#SippyTimeBeer Review – Wisconsin – @CWBrewing

IMG_20140103_225057I have officially confirmed that I am missing one of my twelve beers. I was thinking a picture would pop up on my phone or going through one of the websites would let my memory kick in for what the twelfth beer was. No such luck. Someone else probably drank it which isn’t completely surprising considering we had a party while it was in the fridge. Or I was dumb enough not to Instagram it, register it on Untappd or leave the empty around the condo. Oh well, I’m still milking four columns out of these beers.

Central Waters Brewing Co.Mudpuppy Porter – My amusement with this write up came when Central Waters mentioned the thick head on this beverage. They do have that part right as the picture above is sporting a decent amount of head even after settling down. It’s just too bad that when I get thick head, I expect a thick beer. This one was not thick. Central expects you to get a chocolate nose but I got a sweetness overload on my taste buds. Normally, the sweetness is knocked back by bitterness from a coffee like taste but that wasn’t present in this beer either. This beer doesn’t pack that much of a punch at 5.5%. This beer isn’t terrible but it’s solid.

Central Waters Shine OnCentral Waters Brewing Co.Shine On Ale – If you’ve read this column at all, you know I prefer malt in my beer as opposed to hops. It isn’t a slam dunk though that I’ll like it. There are plenty of things that can throw that love off. The usual culprit is hops. This time around, it was the barley because there wasn’t much hops in this beverage. I don’t care much if the barley was grown in Wisconsin if I don’t like the beverage. The ABV isn’t noted on their site or even on Beer Advocate so I’ve got no clue. This beer is about the same as the last, it’s decent.

Next week will be the last in the Wisconsin special. Trust me, I’ve saved the best #SippyTimeBeer for last. Enjoy your weekend. – Kevin

Jeremy’s One Paragraph Movie Reviews: Blue is The Warmest Color (2013)

blue-is-the-warmest-color-poster“Blue is The Warmest Color” really warrants more than one paragraph but there are rules for a reason. Sure I decided to give this film a try because it was granted an NC-17 rating for copious amounts of graphic lesbian sex but don’t be fooled, the film does manage to work in a totally erect penis. Seeing this film described as “intensely erotic” totally misses the point. Yeah the sex scenes are graphic and overly long but they are a small part of what is a very difficult, well-acted and well plotted story. The film deals with some heavy themes such as sexual coming of age, the confusion of identity, the pursuit of love, the loss of love and acceptance. It wouldn’t work at all if it wasn’t for the stellar acting of the two leads. Their performances make the three hour running time move quickly so don’t be scared off by the running time. The film does seem like a battle at times due to the heavy-handed direction of Abdellatif Kechiche . His decision to utilize predominately tight camera shots and narrow world view taint what should be a great film. The story and acting though overcome these issues and make what is in no way easy viewing but it is a rewarding experience. -Jeremy

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