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That's how long ago I drank these beers.

That’s how long ago I drank these beers.

In the divorce, I got one set of friends that could be termed “our friends.” Unfortunately, I only get together with them about once every quarter of the year. When I did this year, it was early January. My second quarter meeting will take place this coming weekend. I might post about those beers by December at the rate I’m going. Back in January though, they bought a variety pack of Samuel Adams. This company is another craft beer brewer that has fallen by the way side for me recently because it’s one of the oldest companies doing this kind of beer. I was excited when a bar had Boston Lager while at Kent State because they had the good stuff. It’s hard to find a bar without Sam Adams now. After having four beers in one evening with my good friends and children, let’s see if my beer soaked brain still likes Sam Adams.

Samuel AdamsOld Fezziwig Ale – I didn’t think I had seen this beer on the shelf in recent years so I was surprised it was still in production. It has a lot of Winter beer taste qualities with ginger and cinnamon notes but the orange peel they use in there was a bit off the beaten path. A lot of Summer beers employ orange in their flavor profile though. The beer is heavier on the malt than on the hops (25 IBUs) but is balanced well. It has an ABV of 5.9% so it won’t keep you too warm over the winter. But who cares considering that it’s spring, right?

Samuel AdamsWhite Christmas – This beer was an interesting follow up to Old Fezziwig because they were very similar beers. Instead of being more of a winter warmer style, this is a white ale. We’ve still got orange peel, ginger & cinnamon. There was also about the same amount of alcohol in it at 5.8% ABV. Because it is a white ale, the IBUs dip to 8. They’re both good beers and both out of season.

Samuel AdamsCherry Chocolate Bock – This beer is hard to review. Do you know why? If you’ve ever had this beer, you know exactly what I’m talking about. This beer tastes like Dr. Pepper. I’ve never had their Chocolate Bock which is the base to this beer so I have no idea how they split the 23 flavors between both beers. I would guess though that the cherries is what really makes this beverage taste like Dr. Pepper. I’ve had enough bock beers and none of them have made me think of Dr. Pepper. Coincidentally, none of them had cherries in them either. It comes in at the beer average of 5.8% ABV and 11 IBUs. If you like Dr. Pepper, I suggest buying this beer. Again, you’re waiting to try this one though.

Samuel AdamsJuniper IPA – I have been warming to IPAs recently. This beer brought that to a screeching halt. I felt like it was heavy on hops but the 50 IBUs tells a different story. I also felt like it was heavy on juniper which I don’t think will every be a favorite of my palate. It may have exacerbated the hops flavor. It came with a 5.8% ABV so it wasn’t even a heavy handed IPA. As you may have noticed, I didn’t like this beer. So when Christmas beers do come around, feel free to skip this one. – Kevin

#TotalDivas – Season 2 – Episode 4


The April 20th episode was definitely an episode I didn’t think I’d witness. I actually felt like it was a bit more heartwarming than any other episode that they have filmed, though, it could be because Summer Rae wasn’t in the show at all which totally helps and there wasn’t any drama at all. Granted, there were still some completely ridiculous scenes which involved Nattie and TJ, but other than that, I actually felt for the first time the Diva’s really are normal people with everyday issues, in which you can semi-relate to on a woman’s level, so I’m sure any guy watching the episode was like, this was a stupid chick show since there wasn’t much boobs and skankiness showing up. (Kevin’s Edit: Just imagine me moving my head up and down.)

We’ll begin with Nattie and TJ as it’s the most ridiculous part of the show. So Ariane and Nikki find out that Nattie doesn’t know what Doggie Style is. Nattie get’s pretty flustered at trying to get around it but in the end, Ariane calls her sex therapist to see if she can help for Nattie and TJ. (Kevin’s Edit: I had forgotten about Ariane’s repression since she’s been hard to find this season outside of the Eva Marie pics.) Nattie says she is to busy to go see her, so she comes to their house. Upon questions about their sex life, she asks how they first got together, Nattie doesn’t seem to remember but TJ remembers the moments, really? (Kevin’s Edit: I didn’t remember when I first said “I love you” to the lady. No way he remembers that.) So the sex therapist says they need to ‘sex up’ the house. She tells them different role playing to do in the different areas of the house and awkwardly suggests they leave the front door open to have sex in their entry way. (Kevin’s Edit: I suggested it in more open places.) Nattie of course declines this idea. Nattie does think this could work as Ariane and Vincent do seem to be happier since seeing the therapist. So, as we get to see in the ‘black and white footage’, Nattie has TJ be a burglar and Nattie dresses as a skanky school girl and she has TJ break into the house through an open window. I laughed out loud at this one, good gravy!(Kevin’s Edit: It was killing me she used an old outfit from a WWE shoot.)

Eva Marie hasn’t been feeling well. I feel like this story line pops up when they aren’t sure what to put into the show. Well, this time, Eva Marie’s husband, insert name I forget here (Kevin’s Edit: You think I remember this tool bag’s name?), rushes her to the hospital as she says her stomach is huge and she looks about 6 months pregnant and is peeing blood. I have to say, that is not a good sign. The doctor says she has a cyst that ruptured. I am going to wonder about this as I’ve had numerous cysts and they rupture when you have your period, they don’t normally make you pee blood. The swelling in her stomach is extra fluid, and then on a private call from the doctor (HIPPA restricted) we find out that Eva Marie has an abnormal uterus and may never be able to have kids. Eva freaks out thinking her husband is going to go nuts cause he wants lots of kids. She finally tells him and breaks down. I actually have to give the schmuck credit in this episode for being very understanding. (Kevin’s Edit: I know I called him a tool above but he didn’t make the switch to non-meat head until helping her out as much as he did.) The worst thing a woman can be told is that she won’t be able to have kids, if she wants them. I don’t see Eva Marie as a ‘mom’ but who knows down the line. So Eva’s husband calls her Mom and her mom is really ‘frosty’ on the phone throwing it back in Eva’s face that she deserted her family to be with her husband, but then her mom says they will fly out. So her parents come, this time they don’t hide his stuff, and the parents and her husband find a truce and the dad and schmuck embrace, which is totally camera acted. (Kevin’s Edit: The WWE knows when to end feuds people don’t give a care about.) It’s hard to say what is real and what is fiction in this story line, but I felt most of it was really true. Would I want to share that on TV? No way! But I guess some people don’t mind airing their laundry for a buck.

Trinity and Jon decide it’s time to get married. They have been together for 5 years and engaged for 2. Trinity really wants Jon’s dad to be there, so at Old School Raw, they approach Rikishi after his match and they tell him that they are getting married in Maui in a few days and want him to be there. After a weird silence, he starts to get emotional and blames it on the match and then says he is so happy and will be there. This makes Trinity very happy as she wants the entire family on both sides there. They rent this gorgeous place on the beach where they will stay and have the ceremony. The night before the wedding Jon’s dad is still not there. Trinity starts asking if she’s the reason he’s not coming. Jon is very quiet and then finally tells her ‘no’ it’s because he got another gig and decided to do that instead. (Kevin’s Edit: I’m just throwing this out there because I haven’t heard an official statement from Rikishi but when you don’t attend your son’s wedding because he’s marrying a black woman, it means your a racist. White people aren’t the only ones who can be racist.) Ouch! There was talk of if he wasn’t coming because Trinity is not Samoan, but Jon says that is not the case. Jey is there with them and this is the 1st time I’ve ever heard him talk but he has some very kind and encouraging words for Jon and Trinity which is very sweet. The wedding day comes, no Rikishi, Trinity’s dad cries and Trinity looks gorgeous. Jon and Trinity are both moved by the ceremony (which I don’t think is something you can just fake) and they are now married. As they walked down the aisle as man and wife the chant of I say Uce you say O going on which was silly but fun.(Kevin’s Edit: I couldn’t stop laughing that of all people the Usos could be close to, it was Drew McIntyre who I think started the chant. The guy is even a tool off camera. The Usos need to pick friends that are further up the WWE food chain now that they won the tag titles.)

In the end, the show was pretty good, probably one of the better episodes I’ve seen since this show aired, but I’m sure it definitely won’t last long as I’m sure Summer Rae is getting ready for a come back at some point to add drama and nauseating skankiness to the show. – M & (Kevin)

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