Devon Is Gone. Is Bully Ray Next?

According to this story from, Devon Dudley is gone from TNA or Impact Wrestling, whatever they prefer right now. He tweeted:

I would like to thank the TNA fans for making the last seven years fun. I’m sure we will see each other again down the road real soon.

Then answered “Yes” to another fan’s question about his contract expiring. I’d love to make a big stink out of this gaffe because he’s the Television Champion but I can’t. It’s not nearly as bone headed as Ring of Honor’s decision to let one half of their tag team champions leave right after winning the damn titles.

TNA had done a decent job of building the TV Title back up by having Devon defending it on a mostly weekly basis. My apathy towards this gaffe comes in when you compare Devon to his former partner, Bully Ray. It’s great that Devon can help build up the mid-card and younger wrestlers but Bully Ray has been in the main event mix for a couple of months now. His contract is thought to run out around the same time, which begs the question of whether TNA is going to resign him. If they don’t, I may have quit using my Twittah Machine to watch Godzilla movies. -Kevin

WrestleMania 27 In 3D?

If you read anything on this site it is usually tinged with heavy sarcasm but this is not one of those posts. According to, WWE is entertaining the possibility of putting WrestleMania 27 in move theatres in 3D. This is possibly the best idea WWE has had since the original idea of WrestleMania. The large screen format totally suits WWE’s product and the enhancement of 3D viewing is ridiculously wonderful. 3D will give the PPV the proper scope that the live audience gets. After sitting at the top of the Citrus Bowl and the far flung end of the floor in Ford Field the idea that you may actually get this perspective in the comfort of leather bound seats or if you are poor, the stanky old turquoise mesh seats with crusty cup holders, is enticing. If we aren’t already going to the event live this is where I would be with bells on.

It also allows a movie going audience the opportunity to feel as if they are part of it. This is a sensation you just don’t get from a 21” shitty model television connected to a vcr. This could be an immersive experience that could enhance WWE’s business. If this is successful you have to believe they may open up to the idea of having Summerslam or another of the bigger PPV’s on the big screen. WWE needs to make this happen. Fathom broadcasts the opera and other boring shit like that so why not wrestling? -Jeremy

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