Stunt Granny Audio #254

Nerd Playing WOWJeremy & Kevin have recovered their voices from yelling at Wrestlemania and Raw last week in New Orleans. They talk about their experience in the Crescent City and somehow don’t cover all of the Sippy Time Beer that was consumed. They did consume a lot of drinks on Saturday night though. Who got them a grain alcohol shot? What did he promise them? How good was scene at the Chicken Shack after a night of drinking? What did their hotel neighbor add at the end of the night? Where does New Orleans rank against Detroit, Orlando and Atlanta? What made it different? Is it the reason we saw so many Superstars? Raw had a boisterous crowd but what made it different from this week’s Raw? Was the crowd as different as the stories being told? Is it good for Evolution to be back together? Will they have good matches with the Shield? When should HHH wrestle? What did Jeremy think of the Ultimate Warrior tribute? Why did Kevin plead ignorant on the situation? They end on a down note by talking about Eric Young winning the TNA Heavyweight Championship. How correct was Dusty when he wrote this article? Does ROH have more viable candidates to come to the WWE than TNA right now? Find out the answer to these questions and more when you click on the link below!

#SippyTimeBeer Review – Wisconsin – Ale Asylum

Ale Asylum AmbergeddonAs I have mentioned in a couple of audio shows, I have a friend who is originally from Wisconsin. The last time they went there, I tossed them $20 and told them to bring me back what they could in the craft beer department from Wisconsin. They delivered twelve beers back to me. Instead of going in order of drinking the beverages, I’m going to concentrate on a single brewer with each article. Up first, Ale Asylum which is brewed and bottled in Madison.

Ambergeddon – The beer above was the first one I tried from this company because I’m all for amber beverages since I enjoy the malt. Ale Asylum believes traditional ambers will be extinct but I’m pretty sure that’s a gimmick coming from the name. If do want to replace traditional ambers with this style of beverage, they might want to work on the formula. They put entirely too much hops in this beverage. I can understand their thinking in that throwing in some additional hops will make it different but sometimes it doesn’t work and this is one of those times. The hops overwhelmed the malt which isn’t as prominent of a flavor to me when they’re alone. This beverage comes in at 6.8% ABV so it has some kick to it. Both BeerAdvocate and RateBeer are much happier with this selection than I was. It’s a year round selection so if you want to give it a try, have at it.

Ale Asylum Bedlam! IPA CroppedBedlam! IPA – Of the three selections I had from Ale Asylum, this one was may favorite. After complaining about hops in the previous beer, it seems strange that I’d select the hoppiest beer as my favorite but this one mixed in the floral notes of citrusy hops along with Belgian yeast to come up with a terrifically different IPA. That is one of the reasons why I dig this company. They’re willing to try some different things but sometimes they’re not always a hit with even one individual. Didn’t like the first experiment on a beer type I enjoy, but loved the second one which is a beer type that is still new to me. They say the citrus comes from grapefruit & lime peel rind which helps cut through the heavier hops taste. The Belgian yeast gives it a tang that I haven’t had before but would welcome into other IPAs. This beer comes in at 7.5% ABV so it isn’t much heavier than Ambergeddon. Check out the reviews on BeerAdvocate and RateBeer if you’d like but we all agree this time. It’s a seasonal selection so it’s only available

Hopalicious – I either didn’t take a picture of this beer or I accidentally erased it. So it’s a good thing that I put a review into my Untappd app (difrango11 if you want to look me up) or else this beer would have been lost until my friends go back to Wisconsin. Unlike the other two beers, this one is not an experiment of mashing flavors together. This one is a straight up American Pale Ale. The other two descriptions were like a fresman English major writing but I think they nailed this beer on the head without going over board: “And we made it for the everyday hophead who wants bold, citrus hop flavor without crazy bitterness.” It’s heavy on the hops for a pale ale but it’s not overwhelming bitterness. It had a good taste to it which means it came in second place.

Good news on the beer front from yours truly who invested in Land-Grant Brewing a couple of years ago by way of Kickstarter. They have struggled with finding a location in which to house their equipment in. They had a contract last year that was yanked out from under them. It seems though that they’ve locked in a location in the Franklinton area of Columbus. I didn’t get to try their beer when they debuted them during the spring game in 2012 because I was in Atlanta getting ready to attend Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans. Here’s to hoping I have more #SippyTimeBeer to taste later this year. – Kevin

Interview with Nancy Benoit’s sister


I found this on  I find her to be very well spoken. – Dusty

He did seem to love Nancy very dearly. We know that, unfortunately, their relationship started to get rocky at some point. When did you first get wind that things were turning complicated between them?

I lived in Atlanta and my sister asked me home almost every one of my days off. I want to be clear: Chris was not an abusive husband. But there were, what we call in the industry, though don’t often talk about, “high spots”. She had been there, in that position before, and refused to put up with it at all, especially with Daniel in their home. So I went with her after one of these “incidents” to file an order of protection.

What do you mean by “high spots”?

Yelling, screaming, name calling, shoving, pushing, breaking stuff.

Did Nancy ever mention anything about fearing for her or Daniel’s safety?

Yes, when she first filed for divorce.

In 2003, Nancy filed for divorce citing cruel treatment and an irrevocably broken marriage. She also filed a restraining order against Chris. She later dropped the proceedings as well as the restraining order. Why did she do that?

Because, like with any marriage where there are issues, they made up and wanted to reconcile, especially for Daniel.

It was reported that Daniel suffered from Fragile X syndrome and that he was being given human growth hormones. Was Daniel’s health an issue in Nancy and Chris’ disagreements?

Daniel did not have Fragile X. I have his medical records. He was NOT sick.

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Hulk Hogan = Guy Fieri?


According to (by way of which has way more information) Hulk Hogan opened up a restaurant on New Year’s Eve in the city of Tampa. Hogan’s Beach started with a masquerade party since Hogan was clearly inspired by Eyes Wide Shut with his the outing of his sex tape. Considering that this complex is 20,000 square foot, he’ll have plenty of spaces to record his sexual exploits without someone squeezing him for money. This place is should be just as classy as the one Tom Cruise attended because there will be a mechanical shark you can ride and a white sand beach. I’m sure Hulk will oil down Brooke’s ass on the beach again but this time while Bully Ray looks on in approval. Hogan has 360 seats in this restaurant. Each of the seats is covered in leather tanned just to the right shade of Hogan’s skin so that it can be properly branded. He has already pitched a reality show based on his restaurant to CMT. I’m sure that’ll be a great way to keep your bare ass off of TV while you’re pounded the hot waitress that looks like a man just like your ex-wife and current wife. -Kevin

#Wrestlemania Weekend – Cbus Edition

Just in case you're confused like Mr. Maes, that is my foot. Sleeping from left to right, Jer, Kia and Cayenne.

I thought we’d get more work done for the site with Jeremy & I in the same spot. We didn’t have to worry about taking the MARTA and using at least thirty minutes of time to do so. We weren’t going to have to hunt for food like we did in Atlanta after the hour of 8:00 PM. We ended up finding out that showing off a cool city that you’re familiar with takes up more time than going to CNN, the World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium. The last time Jeremy was here was four or five years ago. I was limited by my ex-wife who didn’t like to try new places. I’ve been liberated and wanted to show it off to the first friend that has been to Columbus who hadn’t lived here before. We talked plenty of wrestling while we were out so I’m going to give you a preview of where you’d go if you stopped in to visit along with some additional thoughts on wrestling we talked about.

Friday Gallo’s Tap Room – They offer a number of microbrewery beers on tap so it has Sippy Time Beer Award written all over it. On top of that, they’ve got some seriously delicious bar food. The menu isn’t that long (check the link) but it’s high quality bar food. Sippy Time Beer Choice – Columbus Brewing  Company India Pale Ale. Wrestling thoughts: Our plan for this evening was to do a round up this evening. We didn’t take down many beers, but after an eight hour drive for him and the woman and a full day of work & week for yours truly led to a sleepy crew. There wasn’t much to update than the players in Team Johnny vs Team Teddy. It wouldn’t have changed my pick for Team Johnny. I’ll hope that his character does as well as he did on Monday. And also takes up as much air time. I have a doubt on the later because we’re not going to have a Rock farewell speech or a appearance by Brock Lesnar after a lengthy John Cena promo.

SaturdayLa Casita & Bob’s Bar – The former is the finest of three Mexican establishments in my neighborhood and the only place that Jeremy had been to previously. We took down some good grub and a pitcher of tasty margaritas. At Bob’s Bar, they serve over two hundred beers with thirty six of them coming off a tap. Sippy Time Beer Choice – Left Handed Brewing Company – Smoke Jumper, an Imperial Porter. Wrestling Thoughts: I was expecting to watch the Hall of Fame ceremonies this night. It wasn’t until Monday Night Raw that it was noted the show would be aired on Monday. I still haven’t watched it. I’m sure it’ll be fun but I wish more of inductions were in there. We were at the event in Atlanta and it last approximately three hours. An hour of TV will not do the ceremony justice.

SundayBabushka’s, homemade meatballs & a Great Lakes Variety Pack – Babushka’s is a Polish joint that opened up about a year ago. I hadn’t had the chance to eat there yet so I figured the Pollack in Jeremy would be a good excuse to try it. It was some good food so long as you like cabbage or pierogies. After getting fat and sassy, we took a nice walk then grabbed the variety pack on our way back to my place. I still have plenty of meatballs left. Good thing I have a large freezer. I have five quarts of tomato sauce in there too. It’s a big undertaking and quite delicious. The twelve pack had Edmund Fitzgerald, Dortmunder Gold and Commodore Perry but my Sippy Time Beer Choice – Eliot Ness. It’s one of my top five favorite beers. I know I’ve pimped it before but I’ll repeat myself. Wrestling Thoughts: The jokes that didn’t make it into the blog were too many because context is everything. I hope you had a good crew to watch. It would have been nice if my neighbors were wrestling fans but they were a nice addition to the crew. After having re-watched the whole thing, I still think this show is in the B-/C+ area. Good but not great, it would have been fun to get Dusty on audio with his take on Undertaker versus HHH and the card as a whole but my week hasn’t been any less busy without Jeremy & his woman around. Hence this going up on Friday.

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Heath Slater in trouble for more than just being a poor professional wrestler

Pictured above: Horrible professional wrestler, human being; connoisseur of IQ lowering tattoos.

Quoth the Meltzer:

Atlanta police confirmed to Ch. 2 Action News in Atlanta that police are investigating an incident involving Heath Slater that allegedly took place after WrestleMania.Corrine Oliver, a security guard with Allied Barton Security Servies, said she had to struggle to fight off Slater, who grabbed her by the neck and tried to force her into his hotel room.

The police report listed the incident taking place between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. after WrestleMania at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlatna.

Oliver’s attorney, Jackie Patterson, told the Atlanta Journal Constitution at that she was working security at the hotel, trying to keep fans out. She claimed Slater asked her to go to his room and she declined.

“He started telling her she was pretty and those type things,” said Patterson. “The next thing you know, she was in a choke hold, and he was dragging her and bending her backwards, trying to get on the elevator to his room. She violently had to struggle to get his arm from around her neck.”

Oliver told police that the struggle left her with back pain. The police report lists the incident as a possible simple assault/battery incident.

Oliver complained to her supervisor, but her company didn’t do anything and she decided to file the police report on 6/22.

Allied Barton said the incident was reported immediately but that they could not comment further.

“The alleged victim is making claims against Slater individually, and it’s being investigated,” said WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt. “This has nothing to do with WWE.”

I want Jerry McDevitt to be a pushed on-air character in WWE. I like him more than everyone but like Punk, Cena, Truth, Miz and Booker. Love me some Devs. – Dusty

Kevin’s Blog: Post Wrestlemania Round Up

Our Tourist Credentials

We forgot to talk about some of the happenings around the events. This post is to flesh out our experience through pictures and text unlike our all audio weekend. I’m going to go through my notes and will keep them in chronological order, well except for the ending.

Before I get to my notes though, I need to get to one of the things we talked about which is the city of Atlanta. During our Wrestlemania review show, we killed the city of Atlanta. I think I even called it a “hell hole” at one juncture. Though I still firmly believe that any major metropolitan area should have easily accessible food and bars after midnight any day of the week, Atlanta shouldn’t be labeled a “hell hole” or any other disparaging names because of that lone factor. We used the MARTA train line all weekend, which was a lot easier than driving in any major city let alone the nightmare of driving in Atlanta. That’s definitely a down side to that city too. We got to eat at good or great restaurants, at the top of the list was Seasons 52, even if we had more on our list that we didn’t get to. Atlanta also has plenty of sites to visit. We used the above pictured booklet to go to the World of Coca-Cola, the Georgia Aquarium and a Tour of CNN. So my apologies go out to Atlanta. On to the notes and the big surprise.

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Eric’s blog: Segment-by-segment review of WWE WrestleMania weekend

Road Warrior Hawk

The star of the weekend.

Since all WrestleMania 27 updates were done last weekend via audio report, we’re going to give you our written notes about the events here. Kevin’s notes are soon to come; I’ll make my points short since there’s a lot to cover, but because there IS a lot to cover, I want to make sure I nail it all. So, segment by segment, here are my thoughts on the events of WrestleMania weekend.

WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Hacksaw Jim Duggan: No better inductor than Ted DiBiase, who can spin a nice yarn, and no more deserving midcarder than good ol’ Hacksaw, who still gets ‘em eating out of the palm of his hand… tough guy!


“Bullet” Bob Armstrong: Road Dogg is still fun to listen to, and Brad is still white as snow. Bob got a polite, “WWE is recognizing him so I’ll clap” reaction, but he won everyone over with his fun old-man humor.

Sunny: You could have heard a cricket fart when LayCool and the divas were announced as the inductors. If there’s such a thing as a silent groan, I heard it. Even the WWE superstars remained seated when they came out. Sunny is hot again.

Abdullah the Butcher: Terry Funk might have stolen the show. Abby kept it short and sweet, maybe because he can’t talk but possibly because he knew he was a stranger in a strange land.

Road Warriors: Dusty Rhodes’ introduction speech was great, calling Hawk “Hank” and telling some nice stories. Animal was good, Ellering was weird, and the action figure moment welled up the old duct work.

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The Architecture of Wrestling: Wrestlemania Set Design Part II

American or Georgian Colonial

I explained the reason behind doing this set of articles in Part I. The style I am looking at in Part II is American Colonial. The origin comes from the English Baroque style which was headlined by Sir Christopher Wren (St. Paul’s Cathedral in London is fantastic)  but it morphed into the Georgian Colonial during the reign of the House of Hanover for the English monarchy. Their reign lasted from 1714-1830 so it was a time of the settlers coming over to the “New World” that helped to make this style popular in England and here. Atlanta was established around 1822 so it was the original style of the city. According to the Atlanta Architectural Style Guide, American Colonial houses are now found in the Brookhaven area of Atlanta.

The biggest physical features are the square shaped plan and symmetry of the building. Even the chimney was built twice to make it symmetrical. That feature may have had more to do with heating back in the day though. Even the roof is symmetrical whether it’s a gable roof (Shown above), gambrel (Think barn shaped roof) or hipped (Fill in a gable roof and give it an extra angle). The roof will sometimes have dormers (Shown above) which are the protrusions with windows in them and a gabled roof above them.

The details are pretty basic too. The door has the most ornament with a transom (the white/beige bar) and transom light (window over it). Granted, I learned that combination as a transom. Flanking the door are pilasters, which are flattened columns that give the wall some relief. The pilasters are supporting the entablature which is in this instance looks like a flattened gable roof. The windows are not only symmetrical in location but also in design with muntin bars in the top cell (dividing it into 9 lites) with the bottom cell being just glazing. Just underneath the roof  is a cornice that has dentil work, which is created by the solid/void of the wood relief.

Analysis: This building is suited for use by the WWE because of it’s simplistic design and it’s symmetrical look. Unfortunately, there isn’t much for the WWE to cartoon up. They love to use oversized columns but I’m not sure they’re going to be willing to use an entablature or cornice around the set. I don’t think they’ll use this style, but I’ll give a final verdict after going through the other 4 design styles. – Kevin

The Architecture of Wrestling: Wrestlemania Set Design Part I

My picture of the set for Wrestlemania 24 in Orlando.

Most Wrestlemania set designs revolve around local or nearby architectural designs. The picture above from Orlando took cues from the Art Deco designs of Miami. If you have access to the message board, you can follow this link for that break down and visuals on how this set mimics Art Deco. I am going to speculate on what style the WWE will borrow in the Atlanta area to design this year’s set.

According to the Atlanta Architectural Style Guide, there are five distinct styles from the area – Queen Anne (a derivative of the Victorian style), American Colonial, Neo-Classical, Craftsman and Neo-Mediterranean. As an addition, I’m going to look at some of the Modern designed buildings that have cropped up recently. So I’m heading for a six part column. Nail yourself down for architectural analysis.

I’m going to start with the Queen Anne style to stay in the order listed above. The Queen Anne style is mostly found around the Inman Park and Grant Park areas. The style guide (and Wikipedia) goes on to note the dominant features of the building style. See the picture below as I go through the points.

The Queen Anne style Victorian in the Grant Park area of Atlanta, GA.

The first features are an asymmetrical facade. The facade is the face of the building which is usually the side of the building facing the main street. The asymmetrical part comes from the round (sometimes square) tower often with an ornate spindle. To offset the tower, there is a dominant gabled roof mirrored around the tower. Even though a tree obscures the view of the left gable, under both of them one can see the oriel windows which have a flat face and 45 degree walls which help make the gables look like they are projecting. Below the tower is the main entrance which is covered by a porch. This porch stretches from oriel window to oriel window. Because the tower terminates at the porch, it minimizes it’s verticality even though the walls below match those of tower. Those elements are the main size elements to this style of building. Below I’ll go through some of the detail work.

The easiest to see is the varying textures on the exterior. On the oriel windows, there is wood siding that runs horizontally. Above the horizontal banding are yellow relief panels. They are relief panels because of the raised design on them. On the tower, they use shingles that are scalloped to look like fish scales. To fancy up the porch, they use columns that spread at the top to support a band of leaded glass work that has a gold diamond and trim at the top and bottom. In between the bottom of the columns is a fence that is normally called spindle work because of the design that is hard to see in this picture.

A close up of spindles in the Queen Anne style.

The one last element be addressed is the monumental chimney that is just off the left of the tower. The flair at the top of the chimeny helps to add extra, well, flair to an already tall chimney.

Analysis: I don’t think there is any way that the WWE would want to make a set based around this style of architecture. It has very interesting elements but it’s more work in the details than there is in the size much like the Art Deco designs at the top of article. The WWE tends to simply the design that they are copying and there isn’t a very good way to simply this style and make sure everyone knows what it is. Anything with an asymmetrical design is also another problem point. I have reviewed a lot of shirts for the WWE in the past and many of their shirts that were asymmetrical were terrible. It’s tough to balance something that is inherently unbalanced. It takes a delicate hand and that is again not a strong suit of the WWE. Big cartoony characters, big cartoony set designs. This style is out. Let’s move on to the next one: American Colonial. – Kevin

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