Beulah McGillicutty wrote a children’s book?

Simple reason to post pics of chicks in bikinis.

So who knew Beulah McGillicutty was an author of children’s books? Put your hands down liars no one knew that. Apparently though she has some connections through Mick Foley and she has indeed published her first children’s book titled” Gerturde the Great.” It is written under her actual name of  Trisa Laughlin for no fact other than to distance herself from her wrestling moniker and history.

It seems like it has the basic themes any children’s book contains and really who cares because children are stupid anyway. They have no comprehension and primarily are just glaring at the pretty colors. What sets it apart is that it has artwork by Jill Thompson and she is a rather amazing artist. Jill is also the same artist for Mick Foley’s children’s books as well as longtime comics professional and is responsible for Scary Godmother. If you haven’t read these stop reading. Go on to and order them already. You can wait for the punch line here so get to it. I included the link damnit.

There is also news that Beulah may write an autobiography. Here is hoping it contains scintillating stories of Tommy Dreamers sweaty balls only because I imagine them being wrought with moisture at all times of the day, much like mine . Oh and it has to contain the proper technique for masturbating with a silver vibrator; cause that shit was hot. -Jeremy

Stunt Granny Nostalgia Audio: “Playboy” Gary Hart

In this very special nostalgia edition of Stunt Granny Audio, Eric is joined by Dan (zourah) to discuss the recently re-released autobiography, “My Life in Wrestling… With a Little Help From My Friends” by long-time wrestling personality “Playboy” Gary Hart. The guys discuss various aspects of this lengthy but hugely informative book, in its second printing due to (well-earned) popular demand. Dan and Eric join Hart in the Dallas territory during its formative years, in the Carolinas as he developed certain important characters, and behind the booking desk and the managerial curtain as he guided stables and rosters of wrestlers to greatness, only to feel disrespected, then leave, and then see his hard work fall apart without him there to pick up the pieces. A fantastic read, and a fun audio. (Also, the guys talk about the upcoming George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame inductions and what they’re looking forward to when they attend.)

Stunt Granny Nostalgia Audio: “Playboy” Gary Hart

Matt Hardy wants help with autobiography, fried candy bar recipes

matt hardy fat

R.I.P. the sausages that used to be in those fists.

According to, Matt Hardy is looking for writers to help him with “several projects,” including an autobiography. What’s it gonna be called, “How to Cook Forty Humans”? What are the other projects, helping him lift his fat ass off the couch to get a donut? Actually typing his tweets for him when his fingers get too fat to mash the keypad? You know he loves to sew, does he need someone to write down his measurements for when he stitches together a “High Voltage” muumuu? Oh no, now he’s gonna need help writing an intelligible piece of hate mail to our site! -Eric

homer simpson muumuu

"Carpal tunnel syndrome? No... Lumber lung? No... Juggler's despair? No... Achy breaky pelvis? No... Ohhh, I'm never gonna be disabled... ooh! Obesity!"

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