Main Event Review From Someone Who Actually Watches It

Night Sky by Mark Unrau by way of

Night Sky by Mark Unrau by way of

Triple H starts the show off with more star power than usual. He says that a lot of people are asking “Why?” lately. In particular, they’re asking why did the Authority strip Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Triple H explains that they did it for the fans because they deserve a fighting champion. He runs down the list of superstars who have already qualified. He then promises that there would be something magical, historical, and unforgettable at Money In The Bank; that being the guarantee of a new champion. He transitions to the other reason people are asking “Why?” and introduces Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins comes down to the ring wearing a new gray suit/black shirt combo. I don’t really like it compared to his usual all black look. He says that when he laid out his now former partners he felt power like he never felt before. He calls it a power Reigns, Ambrose, and the fans would never feel because they are too afraid to create and seize opportunity. He praises Triple H as someone who knows how to get to the top and calls his former partners dead weight he needed to cut loose so he could “adapt and evolve”. Just as he says his new “Evolution of Seth Rollins” catchphrase he is interrupted by his opponent tonight Dolph Ziggler who calls Rollins a “self-centered scumbag traitor” who needs his “egotistical boss holding his hand”. Good opening promo.

Jimmy Uso vs. Luke Harper

As the match began the announcers wondered whether The Wyatts’ two victories ensured them a future shot at the Tag Team Championship. If that doesn’t then what does?  They go back and forth at the beginning until Harper throws Uso into the middle rope throat first. Harper then hits Uso with a suplex and goes for the Gator Roll into a side headlock. Uso fights out of the headlock and is finally able able to mount a major offensive move with a corkscrew somersault onto Harper. Uso is not in charge long as Harper nails him with a big boot. Uso backdrops Harper out of the ring on a running charge. Uso is cut off from hitting a suicide dive but a forearm. Harper re-enters the ring and goes for his spinning clothesline but Uso ducks, superkicks Harper, and pins his dazed opponent after a roll-up for the win. Decent short match.

Lana comes out to address American women who she calls slaves to commercialism. Lana calls them overweight and fat and says their men really want her but they can’t have her because Russian men are strong like Vladimir Putin.

Rusev vs. Kofi Kingston

Nothing much happens until Rusev clubs Kofi in the back of the head and stomps away viciously. Kofi gets only short hope spots as he is caught every time by Rusev. A fall away slam leads to Kofi being dumped to the outside where his is whipped from ring apron to retaining wall by Rusev. Back in the ring Kofi stuns Rusev with a dropkick but is caught again running the ropes by Rusev’s superkick. Rusev then finishes Kofi with The Accolade for the tap out. Rusev and Lana celebrate afterwards in front of the Russian flag.

Renee Young interviews Summer Rae and questions whether she is jealous of Layla and Fandango. She says that she was more than happy to let Layla take her leftovers but then she had to go and rub her face in it. Summer said that pouring milk on their heads is how you deal with “catty twats”. Layla then attacked Summer from behind with a container of kitty litter (yes) and then proceeds to pour the contents of the container and a milk jug all over Summer before “rubbing her face in it” literally.

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

Seth is still wearing his full Shield uniform during matches. They begin with a long feeling out process to start. The first real high spot takes place just as they are about to go to break as Rollins slingshots Ziggler into the top turnbuckle and over the ropes to the outside. When we come back from break Rollins hits Ziggler with three suplexes for releasing him. Ziggler attempts a comeback by jumping on Rollins’ back and applying a sleeper but Rollins escapes by running Ziggler back first into the turnbuckles. Rollins misses a charge though and is nailed with a crossbody and a flurry of punches from Ziggler.  Ziggler then backdrops Rollins and hits a jumping elbow on Rollins. Rollins comes back by twirling around Ziggler and connecting with a reverse bulldog. Rollins then heads to the to where Ziggler tries to meet him but is headbutted back down to the mat. Rollins jumps from the top where he is met with a dropkick from Ziggler on the way down. Ziggler gets thrown off of Rollins but is able to backdrop him out of the ring. On the apron Rollins connects with a jump kick to the side of the head and goes for his springboard knee to the head but Ziggler gets out of the way and nails a Fame Asser on Rollins for a 2 count. Ziggler then makes two charges into a cornered Rollins but he is pushed off each time. A third attempt has more success but after sustaining another flurry of punches Rollins is able to grab hold of Ziggler and run him across the ring for a Buckle Bomb that leaves Ziggler easy prey for the Curb Stomp and the pin. Good match and Rollins does have a killer finishing combo, at least for guys he can physically run across the ring and Buckle Bomb.

Final Thoughts:

A good show this week with a rare dose of star power, one good match, one decent match, a cat fight, and nothing that outright sucked. – Chris

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