Stunt Granny Review of @PRIMEWrestling #Wrestlelution 5: An Enduring Spirit

N8 Mattson wonders why you didn’t go to or buy Wrestlelution.

Dan & Kevin are back to talk about Wrestlelution 5.  Dan watched on iPPV and Kevin went to the event, how did these experiences differ? It all started with Kevin telling Dan by text that the event was starting late which they didn’t mention online. Did Dan have any problems aside from that with the stream like Ring of Honor has had? The guys started in the middle of the show talking about the inadvertent ring breaking during the Rhino vs. Jason Bane match. They then reboot and start by talking about the show from start to finish. Did the show start with a crowd pleasing, high energy match with Michael Facade taking on Jason Gory in a Casket Match for the TV Title? Zach Gowen taking on Gregory Iron was the next marquee match. Did they deliver in the ring or with their story? “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine finally got to finish his feud with Justin LaBar by beating Aaron Draven. Who was the “Ace In The Hole” that Aaron Maguire talked about? Dan & Kevin get around to talking about the match itself between Rhino and Jason Bane. Did it deliver? The barber delivered a hair cut to Bobby Shields in his Hair vs. Hair with Bobby Beverly. Did Nicki Valentino steal the match even though he was only guest referee? Matt Cross taking on Petey Williams was supposed to be the highlight of in ring action, so was it? The main event was Johnny Gargano challenging for the PRIME Wrestling Title against Jimmy Jacobs. Did it cap off a long event due to delays? Find out that and more when you click on the link below!

Stunt Granny Audio Show Wrestlelution 5 Review

@PRIMEWrestling – Season 5 – Episode 18

Joe Dombrowski & Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Gory takes on Michael “The Bomber” Facade for TV Title. Gory forfeits the title if he’s disqualified and Facade isn’t allowed to go after the title any more if he loses. Aaron Draven will take on Nicki Valentino. They kick off the show with Brian Bender taking on Matt Mason. They exchange arm locks. (Really slow start.) Bender takes over with kicks, punches and chops. Mason returns fire. Bender gets knocked down and takes a break. Mason’s arm gets snapped over the top when he tried to grab Bender on the outside. Bender worked on the arm. Bender got two after an arm bar drop. Bender charged in and caught an elbow & boot. Bender tossed Mason arm first into the corner. Bender got pushed off a top rope cutter. Mason finished him with a Swanton Bomb.

Analysis: That was weird. Bender is usually a good wrestler. Mason seemed like he was smooth but the match somehow didn’t work for me. Mason’s offense came after an exceptionally slow start and the offense that led to it was a little weak for a finish. The right person went over. Mason was announced as being from Columbus so of course he had scarlet & grey trunks with a block O on his butt. Why did they change their name to PRIME Wrestling again? Score: 0.

They showed entirely too much review of Matt Cross vs Jimmy Jacobs. You only have an hour a week. It was six minutes long. Wow. Cut that puppy down to two. Let the previous match build a little more smoothly. Matt Cross keeps taking one step forward, two steps back. He goes thru companies that he worked for that went under. He said he’s legally bound not to say stuff about Tough Enough. Cross said everyone knows he didn’t get a fair shot. Cross said he came back home and had his title taken again. The belt means more to him than to Jacobs. Analysis: He didn’t quite get me to buy in. It’s good stuff but there’s another notch. Score: 0.

Jimmy Jacobs was with Bobby Shields & Nicki Valentino. Jacobs said he can;t be called a liar since he’s already the PRIME Wrestling champion. He took over Johnny Gargano’s yard. Jacobs takes exception that Gargano thinks he’s great. Jacobs said he’ll be all up in Johnny if he comes back. Bobby Shields came back from a spiritual journey. Jacobs wants him to find that monster inside instead of the beauty. Jacobs tells Valentino he’s doing OK too. Jacobs tells him to keep Beverly because he keeps screwing up. Analysis: I expect more out of Jacobs. He feels like he’s going thru the motions. Not cool. It’s an easy story to sell, the actions have done a good job. The voice is faulty. Score: 0.

They showed a commercial for Wrestlelution 5. Yippee! I’m so going to Melt Bar & Grilled again.

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PWO – Season 5 – Episode 13

This makes your review pointless.

Joe Dombrowski and Aaron Maguire introduce the show. Matt Cross defends the PWO Title against Bobby Beverly. “The Megastar” Marion Fontaine takes on Corey Winters. Bobby Shields with Nicki Valentino kicks the show off against Bryan Castle who didn’t have Brian Bender. The ref did the old school pat down. Shields starts with punches. Castle hip tossed Shields three times. Castle slammed him. Castle waved at Valentino. Shields attacked him from behind on the floor. Shields missed a chop and hit the post. Castle started to attack the hand. Valentino held Castle’s leg so that Shields could attack again. Shields kneed Castle in the gut. Shields choked him. Shields missed a splash. Castle put on the head band and clotheslined Shields. Castle drop kicked him. Shields got splashed. Castle low clotheslined him. Valentino distracted the ref. Shields kicked Castle in the face. He only got a two count. Shields got tossed over the rope and noggin knocked with Valentino. Castle tried to suplex Shields back into the ring but Valentino grabbed his leg. Shields countered into a splash and Valentino held the legs for the three count.

Analysis: Really good match up. Well wrestled and well executed. It protects Castle but Shields gets the win. Well done sirs. Score: +1.

Krimson tells Jason Bane that Wrestlelution was not going to be their last meeting. He says he’s been in a no DQ match with Bane and he knows what’s coming. Krimson said he learned from his mistakes and will not repeat them. Krimson tells Matt Mason to walk away before he drowns in a sea of misery and despair. Analysis: I’m just digging this dude right now. Really thoughtful evil promos. Score: +1.

Jason Bane states the stipulations in the match. He says that if he needs to become a monster to beat Krimson and will do it. Bane promises to become the most brutal of them all. Analysis: It’s a tough spot. I thought it got the point across but he followed Krimson so it feels worse than it should. He’s just not that great at mic work but Bane has improved. Score: +1.

Matt Mason said that he can’t get a response from him. Mason said that he’s going to get a hold of Krimson. Mason is calling him out on his sickness. Mason said he’s tired of Krimson trying to crush other people’s dream. Mason said that if Krimson can’t stop his own sickness, he will. Analysis: He could have used a little more pep to really nail this thing but he needs to pivot to more than an observer at this point. This promo seemed pointed that way. Score: +1.

Marion Fontaine came out first. Corey Winters tried to hype up the crowd. (They need the last venue back.) Fontaine primps to the crowd. They tied up in the corner. Fontaine broke clean. Winters backed Fontaine into the corner. He broke clean too. Winters arm dragged Fontaine and held him down with an arm bar. Dombrowski zinged Maguire. Fontaine kneed Winters. Corey yanked on Fontaine’s arm. Fontaine flipped out of the arm bar but bragged so Winters yanked on his arm multiple times. Winters flipped him onto his back. Fontaine didn’t get enough air for a leap frog. Fontaine drop kicked Winters. They redid the spot. Fontaine went for a monkey flip but Winters pulled his legs backwards and Irish whipped him. Winters super arm dragged him out of the ring. Winters nailed a cross body to the floor. Fontaine rammed Winters into the guard rail. Fontaine tossed him back into the ring. Fontaine yapped to the crowd from the apron. Winters grabbed the injured left arm but Fontaine jumped backwards. Fontaine started to work over Winters left arm. Fontaine punched him. Fontaine chin locked Winters. Winters fought out. Fontaine basement drop kicked Winters. Fontaine kicked Winters to the mat. He over shot a moonsault as noted by Dombrowski.  Winters punched him. Winters nailed an enziguri. Winters hit a Cutter. He only got a two count. Fontaine kicked Winters in the face charging into a corner. He followed it up with a super kick. Fontaine missed a spring board. Winters hit a stomach buster. He went for Sliced Bread #2 but Fontaine ducked under and held the tights for the three count. Justin LaBar orders the match restarted because of said held tights. Winters rolls up Fontaine while holding the tights which he should have seen but Dombrowski said he had turned around. Fontaine assaulted Winters after the match. Fontaine yelled at LaBar. Fontaine says he wants the tapes.

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PWO – Season 3 – Episode 7

Sex Appeal was all over this episode.

As Brian Bender came to the ring, Joe Dombrowski said that his tag team partner Earnie Ballz could be on the shelf for an extended time. Matthew Justi was his opponent. Dombrowski noted that both wrestlers have been working hard in the gym. They split the offense early until Justice held onto an arm bar. Bender assaulted Justice in the corner. He irish whipped Justice into the opposite corner but got caught charging in with a back elbow.  Bender caught Justice coming off the second rope with a urinogi. Bender got Justice in a couple of reverse chin locks. Bender gave Justice a modified Samoan drop but made a cocky cover. Justice turned around the offense with a double axe handle to the stomach. Justice used his speed advatantage to hit and run. Justice got the win off a tope rope cross body block.

Analysis: Good match that highlighted Bender’s hesitancy without a tag team partner. Justice can certainly wrestle at a high level. The announcers were right to point out their bulking up and it doesn’t look unnatural.

Bobby Shields and Nicky Valentino were backstage. Shields said him and Bobby Beverly became the new tag team champions. Shields complimented his lawyers. They worked their contract so that any three of Sex Apeal can defend the belts. Valentino suggested a number of old timers as their tag team partners. Shields shrugged him off and said him & Valentino will be defending the belts tonight because Beverly is off training for his PWO Heavyweight Title match against Johnny Gargano. Shields said Beverly will bring the gold back to Sex Appeal. Shields closed by saying they will squash the pimple know as Fontaine’s Freaks tonight.

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PWO – Season 3 – Episode 5

Two Belts were on the line in this episode of Pro Wrestling Ohio.

Joe Dombrowski hyped the card which involved Aaron Draven versus M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross for the TV Title and Johnny Gargano versus Mike Tolar for the PWO Heavyweight Title. Dombowski introduced Aaron Maguire but the camera forgot to show him. Maguire was sharp enough to make up for the camera gaffe by sliding into the picture even though he was nearly sitting on Dombrowski’s lap.

Bobby Beverly came to the ring with Dawn Decadence to take on Hobo Joe. Beverly upgraded his look by adding the douchebag faux hawk. Beverly extended his hand for a shake but Joe spit in his face. Joe  took over after an even opening couple of minutes. Beverly took a break on the outside. Joe threw him into the guard rail. Beverly hit a drop toe hold to make Joe go face first into the guard rail.  Beverly got a two count after a fireman’s carry driver that was sloppy. Beverly got another two count after a flying forearm.  Joe hit a pair of should blocks to knock Beverly to the outside again. Beverly hit a good looking fisherman’s buster but still only got a two count. Beverly turned a urinogi into a back breaker for the victory. Beverly brought a chair into the ring to curb stomp Joe but Gregory Iron made the save.

Analysis: The outcome was it it should be but was a poorly executed match on both participants parts.

The Rock Show was introduced by Earnie Ballz & Brian Bender. He said that PWO management told them they needed to defend their titles against Luis & Isaac Montana. Bender made a great point by saying it took them two years to get a title shot in PWO. He went on to say that they have a strategy ready for the upcoming match.

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PWO – Season 3 – Epsiode 4

Dawn Decadence looked like this, except in pink.

Joe Dombrowski hyped the main event match between Benjamin Boone and Jason Bane as the battle of the largest men in PWO for later. Bobby Shields came to the ring with Dawn Decadence (wearing a naughty elf costume.  The episode aired Jan. 3rd) to take on “Omega” Aaron Draven for the TV Title. Draven hit three straight arm drags to get the match rolling.  Dombrowski said that Mike Tolar would get a rematch against Johnny Gargano while Draven had Shields on the mat with a headlock. Shields took over with a slam and a fist drop that had as much hoopla as “You Can’t See Me” which is odd for a heel. Shields kept punishing Draven with head butts to the stomach and a reverse chin lock. Draven took over with a high kick and a running clothesline. Shields got a near fall out of a jack hammer. Draven got caught on the top ropes, blocked a super-plex and then stood up instead of hitting a frog splash onto Shields. Shields tried to roll up Draven but he turned it into an Oklahoma roll which got him the three count. Sex Appeal came out and they hit the triple thrust kick on Draven. Beverly curb stomped Draven to end the beat down.

Analysis: Solid match and good ending if they want to continue this feud. Draven and the three members of Sex Appeal match up well in the ring. I didn’t like the fact that they cut to the following promo as soon as Beverly hit the curb stomp.

The Puerto Rican Wrecking Crew started a promo in Spanish. Isaac Montana grabbed the mich and said his name and his partner’s, Luis Diamante, in English and said they were ready to take on The Clash which had run legends like Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake out of  PWO. They vowed to take the Tag Belts back to the Latin American community.

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