Stunt Granny Audio #257

Did you ever wonder which comedy shows Jeremy and Kevin watch? You’ll know now because they kicked off the show talking about FX and FXX. If you’re going to anchor a new comedy channel, shouldn’t your two biggest comedies, Archer & Louie, be on FXX? What specific problem does Kevin have with viewing shows on this station?  Why was Legit with Jim Jefferies canceled after this last season? It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gets to stick around for another three years but is it because of their length of airing on FX? Why is Wilfred still on FX? Or is it? The guys finally talk Raw as Jeremy watches Luke Harper in the main event. How many times can he sing Harper’s praises? When will it stop being a surprise that Harper is having good matches? Why is it that the youth movement isn’t young? How young is Harper? How about Bray Wyatt? Why do the women seem to be younger as a group than the men? Jeremy & Kevin move on to some slightly old news by talking about the stock drop analysis from Aaron Taube of Yahoo! Why does it sound like nothing they’ve read before? What parts of the article are untrue? Could he have done more research for his article?  Are the commentators helping prove the writer’s point? Would blood make the WWE more profitable? Who spends more money on merchandise? What gem of a comment did Jeremy end with? Why would any wrestling fan want the WWE to go down in flames? Do you really want ROH to be the best company in the US? To finish up the show, the guys talk about the 25th Anniversary of Roadhouse. Find out how great Patrick Swayze is when you click on the link below. Don’t worry, the pain in your ears won’t hurt.


TNA has a new television program and network

Poop. Poop is an idea.

Poop. Poop is an idea.

TNA announced today they have reached a two year contract extension with FUEL TV to air what assuredly is compelling television. FUEL who carries Impact Wrestling will now be adding TNAs new programs , well here is how they describe it.

‘Unfinished Business’ – an in-depth look at historic feuds and moments in IMPACT WRESTLING history – and ‘British Boot Camp’, a thrilling six-part entertainment series following four aspiring British wrestlers as they embark on their ambition to join TNA’s wrestling roster.

Now you may be wondering if I have gotten the channel name wrong. No it is not Spike TV carrying IMPACT wrestling,  it is definitely FUEL TV. It just so happens that we are talking about Australian television and not the good ole US of A. Yup, TNA is trumpeting a television deal with a network in a totally different country since the company makes no waves over here.

Just how long is this Unfinished Business show supposed to run? What historic feuds have they had? They certainly have had feuds but nothing really historic. So, it should have a shelf life of about four to six weeks I figure.

Leave it to the exhausted braintrust of TNA to concentrate on another program when their flagship program still draws the exact same god damn rating it has for years. There has been no growth other than the amount of television they have and even then they are ridding themselves of PPVs. So there is less money making potential with less PPVS but now we get a nostalgia show of a company that has been around ten years.

I give up.  -Jeremy

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