Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 4 – Alone

walking-dead-aloneJeremy:  So so you like Bob any better after this episode?

Kevin:  I’ll answer your question by starting at the beginning of the episode. Am I the only that thought they found Bob in the prison?

Jeremy:  Yes. He even said when they introduced him by saying they found him “out there.”

Kevin:  Okay. I must have forgotten about that. Bob certainly has more of a character after that episode but I’m not sure I like him, Maggie or Sasha any more after that episode. No one stepped up in that trio to be the leader.
Jeremy:  I liked his matter of fact attitude. When Daryl and Glenn approach him and he just stands there saying hello.
Kevin:  He tried to keep the group together and you can’t blame him for trying to get all up into Sasha.
Jeremy:  I see your side of it though. They are all codependent. Maggie gets all hard and takes off but then stops out of the blue. Sasha was beggin Bob to stay so she wouldn’t be alone. He gets some play and continues on. He turned out to be the only admirable one or at least hardened. Can we talk strategy and logic for a moment?
Kevin:  Sure, whose strategy?
Jeremy:  Those three. Sleeping in woods. Maggie just passing out in open instead of going to a friggin building twenty feet away. The sleeping in the open makes no damn sense. Let alone walking in the woods.
Kevin:  I wold have felt the least bad about anyone them being knocked off because of their strategy.
People have been staying out of the woods for almost the entire run of the show but all of a sudden, everyone is loving the idea, not just this trio.
Jeremy:  Right, Rick and Carl got to a house when Rick could barely move. Michonne at least joined a herd and was in a field of low grass. No idea what Carol and Tyreese have been up to.
These three decide to go camping. After the fog wouldn’t you hightail it? how turned around are these three rubes?
Kevin:  Carol & Tyreese found the tracks in their one episode. The fog was a cool way to get in a zombie attack since I don’t feel I’d seen it before.

Fog can be anywhere but again, if you’re in a field or something more open, you’d have more vision even in that situation.
Jeremy:  I was thinking that the time frame on all of this is part of the issue. How many days has it been? Seems liek all the episodes have the same amount of nightfall?
Kevin:  It is getting hard to tell what the timing is. With Carl, Rick & Michonne, you got a decent grasp of it. Or even Daryl & Beth, but this trio has been pushed to the back. I feel like they were in the same spot they had been left in their previous episode though so the day count is about the same as other groups.
Jeremy:  OK then it sort of makes sense they will meet on tracks. Obviously they all make it to the promised land and it won’t be as expected. If the episode did anything it made Bob;s eventual death a little more important. You finally got to knwo the guy a little.
Kevin:  Having some character development has been the kiss of death on that show for characters who stick around but don’t do much.
Jeremy:  Oh good call; Bob really doesn’t do that much. As far as those three go though if they were gone it would have little effect. Glenn may get hardened but that is about it. There is zero connection between Tyreese and Sasha.
Kevin:  Sasha made the least sense to me. She didn’t have any hope to find her brother. She felt like everyone was going to be dead but wasn’t so depressed that she wanted to off herself like so many.
Jeremy: Shall we get in to Daryl and Beth?

Kevin:  Daryl & Beth got some more air time because their story was, um, more in depth than the trio.
Jeremy:  They need to establish quick how old Beth is. Cause this Lolita crush Daryl has going on is kind of disturbing.
Kevin:  He’s officially stepped over The Professional line of creepiness. Beth is not as hot as Natalie Portman either. I do agree that they need to establish her age though. I do think it’d be an instinct to be with anyone who is close by though with death happening all around you.
Jeremy:  Yeah it makes sense that he goes for the young, supple lass. It just seems weird as she appeared to be 12 when she was introduced
Kevin:  Hence, clearing up the whole age thing. I got the vibe when she was on the farm that she wasn’t even 16 yet.
Jeremy:  Yes I will go along with tat as well. Insert ” Well it is the south” joke here.
Kevin:  Ha. I did miss exactly what happened to get Daryl & Beth split up.
Jeremy:  So, logic dictates that you turn stupid when cmfortable. Daryl went to the door thinking it was the dog again btu it was walkers. he told Beth to get outside and he would meet her. Oops. They only seem to be smart on this show when in peril. Daryl went straight badass in the basement.
Kevin:  Oh, that’s right. Now, wouldn’t you hear more noise than just the dog considering the number of zombies that were at the door? He went pretty hardcore in the basement but the kills of the week still go to Maggie.
Jeremy:  Again, once of the logic things. But he did open the door so quickly and with no thought.
Kevin:  It was bad of him to assume it was just the dog, especially at night.
Jeremy:  Yeah it surprised me btu as soon as he said it was probably the dog you knew it wasn’t. Her being taken by a car was a surprise. Notice it had the cross on the back? So , whoever was in that house took her. Explains they were probably on way back and also probably did something in to attract walkers.
Kevin:  I just forgot about that aspect of the kidnapping. Daryl mentioned that someone had lived there recently when they were going through the food. Always more interesting when the house owner just doesn’t come in blasting and uses tactics like that.
Jeremy:  Yeah it made sense and it had to be acknowledged right away. That place was immaculate. Even to go so far as to paint walker corpses. When Daryl wiped the coffins corpse face I got grossed out.
Kevin:  The corpses seemed relatively untouched in the facial area to be painting them.
Jeremy:  See, I rewound it. That is why Beth said it was beautiful. They recreated the face after turning. You could see a wound in the middle of the forehead.

Kevin:  I guess I should have rewound. Daryl didn’t get that chance to rewind though and is now part of an all male, leather fetish group. Wings are purdy.
Jeremy:  Yeah you knew the house gang was coming back so it was no shock they showed up there. Good thing he fits right in with that group in the looks department.
Kevin:  It’d be interesting if Daryl & Beth don’t get back to the group. Or anyone from the group not getting to Terminus but it seems most likely that they won’t now.
Jeremy:  I had the same thought and that was a pretty rough ending for those two. Daryl just realizing he is alone again and Beth being rushed away. I just thought of this but with the time frame is it possible Daryl was in the house? I didn’t see the black guy though or the guy Rick choked out so I guess not.
Kevin:  It is possible. I feel like everyone is going to have some sort of tie to Terminus just because the signs are posted everywhere in that area.
Jeremy:  Yup you nailed it. Season finale long shot to bait us all for season 5.

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