#SippyTimeBeer Review – @ColumbusBrewing, @MtCaramelBrewing, @NorthHighBrew & Southern Tier

IMG_20140124_144325Columbus Brewing Co.Cousin Eddie – The number of places you can get craft beer keeps growing. This one was on tap at The Pint Room, right around the corner from my office. They have 87 beers on tap according to their website. This very beer is from Cbus, though the Pint Room has many beers that aren’t from around here. It was interesting because the first time I had heard of an American Strong style of beer, it was Seventh Son from Seventh Son. This one is darker in hue and opaque than Seventh Son. The hue comes from the malt that is used as a base. They both had a very similar taste profile. The biggest similarity was the grapefruit flavored hops that is used to offset the bitter tones from the other styles of hops used in this beer. Also in the same vein, both beers are very good with easily remembered names. I’m sure even Clark would agree with Cousin Eddie’s choice of beer.

Mt Caramel StourterMt. Caramel BrewingStourter – We met some friends out before a Columbus Bluejackets game and went to Dewey’s Pizza where I found this one of a kind beverage that is made for their store. At least that’s what the waitress told me. Considering that I can’t find it on Mt. Caramel’s website, it could be true. If I had been smart, I would have tried their Stout out of a bottle soon there after to compare them. Alas, I didn’t. Porters generally have more head than most beers but this head is cranked up to stout levels as you can see in the picture (L) and compare it to the porter below. It certainly had more of stout thickness too. It was a great beer to sip while eating some tasty pre-game pizza. There wasn’t one taste that stood out to me though. It didn’t have a heavy coffee bitterness. There wasn’t a milk like sweetener. It was just a good solid stout in the mold of Guinness. No tricks, just straight ahead, ahem, stourter goodness. If you go by their stout specs, this beer is 38 IBUs and 6.7% IBUs. This company is out of Cincinnati but they don’t have a distribution map. Enjoy if you can find it.

North High Old FordNorth High Brewing Co.Old Ford Porter – Another prime stop before Bluejackets games this season was Zauber’s Brew Pub since it is no more than five minutes from Nationwide Arena and hosts a food truck every day of the week. North High isn’t much if any further from the arena but the parking isn’t as easy. Before this particular game though, I tried Old Ford at Zauber. The thickness is almost closer to a stout than most of the porters I have experienced recently which is a big positive. I want some viscosity in my porters and stouts. If we’re going by North High’s standard of judging by IBUs, this one is still pretty low at 37. I will say I don’t feel I tasted hops much. That was probably because of the sweetness in the molasses and the dark richness provided by the roasted malt. It comes with a 6.8% ABV so it packs a punch but it won’t double you over. If you come to Columbus, this is a good beer to chose.

Southern Tier Live Pale AleSouthern Tier Brewing Co.Live Pale Ale – I sucked in this beer at Dewey’s. Southern Tier has been a good brewery in my experience and this beer is no different. Though it doesn’t have an IBU listed, it has just the right amount of hops to give you a jab. They also do something a little different by adding a second round of yeast just prior to bottling so that they get a secondary fermentation. It adds carbonation, reduces oxygen and helps it’s shelf life. That would be good news if it weren’t a year round beer. Kenny Road Market sells beers on the cheap out of season but this one never will be. It has a 5.5% ABV so it is a good beer to drink for a long night. Which I endorse, so long as you can get your hands on it.


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