Stunt Granny Audio Movie Review: Django: Unchained


What is better  at Christmas time than a movie about a freed slave ready to kill some white folk? This edition of Stunt Granny Movie Reviews brings you Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained.”  Who considers this to be Tarantino’s best movie? What scenes of awkwardness produced the best laughs? If you are one of these award season dolts, who should be nominated for a chameleon performance? Why isn’t Walton Googins a bigger star? It really makes no sense why he has all of these smaller roles. Anyway, download 45 minutes of gush as the boys talk some slave gone madness! Oh and as always, spoilers abound.

Stunt Granny Movie Reviews – Django Unchained

ECW Gets Replaced With NXT!

Dry those eyes fair readers cause this will make you smile. According to, WWE has announced that ECW has been canceled (sad face) and is being replaced with an all new show called….wait for it…..WWE NXT. Yes, the promotion has no vowels and no concept to speak of but it is being marketed straight to douche bags who enjoy butchering the English language for the sake of being hip.

Imagine if you will the meeting with all of creative and this is the best name for the new product they could think of. Was there a deafening silence or overwhelming applause when this name was introduced? Regardless the pillar of cool and hip Vince “MacDaddio” McMahon signed off on this shit name so he is to blame.

Really not sure how this even fits the SYFY brand nam…..never mind. They renamed their perfectly acceptable Sci-Fi Network to the current vowelless trash that makes you even more embarrassed to be watching “Giant Shark versus Giant Squid.”

Now it gets even better, is reporting that there is a promotion already using the name NXT. Who knew it would prove so popular? Of course it is in Scotland so does that even matter? Screw the Scots;  they had one good period of history and that was when Braveheart came out on DVD. See, no one gave a shit about that movie when it was released; Academy Awards be damned. -Jeremy

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