Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 4 – A

the-walking-dead-terminusJeremy:  So we getting in to this? Good show but I get the feeling it won’t be the most well received for a season finale.

Kevin:  I was going to start from the end but I think that’s a mistake. Although I can’t avoid saying, I thought there was a lot to be debated at the end.
Jeremy:  OK lets start there. What you getting at?
Kevin:  Rick and crew come in, are a little too skiddish, start shit n someone else’s “house”, Terminus doesn’t try to kill them and only directs them to a train car and then Rick wants “Show them who they’re screwing with.” Asshole, it’s their place. You voluntarily came into it. They are allowed to screw with you especially if they do it in a non-violent way.
Jeremy:  They just went through a battle at the prison. They also just encountered a roaming group of viscous, murderous rapists. Their guard has to be up. Seeing that they had the clothes of your friends on and then lie to you about it gives you the leeway to be an asshole.
The whole not trying to kill them thing, um, you did see the flayed skeleton pile right?
Kevin:  No, I didn’t see that. But they did intentionally shoot around them instead of just killing them. I was wondering if Terminus uses the train car as a cooling off method knowing that everyone coming in has had a traumatic experience like Rick & crew so they use it to help people readjust.
Jeremy:  I thought the same thing until I wondered why they are wearing and using their clothes and accessories. Would seem to me that if they were letting them cool down you wouldn’t steal their belongings. It was obvious they were guiding them somewhere and they even mentioned it while running. Also, when running you could hear someone yelling in one of the containers.
Kevin:  Definitely missed the yelling part. Are you talking about other containers than the one with Glenn & company in? It was a little strange to borrow someone’s stuff and use it but again, why not kill them already? If it’s their ploy to lure you in by saying everyone is welcome, it has worked so just eliminate them. Why feed them or even keep them around because someone could hatch a plan of revenge.

Jeremy:  When Rick and Co. were running from the gunshots there was a “help us” coming from the containers inside the complex. The answer to the reason why you do nto kill them seems kid of obvious. The point was made to mention the plate of food. Rick stopped Carl from eating any of it. The flayed skeleton pile inside the complex. You would put these people away and feed them so they retain some of the body fat or muscle build. There was a point made to show the condensed milk outside the container for nutrition purposes. Yeah, cannibals. There ya go. Keep the food supply going.
Kevin:  It is a smart solution to the zombie problem. Take off a head then you have food for a while.
Jeremy:  Yeah I guess. As long as you can stomach murdering and then eating someone? Isn’t it smarter to go full vegan at that point?
Kevin:  Everyone in the zombie apocalypse seems pretty comfortable with killing other humans so I’m not sure that part bothers anyone. No one seems to be able to settle down in one area for long enough to go full on vegan. If they do settle into a place, the crops get crushed by a tank of an advancing army ready to kill other humans.
Jeremy:  Well yeah I suppose so. it is a pacifist dream to think people would just realize if they worked together they can survive and thrive. I am always fascinated by these things. How dd someone come up with an idea to convert this warehouse and then say ” um, lets lure people here to kill and eat them.”
Kevin:  Yeah, that is an interesting concept to come up with especially since it seems to have been happening for a while. Did everyone send out one last email before the zombie apocalypse saying hey, join the cannibal crew up at the old warehouse?

Jeremy:  This is the apart of the show I wish we had a firm timeline of events.How many actually years are we in to the Walker infestation? Then situations like this would make more sense.
Kevin:  Some type of indication would help to know how long it’s dragging on. Even in this incident, how long have Glenn & company been in the train car? A day? A week? Hard to tell.
Jeremy:  Right and even then how many years has it been ti get that setup going. I know a collective unit could get it together but something would be nice.
Kevin:  I completely agree. Terminus has gone like the movie Alive in the cannibal department but they’re not in that desperate of a situation. Daryl was still killing off plenty of animals to avoid eating a human.
Jeremy:  I did like that him showing Carl and Michonne how to set a trap was an analogy for the end scenes. They moved them to where they needed them to be. Just like the poor bunny stuffed animals they catch.
Kevin:  I didn’t even think of that comparison. I guess the only other big moment of that show to me was the gang catching up to Rick, Michonne & Carl. That was a pretty tense scene.
Jeremy:  OK before we leave to that it has to be said if there was ever a moment on TV where cursing would have been powerful it was the final line. “show them who they are fucking with.” Boom; go to credits. Can you imagine the shock and intensity of leaving the audience with that for 6 months? I was sad to see the gang get offed so fast. Joe was charismatic enough to keep around.
Kevin:  I think that’s why we’ve been talking about the ending so much. Nothing of consequence really happened before it, even though the gang had been a part of this whole half of a season. I’m surprised they can’t get away with a fucking every now and again. South Park did it for a full episode. The Walking Dead should be able to slip one in.
Jeremy:  Joe’s gang was a very credible threat though so seeing them go so fast was a surprise. Of course when someone bites the jugular of your leader shock may set in.
Kevin:  That was pretty crazy. I was not expecting that out of Rick.
Jeremy:  I figured he was going to bite him when they got in to the clutch and grab. I expected an ear or nose but the jugular. Just wow. The spit take towards the camera was so unnecessary but totally appreciated. But what was worse biting the jugular or gutting a guy and then repeatedly stabbing him?
Kevin:  They each have their merits but I’m going with the jugular. As you noted, the spit take took it over the top. They haven’t had enough zombie kills in the last couple of weeks so they needed to use the special effects department for something.
Jeremy:  Yeah, watching The Talking Dead after it was raw chicken, Ugh makes it even nastier. the act is one thing but being a fictional world it is easy to digest. Then knowing it was raw chicken in the real world just makes it terrible.

Kevin:  I sure hope Andrew Lincoln didn’t get salmonella.
Jeremy:  I am not sure what you do to combat that but I thought the same thing. I did like the fact Rick felt no remorse for killing those men. It is about time he came to grips with it. Even if the flashback scenes were making you think otherwise.
Kevin:  Well, that ending certainly told you he was ready to start another ruckus even if the flash backs noted other things.
Jeremy:  They have done a nice job of finally giving characters growth and then keeping them alive. Everyone should be dead now if they were playing by that rule still. I also liked the interaction with Rick and Daryl. Calling him his brother and making it clear they are all together.
Kevin:  That was a nice little scene that I forgot about. So with the gang dead, do you think people from Terminus kidnapped her? She definitely wasn’t in the train car with everyone else.
Jeremy:  You referring to Beth? Probably. They made it very clear someone was keeping up the house. SO it isn;t beyond a thought they used it as a bait house of sorts. Daryl saying she is “just gone” though makes me think she is just that. It actually makes it worse if she is never seen from again.

Kevin:  I did mean Beth. It would be more chilling if she were gone but they have a habit of having people pop back up especially when they’ve been in the group.
Jeremy:  yeah which kind of stinks. would be better to have them gone a few seasons then bring em back but in tv world guess patience is nto allowed.
Kevin:  Even for a show that has more patience than most, you’ve got to cater to the “Give it to me now” crowd.
Jeremy:  Yes exactly which brings me back to people possibly being dissapointed with the finale. No one died so it had to be bad. Although, I would liek to knwo where Carol and Tyreese are. I am wondering if it was them int eh container but that is too convenient.
Kevin:  When I started looking for pictures for the post, it dawned on me that they hadn’t been on the show at all. Maybe they’ll help spring the others down the line. Who knows though.
Jeremy:  Well they were on the way last we saw them. So it is possible,
Kevin:  Are you disappointed in the finale though? I wasn’t. It tied things up for this half and left some stuff on the table for the next season.
Jeremy:  Not at all. Still plenty of carry over for next season and it ended with an atypical heroes in danger scenario. the fun is goign to be seeing how they willg et out. It is now a horror adventure series rather than a horror thriller series. the fact they placed Daryl and Abraham Ford in the ame place together makes me very happy.

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