The Walking Dead – Season 4 – Still

The Walking Dead - StillJeremy:  What an entirely uneven episode last night. The logic gaffes were astounding.

Kevin:  That was not one of my favorite episodes. Nothing reeled me in last night even with their existence being in more peril than other people’s they’ve shown.
Jeremy:  I enjoyed the lead up until they burned down the cabin. The lack of dialogue and the exploration was good but it did hurt Daryl’s tracker skills.
Kevin:  Or any semblance to a leader in training that he had gotten from Rick. You always viewed him as the right hand man but he cracks when the war goes a little awry.
Jeremy:  Well he was in survival mode and he was doing a decent job. I give him the benefit of the doubt since he just lost his brother and now everyone else.
Kevin:  But you said it best, why not use his tracking skills to find the other people. We’re still talking about a relatively small area everyone is in. 2 sets of people have found the camp welcoming people.
Jeremy:  You beat me to it. I understand they may not have seen anyone else escape but the train tracks keep sticking out to me. They may not have gone the same way as the others though. One set goes West the other East.  Especially if by going back to the cabin, wouldn’t they have stumbled across that golf course in the past as well?
Kevin:  I would think they’d be pretty familiar with the territory considering how many runs they’ve gone on for supplies.
Jeremy:  Nailed it. Now they didn’t act as if it was a surprise to find it but the way they went through it lead me to believe they had never been in there. The lack of caution they displayed was stellar.
Kevin:  No caution at all in about anything they did. I was surprised that the arrows breaking down didn’t play more into that lack of caution.
Jeremy:  Unless that is for later but it was a clear foreshadowing device that was not seen through. Another big issue is why they didn’t load up on golf clubs? It seemed to work rather well.
Kevin:  I’m surprised more people haven’t used those. They’ve been effective on more than on occasion. You get some distance from the walker. They’re light and strong.
Jeremy:  Yeah and when it breaks you can jab em in the head. It makes sense to grab a bag and run off. Wait, or not run off since it is shelter.
Kevin:  I thought that was pretty strange too. Everyone else has found shelter pretty easy but no such luck for Beth & Daryl.

Jeremy:  Daryl’s survivor instincts seemed to call for him to move and be out in the wild. how taking camp in a dense tree forest makes sense is beyond me.
did they learn nothing form the opening scene?
Kevin:  No, they didn’t. Neither of them seemed to be learning from the other. Granted, if Daryl would just explain himself he would have saved both of them a lot of trouble.
Jeremy:  He has always been a guarded guy. If they had just come out with it then we wouldn’t have gotten the fantastic meltdown near the end. No sarcasm there, that was gripping stuff.
Kevin:  The melt down is the one thing that really got me. I had always figured he was a drinker so to have him be something of a light weight and being a basket case while drinking was a riot.
Jeremy:  When he melted down and started slamming her and telling her to basically stop prying was great. The slit wrist line got a gasp from me. I had forgotten about that part since she has turned the corner. Drunk archery with a crossbow? Count me in.
Kevin:  I had forgotten about that incident at the farm too. She’s been in the background so much of that time. The drunken archery was exactly when I expected that broken arrow to come in to play. Beth goes in to stab it in the head and breaks loose from the tree.
Jeremy:  Yes the broken arrow seemed prime for that spot. I was expecting the walker to bite her and then that was going to be on him. Further his guilt but when he broke down and the realization he is blaming himself for the prison being lost and Hershel being killed it became pretty powerful. Beth following with her letting go about the boyfriends added to the scene and the depression.
Kevin:  I was glad the boyfriends were brought up because she was entirely too relaxed about that when the diseases hit. They’ve added layers to all of the characters so far.
Jeremy:  The build up with the childhood memories and the added weight of his upbringing compared to Beth’s really added to Daryl’s background. His realization that he was so dependent on Merle was sad.
Kevin:  That episode took the cake horn for most depressing for sure. They still didn’t have much of a direction even after dancing in the gasoline.
Jeremy:  Hence we get to the idiocy of the episode. They burned down the house at night in the middle of the woods while supposedly drunk?

Kevin:  It worked fine for Rick when he had the zombies trapped inside of the barn and burnt it down but they accomplished nothing other than creating more trouble for themselves. Which does make it a drunk decision.
Jeremy:  Ok so then I am callign bullshbit on the drunk. If that was actually moonshine Beth would have been passed out in a matter of minutes. If it is powerful enough to ignite she would have been floored. You don’t sober up from Moonshine in a matter of minutes. Shennanigans!
Kevin:  I found that part a little quick over all. Daryl had a drink and all of a sudden he’s hammered enough to play target practice with a zombie while being an asshole. Liquor takes a bit longer to take hold. Beth would have passed out from any of the moonshine I’ve ever had. Harsher than Everclear.
Jeremy:  Yeah good stuff right there. Will make sure I have some for the wedding party.So much was compressed jsut to get to the part about letting go of the past. I had no problem witht he burning building since it wasn;t tactically safwe but not in the middle of the friggin woods at night. The song that was used I really liked.
Kevin:  I expected the zombies to start coming there way or at least them to be smart enough to move along while it was blazing. I’m glad Daryl’s inner 15 year old won out though so that they could flip off the burning house.
Jeremy:  Very theraputic and he flips like a man.

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