Angelina from “Jersey Shore” signs with TNA, more money flushed


According to, TNA has signed Angelina from “Jersey Shore” to at least wrestle a tag team match with Cookie (played by Becky Bayless, who Colt Cabana tried to get to touch her elbows behind her back on an ROH “Good Times Great Memories” segment; you’re a smart man, Colt). I watch “Jersey Shore.” I don’t give a flying fuck about Angelina as a person or a character on that show. The only woman from that cast who could make a dent in the interest level of a wrestling company is the hilarious, cute-as-a-button Snooki, and she’d have to be in a pillow fight at WrestleMania against my ball-sack for that to happen. The guys on that show wouldn’t mean squat to pro wrestling, even after the Situation’s stint on the popular “Dancing With the Stars.” That meathead Ronnie would be destroyed and eliminated by most of those wiry Ring of Honor guys or even old men like Harley Race or Baron Von Raschke. And one week later, no wrestling fan would care.

What am I trying to say? TNA continues to flush money down the toilet, chasing after mainstream acknowledgements with wads of cash while shitting on their roster of young (are they still young six years later?), hungry (mostly because Matt Hardy already cleared the buffet table), proud (obviously, look at Samoa Joe’s adonis-like physique these days) pro wrestlers. They can’t pay Awesome Kong $300 a show, but they can make it rain for a slut from “Jersey Shore” who will generate zero ratings points, zero PPV buys and three mentions on TMZ? Someone should slap Dixie Carter (I didn’t say “spank her,” Russo). -Eric

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