Stunt Granny Sports Show #10

1f6b195c-bebb-3b23-aa0e-0380f0bbe900So can you guess what Eric2 and Jeremy talk about this week? After a brief snafu with the numbering scheme the boys get down to business and make fun of the pomposity in the reactions to basebrawl between The Arizona Diamondbacks and The Los Angeles Dodgers. Was it even a brawl? Who released ten years of frustrations by strangling another persons jersey? Who has the best brawls in sports? Should they be allowed as part of the game?  Why don’t the bullpens just start fighting immediately instead of running all the way to the infield? Who are sports made for? When did sports marketing chnge to focus on families? Why the single paying customers have to put up with that? Should children even be allowed at games? The boys share their stadium experiences and explain why it was way better than it is today. Oh and how they turned out just fine with all of the things they hve seen and heard.  So give it  a listen. You have downloaded worse we are sure of it.

Stunt Granny Sports Show #4


Yes it is another edition of The Stunt Granny Sports show and this week Eric2 and Jeremy cover all of the important stories. Just how much of a sore loser is Mike Krzyzewski? Is his non-stop whining just that or does he have a legitimate argument about court storming? How can he prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future? They also focus on the “feel good” story of high-school basketball manager Dade Baker getting a solitary chance at playing basketball.  How does his experience compare with Jason McElwain’s story? Just how do high-school students conceal the fact they are dressed like Klansmen at a hockey game? Is Alex Rodriguez that big of a douche or just that clueless? Also, Milwaukee Brewers fans faced a nightmare this week as The Italian Sausage went missing. Does the story have a happy ending? Who would you rather drink with the Italian Sausage or Howard Taft? All this and more and all you have to do is download the podcast! So get to clicking already.

Stunt Granny Sports Show #4

Torrie Wilson and Alex Rodriguez to attend WrestleMania 28

OK, I forgot just how hot she was. Image search is a good thing.

WWE has posted exclusive news that Torrie Wilson will be returning to WWE as a spectator to take in WrestleMania 28. Ok good. Torrie was hot and all back then but much like every other piece of eye candy in WWE her shelf life came and went and she has largely been forgotten.

Not so fast though, she is bringing her boyfriend. Why does this matter?  Well her boyfriend is none other than New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.  Does this tarnish Torries image to anyone else? Wonder if he constantly under produces when the situation comes up with her like he does in every clutch situation he faces on the baseball diamond?

So that is that. Who gives a shit? -Jeremy

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