflowers? Every thing must be ship shape in there.

Kevin:  There’s got to be a catch. I’m not even sure they’ll reveal what it is in the season finale next week. My bet is on a cliff hanger to end the final episode.
Jeremy:  Oh for sure. I mean where are all the people? Chick grilling in the middle of nowhere? Plus Mary came off really creepy.
Kevin:  Yes she did. I was expecting some more hostility in some form as they walked through guns ready to go. Nothing happened though.
Jeremy:  Yeah the high security of an unlocked fence. Nothing screams safe like a chain just wrapped around a chain link fence. I know there is one episode to go this season but they can’t make them this dumb.
Kevin:  I’d have to think they aren’t simply because of all of the vegetables being grown and the fact that zombies weren’t anywhere to be seen.
Jeremy:  I would expect their guard to be high. They have lost both Hershel’s house and the prison. I also remember Woodbury had a similar area where they fought the walkers.
Kevin:  I would expect that they will pull out a new twist on the defense. Everyone seems to have a new bag of tricks.
Jeremy:  Yeah at least someone in the group reached the place. The episode did  a lot even if it didn’t seem like it. Almost felt like a first episode of a season instead of a second to last of the season episode.
Kevin:  They started to tie everything together so I’m not sure how anyone would think that episode didn’t do a lot. 2 of the groups found each other and we found out for sure that the gang Daryl is with are the ones who wondered into the house where Rick, Carl and Michonne were. I know we assumed that.

#SippyTimeBeer Review – Wisconsin – @CWBrewing

IMG_20140103_225057I have officially confirmed that I am missing one of my twelve beers. I was thinking a picture would pop up on my phone or going through one of the websites would let my memory kick in for what the twelfth beer was. No such luck. Someone else probably drank it which isn’t completely surprising considering we had a party while it was in the fridge. Or I was dumb enough not to Instagram it, register it on Untappd or leave the empty around the condo. Oh well, I’m still milking four columns out of these beers.

Central Waters Brewing Co.Mudpuppy Porter – My amusement with this write up came when Central Waters mentioned the thick head on this beverage. They do have that part right as the picture above is sporting a decent amount of head even after settling down. It’s just too bad that when I get thick head, I expect a thick beer. This one was not thick. Central expects you to get a chocolate nose but I got a sweetness overload on my taste buds. Normally, the sweetness is knocked back by bitterness from a coffee like taste but that wasn’t present in this beer either. This beer doesn’t pack that much of a punch at 5.5%. This beer isn’t terrible but it’s solid.

Central Waters Shine OnCentral Waters Brewing Co.Shine On Ale – If you’ve read this column at all, you know I prefer malt in my beer as opposed to hops. It isn’t a slam dunk though that I’ll like it. There are plenty of things that can throw that love off. The usual culprit is hops. This time around, it was the barley because there wasn’t much hops in this beverage. I don’t care much if the barley was grown in Wisconsin if I don’t like the beverage. The ABV isn’t noted on their site or even on Beer Advocate so I’ve got no clue. This beer is about the same as the last, it’s decent.

Next week will be the last in the Wisconsin special. Trust me, I’ve saved the best #SippyTimeBeer for last. Enjoy your weekend. – Kevin

Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Reviews: Blue is The Warmest Color (2013)

blue-is-the-warmest-color-poster“Blue is The Warmest Color” really warrants more than one paragraph but there are rules for a reason. Sure I decided to give this film a try because it was granted an NC-17 rating for copious amounts of graphic lesbian sex but don’t be fooled, the film does manage to work in a totally erect penis. Seeing this film described as “intensely erotic” totally misses the point. Yeah the sex scenes are graphic and overly long but they are a small part of what is a very difficult, well-acted and well plotted story. The film deals with some heavy themes such as sexual coming of age, the confusion of identity, the pursuit of love, the loss of love and acceptance. It wouldn’t work at all if it wasn’t for the stellar acting of the two leads. Their performances make the three hour running time move quickly so don’t be scared off by the running time. The film does seem like a battle at times due to the heavy-handed direction of Abdellatif Kechiche . His decision to utilize predominately tight camera shots and narrow world view taint what should be a great film. The story and acting though overcome these issues and make what is in no way easy viewing but it is a rewarding experience. -Jeremy

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