Stunt Granny Audio #250

thread_hijack_in_progress_signJeremy & Kevin are here again to talk about Raw and how badly the hijacking went in Chicago. But first they start on one of many tangents that included kale shakes, Roberto Luongo being traded back to the Florida Panthers and cable providers. They focus back in on Raw. After talking about how Paul Heyman defused the situation, how was the crowd. How well did Kevin know the hijacking manifesto? Does Jeremy ever laugh out loud while reading the objectives? Aren’t some of the objectives being fulfilled by the WWE already? Do your hosts wonder if they’d want to be this young and idealist like the manifesto writer? They wonder back around to singing the praises for Paul Heyman’s speech which transitioned well into the crowd eating up Brock Lesnar. How dumb is Mark Henry? Should he have put up more of a fight? Daniel Bryan against HHH gets some attention but could Bryan still be inserted into the title picture with Randy Orton’s involvement in the main event? How unsettled is the WrestleMania card? Are the guys worried about it since they will be in attendance? Brock Lesnar gets more talk because he is in one of the confirmed matches with the Undertaker. CM Punk had a confirmed part on the WrestleMania card, so why should the fans be on his side anyway? Doesn’t that make the build up between Bryan and HHH seem stretched? But does the average fan notice? The Shield gets talked about too. Are they going to have a triple threat match at WrestleMania? How does Bray Wyatt’s spot against John Cena compare to Chris Jericho versus Fandango last year? Have you been able to follow this write up? If you did click on the tangent filled link below!

Ongoing thoughts from Monday Night Raw

I'm the cheerleader around here, and I make the cheercisions on when to cheer John Cena!

I'm the cheerleader around here, and I make the cheercisions on when to cheer John Cena!

So yeah, like I said, Eric Nelson is live from the Allstate Arena for Monday Night Raw tonight. However, because it’s physically draining to go to a Weezer/Blink 182 concert one night, a Dragon Gate wrestling show the next night, and then Monday Night Raw the following night, he figures he’s going to crash after the show. Therefore, he is sending me ongoing thoughts from the show, and is entrusting me to post them on this very website!

-MVP is over huge. Constant chants of his name and quite a few people singing along with his entrance music.

-Cena gets loud mixed reactions when he comes up on video.

-Sign cam: Big Show Ate My Kids, and Jack I Love You Swagger. That should definitely be Swagger’s nickname.

-The kids popping completely took over the reaction when Cena came on the screen.

-The canvas is getting changed out right now. There was already one underneath. Look good for high def!

-These kids are bat shit for Cena. Constant chants. Loud pop for his entrance. The difference between him and the pops I’ve seen for Austin and Taker are fewer adults joining in.

-Cole and Lawler obviously reading notes as they run down the Breaking Point PPV. Crappy lines too.

-Orton called out Cena who came out and took an RKO on a chair. After stalling, Orton tried for a punt, but missed. Legacy came out, and so did DX. The faces hit finishers on Cody Rhodes to send the crowd home happy. Mad pops all around.

Spoiler Alert~! Results from the WWE Superstars taping before Raw goes on the air

Did I win my match, mon? You better read Dusty's article below to find out, mon. I hope you're reading this in a Jamaican accent, mon!

Did I win my match, mon? You better read Dusty's article below to find out, mon. I hope you're reading this in a Jamaican accent, mon!

I am taking a break from watching the “Manos The Hands Of Fate” episode of Mystery Science Theatre to give you the results of the WWE Superstars taping, which took place at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois before the live Monday Night Raw episode went on the air.

In the dark match, Alex Riley defeated Jamie Noble. Then Sheamus defeated Yoshi Tatsu, and Jack Swagger & The Miz defeated Primo Colon & Kofi Kingston in a “One of these things is not like the others” tag team match-up.

Thank you to my colleague Eric Nelson for these results, as he and Stunt Granny friend/contributor Jordan Smith are at the Allstate Arena. Look forward to a post-Raw report from them in some fashion, as they will provide a first-hand view on the show. Remember, you can talk about Manos The Hands of Fate, Monday Night Raw, Superstars, the Allstate Arena and anything else you want by registering for our message board at – Dusty

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