Stunt Granny White Paper – How to Throw a Successful Pro Wrestling Pay-Per-View Party

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Click the pic for moves like this!

Preparing for your next Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, or even Against All Odds party? Not sure of the foods, drinks and deodorizers you should stock up on? Make your pro wrestling pay-per-view party 1,000 times more fun and 10,000 calories more enjoyable with this white paper, brought to you by the ultimate party people at Stunt Granny!

Download white paper: How to Approach a Professional Wrestler in Public

How to Approach a Professional Wrestler in Public

(L to R) Seth Rollins, Mr. Kennedy, a guy who successfully approached professional wrestlers in public! Great job!

Think watching The Rock give the Rock Bottom to CM Punk on WWE Monday Night Raw is exciting? (Think loading your post with keywords from last night’s pro wrestling main event is exciting?) Imagine getting to meet The Rock or CM Punk – or any other pro wrestler, for that matter – in person! With this simple guide, “How to Approach a Professional Wrestler in Public,” you can make friends with your superheroes! Collect autographs with no hassle, talk to them at length while they dine, even pop your head into their car window to find out their favorite radio station. Lots of great tips on how to talk and who to name-drop as well. Take it from Chris Jericho, who was unavailable for comment. And as a bonus just for reading this post, here’s a tip: Did you know Jim Ross loves Crown & Cokes and will gladly let you buy him multiple drinks if you yell “BOOMER SOONER” each time? It’s as simple as that! Read on, and let us know your success stories on meeting and talking to professional wrestlers by leaving a comment below.


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