Headlines: @WWE announces WM30 location, @IAmJericho of all people defends Triple H

New Orleans Mercedes-Benz Superdome

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to IWA-Mid South ‘Unwashed Massed 5’!”

According to PWTorch.com (Go VIP!), the rumors are true, and WWE WrestleMania 30 will be held in New Orleans, La., at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. You know, the same venue where Super Bowl XLVII was held this past Sunday? The same venue that suffered a power outage three-fourths of the way through the biggest game of America’s new pastime sport? Yeah, good to see WWE setting up its grandest stage in a third world country. WWE often reports that WrestleMania week infuses between $30 million and $50 million into its host city’s local economy. Expect to see that money spent wisely, on beads, tits and spray paint.

According to Prowrestling.net, Chris Jericho commented on Bret Hart’s recent quotes saying Triple H isn’t even in the “top 1,000” wrestlers and that his match against Undertaker at WrestleMania 28 was a “4 out of 10.” (By the way, I think it’s awesome that Arda Ocal is writing for the Layfield Report. Two smart cookies. Hopefully no cream in the middle.) Says Jericho:

I think that Triple H has had a lot of great matches, dozens of great matches. I could think of two or three that I was in with him myself, so, maybe, I don’t know why Bret would say that…

Maybe because Triple H is a dick?

“You might say ‘well this guy’s a jerk’ or ‘I don’t like him personally’ or ‘backstage I don’t like him’ or ‘politically I don’t like him'”

Yeah, you might! Remember, though, Bret looks at the world through pink-colored wrap-around sunglasses, shrouded by bitterness and inflated self-worth. Add old age to the equation, and that guy will say anything. Then again, Triple H looks at the world through McMahon-purchased Lasik-corrected vision, bathed in green lighting, territoriality and that same inflated self-worth. And the guy who is coming to Triple H’s defense looks at the world from underneath the bangs of an ever-present mullet, happy to forgive a boss-in-training who once said “he can’t work” as long as he brings in some sweet WWE cash in between stints with Fozzy. What a cluster… and it’s no surprise. -Eric

Kurt Angle pissed about going wedding dress shopping… er, Jerry Brisco auctioning his hall of fame plaque

Kinda fuzzy, but hopefully you can make out Jerry Brisco holding Kurt Angle’s plaque, and of course Kurt Angle there in spirit.

(Updates: According to Prowrestling.net, the Dan Gable Museum will send Kurt Angle his trophy, and it sounds like the auction winner will get his money back. Still, read on for drama that writes itself! Then give a listen to our hall of fame edition of the Stunt Granny Audio. Thanks!)

Here’s dual coverage between us and Prowrestling.net: Kurt Angle was unable to attend last night’s George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame induction ceremony, where he was to accept the honor of being a member of the 2012 hall of fame class. Unfortunately, due to what was originally reported as TNA contractual obligations but turned out to be wedding plans, Angle was unable to attend, but recorded an acceptance speech on video. (He needs Tout!)

According to Matt Stietz’s report posted at Prowrestling.net, emcee Arda Ocal introduced the video, the screen was lowered from the ceiling, the laptop screen appeared, but the next thing we saw was a close-up of Kurt Angle, possibly reading off a piece of paper, with no sound. Murmurs throughout the crowd joked that the audio no-showed, and rather than fumble with the footage, the laptop was shut down, the screen was brought up, and Ocal asked if Jerry Brisco would like to accept on Angle’s behalf.

Brisco, a long-time proponent of the hall of fame and museum, proceeded to explain that wrestlers are inducted based on the likelihood that they’ll show up to accept, and others have been declined entry due to no-showing. Brisco then announced that he had a $200 bid in his pocket, and would give Angle’s plaque to anyone with a higher bid. I won’t throw the winner under the bus here, but let’s just say that the museum made an extra $250 that night thanks to one giving fan.

Since last night, Angle has caught wind of this, with Prowrestling.net gathering the following Tweets:

TNA wrestler Kurt Angle isn’t pleased that WWE’s Gerald Brisco auctioned off his Hall of Fame plaque at the Waterloo, Iowa event on Saturday. “Jerry Birsco made a mockery out of me and the Dan Gable Museum Hall of Fame by auctioning off my award,” Angle wrote. “This award is a huge honor. (You) spit on me.

“Due to obligations I had with my wedding, I could not attend HOF. I even made a 10-minute video proudly accepting this great honor. I’m disappointed I couldn’t go, but devastated that Jerry gave away my award. Very classy, Jerry.”

Yes, very classy, Kettle, very classy. Frankly, Brisco had every right to do this, as he gives more time to this museum than most and was understandably upset at a perceived lack of interest and professionalism. (As Matt alluded to on Dot Net, Brisco and Jim Ross both had more choice words for Angle after the ceremony that probably shouldn’t be posted here, but that was the general sentiment at the end of the evening. By the way, JR LOVES Crown and Coke. Well, Crown and Crown and Coke.) Not to say I don’t understand Angle’s point of view – I was once scheduled 6 months in advance to be recognized as the nicest person in my neighborhood, but canceled five days in advance because my copy of “Green Acres: Season 1” came in the mail – but Brisco was right, and the museum somehow benefited. Side note: I wonder what Bret Hart thinks of all of this. -Eric

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